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The first intuitive phone for your home

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See the Home Phone working and visitors reactions on our booth at the CES

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What the press says about us:

"A product at the leading edge of the very telephony revolution" - IEEE Spectrum

"Gizmag's CES team report being impressed by the sound quality of the 360-degree loudspeaker - Gizmag

"A device that plugs into a landline doesn't sound very sexy, but Urban Hello's sleek phone could change your mind" - Ces.cnet

"Yesterday kicked off the press events at the big Consumer Electronics Show [...] and oddly enough, one of the items that's really sticking with me the day after is a phone. A regular old landline phone. Only there's nothing regular or old about it" - Coolmomtech

"Urban Hello introduces bizarrely attractive home phone via Kickstarter, we go eyes-on. [...]. The HD voice device is more than looks, though, featuring two OLED screens built into a minimalist aesthetic, intended to simplify the home phone experience" - Engadget

"This beautifully designed phone also addresses a real-world need" - FastCompany

"Urban Hello, a young French start-up, has taken CES by storm with its Innovations Award-winning UrbanHello home phone" - Latestgadgets


Hi, and thanks for checking out our project: we are so excited to introduce our product on Kickstarter!

The Home phone by UrbanHello, awarded with the ‘Innovations Award’ at the International Consumer Electronic Show Las Vegas 2013, is an entirely new generation of home phone. It is a simple and smart device which is conceived to fulfil the needs of the household.

Smart and simple with sound specially designed for the household

We think that the smartphones were conceived for individuals: we designed the Home Phone for the whole household.

The Home Phone was conceived to offer all of the useful features needed for a phone at home. Its patented technology which enables it to automatically switch to hands free mode makes this a thoroughly unique object. The hands free feature is completely intuitive; the telephone automatically switches to the appropriate mode and transmits 360° High Definition sound. At last, it is possible to communicate simply and clearly with the rest of the family which enables people to spend quality time together. The inbuilt 360° speaker reproduces deep bass sounds and transmits a natural, profound and clear sound.

Its innovative design enables it to have 50% more autonomous talk time compared to other telephones which are currently available on the market and it is also capable of sustaining more than 8 days on standby. UrbanHello also respects the family: by encouraging people to use the loudspeaker mode, the use of the Home phone reduces exposure to electromagnetic waves by more than 99%.

The simplicity of the Home Phone is located within its mechanical keyboard which is stripped of all the superfluous functions which no one uses; it only features the essential buttons: only one single obvious function per button.

Two discrete and elegant OLED displays are located on the top and at the bottom of the handset. They self activate only when using the phone, to reduce power consumption.

Elegant and modern shape for all interiors

The Home Phone is first of all a beautifully designed object which is extremely simple to use. It’s a device which is so beautiful it can be given to someone as a present just like a bouquet of flowers. In order to blend in better with the decoration of any interior, the Home Phone comes in a range of various colours.

Pre-order your Home Phone and be part of this great project!

We are so excited to introduce this product to the market, we can’t wait! The Home Phone is a beautiful and simple answer to the needs of any household, and we believe it will improve the way we communicate with the ones we care for, and spend quality time with them over the phone.

Here is the standard range of colors we will bring to the market:

  • Smart metal,
  • 3 warm and relaxing colors : The Red, The Green and The Blue
And because we're all fans of Kickstarter, we've decided to set up for you an exclusive Kickstarter model for this campaign.

Our rewards:

For our Kickstarter backers, we designed special rewards with 30 to 50% discount compared to our estimated retail price at US$169.

  • US $85: EARLY BIRDS, 1 Home Phone within the standard range of colors (Red, Green, Blue or Metal) - only 200 Home Phones available at this rate
  • US $119: 1 Home Phone within the standard range of colors (Red, Green, Blue or Metal)
  • US $119: EARLY BIRDS, 1 exclusive Kickstarter color Home Phone: only on Kickstarter, only 200 Home Phones available at this rate
  • US $135: 1 exclusive Kickstarter color Home Phone: only on Kickstarter

See Parisian people discovering the Home Phone

Get a Home Phone and install it easily

The Home Phone will come with a telephony connector that will allow you to plug it to your landline. With it Y connector, you can plug the Home Phone next to your existing phone: if you already have a base with 1 or 2 handsets at home, and only one plug, you can add you new Home Phone without unplugging the existing one.

