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£29,216 pledged of £100,000 goal
£29,216 pledged of £100,000 goal

Get a surprise with you REMI


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Get REMI your Sleep Companion for 55% off

Sleep companion
Sleep companion

WE’RE LIVE! You can now get your little ones their very own REMI here:


Use this link to share REMI anywhere:

Please let us know if you have any questions, and happy sharing!


The UrbanHello Team

After the Home Phone: REMI - The Sleep Companion

Dear backers,

It's been a long time since we didn't send you an update about UrbanHello.

Time has come: after the Home Phone Kickstarter campaign has finished, we made it and brought it to the market in Europe.

We want to reach out and thank you for all of your support during this past campaign as we gear up for the upcoming launch of another great product: REMI, the customizable sleep companion for your child. Our crowdfunding campaign will go live on Indiegogo starting October 21!

You can help us spread the word of our upcoming launch by simply clicking the links below to share this news with your friends and family:

Share the news of our upcoming campaign on Facebook 

Connect with us on Twitter and tweet this great news!

Keep an eye out for an email from us on launch day! We’ll send you the link to the live campaign page, so you can be the first to get REMI at an exclusive 55% discount.

We appreciate all of your encouragement and help thus far. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks again, Herve & Catherine

REMI - The Sleep Companion
REMI - The Sleep Companion

Only 24h left to get -10% on your pre-order with the code FANS

[En Français ci-dessous]

Dear Backers,

A lot of you already pre-ordered their Home Phone on our website: thank you all! 

For those who have not yet, do not miss our 10% rebate with the code FANS, only available for 24h more on : With this code, the first Home Phone is available at 89,10€, and from the second at 79,10€. 

Up to you now to select the friend of yours who will like this code. 

Be part of the firsts! 

Thanks for your support,

Hervé & Catherine 


Chers Backers,

Nombre d’entre vous ont déjà réservé leur Home Phone sur notre site : merci à vous tous!
Pour ceux qui ne l’ont pas encore fait, ne manquez pas notre réduction de 10% avec le code FANS, valable encore seulement 24h sur :
Avec ce code, le premier Home Phone est à 89,10€, et les suivants à 79,10€.

A vous de choisir maintenant à qui vous voulez faire plaisir.

Soyez les premiers servis !

Merci pour votre soutien,
Hervé & Catherine

UrbanHello - Get an exclusive additional 10% on the pre-orders - Starting NOW

[French version follows]

Dear backers,

Here we are, the pre-orders are starting NOW on !!!

Take advantage, the Home Phone can be pre-ordered from 89€ instead of 149€, its full retail price!

As we were not successfully funded on Kickstarter, we started only with the European certification: hence the Home Phone is available only for the European Community for now. We are very conscious that some of you, who backed our project on Kickstarter, are not from the European Community: please be sure that we are doing our best to be ready as soon as possible to ship the Home Phone to other countries.

Visit our Facebook page and get a special offer code to get 10% additional rebate on our pre-order prices, available for only 2 weeks.

Thanks for your support!
Hervé & Catherine

Chers amis,

Nous y sommes, les précommandes commencent MAINTENANT sur !!!

N’hésitez pas, et profitez dès maintenant de nos offres, à partir de 89€ au lieu de 149€.

N’ayant pas atteint notre objectif de financement sur Kickstarter, nous n'adressons pour le moment que les pays Européens. Nous sommes conscients qu’une partie d’entre vous, qui nous avez apporté votre soutien sur Kickstarter, ne réside pas dans la Communauté Européenne, et soyez certains que nous faisons de notre mieux pour être en mesure de livrer le Home Phone partout dans le monde dès que possible !

Et restez connectés : visitez notre page Facebook pour obtenir un code de réduction vous offrant 10% de remise supplémentaire valable seulement 2 semaines sur les pré-commandes.

Merci de votre soutien !
Hervé & Catherine