The Home Phone handset is also 100% compatible with any standard DECT-GAP base station and with any advanced internet gateway that provides HD Voice with the CAT-iq standard: you will then just need to press the wireless dedicated pairing button, and the connection will be as simple as for any Bluetooth device.

Hence, the Home Phone can be easily added to any existing phone system in any home.

What your contribution will help us do:

We already finalized the acoustic design and the mechanical mounting, we finalized the hardware, the software, prepared the molds for production and have been preparing the production line in a great factory for a few months: we are almost ready to start production.

We already invested 50k$ ourselves in our start-up, and gathered 5 financial partners who invested 130k$ more, which helped us to finalized the development of the Home Phone and its production tools.

On top of that, we still need to:

  • get the mandatory DECT Licence and certifications
  • finance our first production of Home Phones

Get your Home Phone, and you'll make it with us!


How to connect my Home Phone to my landline?

  • Unplug your existing phone from your landline, plug the Home Phone connector instead, and plug your previous phone into the Home Phone connector.
  • You can also connect it directly in radio to your existing DECT-GAP landline base station or to your CAT-iq gateway just by pressing the pairing button on your base station and on the Home Phone.

I don't have any existing landline yet?

You have to check with your operator what your number is, and how to activate your line.

Why does the Home Phone has a 360° audio grill?

Because the audio of the Home Phone is not directive. This grill will let the sound be spread in all directions. Everyone around can share the call.

How can I switch to handsfree mode?

2 ways : automatic or manual

  • Automatic, just put the phone on a table during your conversation
  • Manual, when you want to force the handsfree mode while holding it in your hand, just press the dedicated loudspeaker button on the keypad

How do I charge the batteries of my Home Phone?

Just put it on its base station.

How can I replace the batteries of the Home Phone?

You don't need to replace the batteries of your Home Phone before at least 5 years. However, after that time, if the autonomy of your Home Phone has decreased, you will follow the instructions in the manual to easily change the standard AAA batteries of your home phone.

Is there a phonebook in the Home Phone?

Yes. There is an intuitive phonebook dedicated to the calls from home. This phonebook contains 20 entries. Just the entries you share with your household.

Does the Home Phone has a Call list?

Yes, the Call list will display the latest 20 calls made with your Home Phone, and will display their status (incoming, outgoing, non answered)

How can I see the caller ID?

During an incoming call, the caller ID is displayed in white on the black top screen of the phone, and also on the screen located above the bottom keypad.

Risks and challenges

As you can imagine, such a project implies some challenges:

Our concept, as many simple concepts, implies competitors appearance; this is why we patented our smart handsfree switching system, we protected the design itself, and had high level of expertise on the 360° loudspeaker design. To overcome this challenge, we still need to be quick to go to the market: this is why we publicly announced our product only when we were ready for production, and now we need to reach our funding goal as soon as possible.

Another of our challenges is to find retailers: this is why we decided to present our product at the International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, which is the most popular worldwide event for home appliances. We already have good contacts with some retailers thanks to our presence at the show, and we will follow up with them to find commercial agreements.

And at last, as any industrial project, we need a significant investment at the beginning, to finance the product development and then the required working capital: this is why we need your support on Kickstarter!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The Home Phone weights 250 g / 8,8 oz

    Last updated:
  • - if your base station has a voice mail, you will be able to access to it directly from your base station keypad, just as usual
    - if your voice mail is managed on your operator server, then you will be able to access it with your Home Phone simply by dialing its number
    - the Home Phone base station will not include itself the voice mail

    Last updated:
  • At the moment, the first version of our Home Phone does not support bluetooth pairing to a smartphone, but don't forget this phone is not only for self use: it can also be offered to anyone who has a landline around you :-)

    Last updated:
  • Yes, the Home Phone wiring will be adapted to the country you live in. A pack will be produced for North America, another pack will be produced for Europe and another pack will be produced for Australia.

    Last updated:

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    You are awesome, each dollar counts and makes us closer to production: we need people like you, believing in design and innovation, to support our project! Be sure we will keep you posted of where we are, and we hope you will feel proud when you will see our product on the shelves: you will be part of the story.

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