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A tabletop roleplaying game of daring adventure, focusing on unique characters, optimistic themes, and fantastic stories.
A tabletop roleplaying game of daring adventure, focusing on unique characters, optimistic themes, and fantastic stories.
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    1. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Just resent you the links, Matt! Sorry that they got lost or snagged by your spam filter. If you didn't receive them again, please message me and I'll find another way to send them to you.

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      Matt Koukol on

      Where can I get the rough copy PDF? I don't believe I got a link sent to me. If I did, it must have been caught in my filter!😟

    3. Benjamin Williams Creator on


    4. Matthew Hoon on

      Hi! I finally read through the early PDF and my friends and I are absolutely enamoured by the rules and setting and are excited to start playing.

      Does the game have a Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook page I can follow?

    5. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Good question, Sam! The shortest answer is that, yes, all the player characters are human, which I mean in the sense that there are no elves or ogres. But there are also numerous situations where a person may be changed in a way that leaves them with some markedly inhuman characteristics.

      A mishap by a magus may leave a player character with animal ears or a tail. Certain coronations (top-tier traits) may heavily alter a person's physiology, leaving them undead for instance.

      There is also sentient life that is totally non-human. Familiars are animals blessed with prolonged life and the power to speak and think. Most familiars are bound instinctively to a given human, but there is a whole culture of sentient animals, the "free familiars", who have abandoned or outlived their paired humans. They are never quite accepted by society, but are common enough that most people wouldn't panic if a fox spoke to them. The free familiars have a legend that there is a hidden city known as Nest, where all of the inhabitants are sentient animals, and there are no humans to judge or to pity them.

      There are not currently rules for playing a free familiar, but I am toying with adding them. It will depend on how fast I can finish the proofread, the availability of my playtesters, and how fast my illustrator works.

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      Sam Parsons on

      I have a question I didn't think of until now and couldn't find elsewhere: Is this game humanocentric? By that I mean are all characters human or are there other races/species. I love this project either way, I was just curious.

    7. Gabriel Ramirez

      Thanks for the update.

    8. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Gabriel, I'm one chapter away from having enough proofreading done to send character backers their advance copies. I'll put up a proper update then. Probably within a week!

    9. Gabriel Ramirez

      Hi, may we have an update?

    10. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Thanks! I'm excited as well! I'll write a proper update when I get off work in about an hour. Everyone's support has meant so much to me!

    11. Carrie L. on

      And it's fully funded!! Congrats, and I'm very excited to see the final product : D

    12. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Ok, I'll add some of the art from the facebook page and the tumblr to the KS when I get home from work!

      Thanks for the feedback and for the support!

    13. vid Strickland on

      I'm super excited about this system and world and can't wait to play it!

      It may be worth adding some of the other artwork to the Campaign page for the last forty-eight hours. You've got some really beautiful assets available, and a few people I've shared this with have asked why there are no previews of the art besides the header.

    14. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Sounds good, Joel. I'm making an update now on getting additional copies as add-ons!

      And thanks for the post, Jakob! I'll link to it in the next update and from the tumblr!

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      Joel Mattson

      I put in for the signed copy but would be interested in an unblemished copy for actual use, so question and a suggestion for future campaigns, what would the add-on price for just another separate book? Also, offer add-on information for folks getting above basic tier for people like me who would love to have one of both.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jakob Schmidt on

      I blogged about the project. Since it's my first real post on that blog, it probably hasn't any readers yet, but it can't hurt:

    17. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      I appreciate the feedback, Danny! I think that if I end up having to relaunch the KS at some point, I may enlist another person or two to help me manage it, since I work full time in a job where I am not at a computer.

    18. Missing avatar

      Danny T on

      I apologize for being blunt so far. Like many, I really hope your work succeed.

      By communication, I mean an online presence over kickstarter and other places like tumblr, twitter, reddit etc (like emperiocism said). No frequent updates needed, just synchronized updates and answering backers questions in a reasonable time (even a summary to answer multiple questions is okay).

      It's true not all campaigns does this, but that additional effort into self promoting does help in the long run.

    19. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Jakob, I'll try to think of what I can offer to backers outside the US since I lack the resources to ship internationally. Thank you for your support in spreading the word, even the 9 and 12 dollar backing tiers help!

      Danny, ok, I'll definitely avoid future backer-exclusive posts while the KS is running. As far as communication, do you mean that updates should be more frequent?

      Emperiocism, good idea, I'll put a separate tumblr together today.

    20. Carrie L. on

      With only a few days left it might help to whip up a quick tumblr site (a full one on it's own, not just one post) for the game! Add in the information from the facebook posts, preview a few images, talk about some background characters/gods/etc, something easily rebloggable to get it a bit more widespread. I really want this to succeed and I'm not sure if facebook-only posts will quite get it there;;

    21. Missing avatar

      Danny T on

      @Jakob Schmidt. With 4 days left, I don't know. It might succeed (like Journey Away rpg). But Benjamin. . . You shouldn't leave public awareness and first impressions to chance. The lack of communication plus exclusive information does deter potential backers. Do that after your campaign ends.

      I'll probably list suggestions later to help your next campaign, if this one doesn't work out.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jakob Schmidt on

      Okay, four days left - I think it's time to really get the word out there to make sure that this one hits ist funding goal. Sadly, there's little I can do - I'm in Europe, and telling people over here does relatively little to help the project, since there's no reward above $12 available to them ... any other ideas?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jakob Schmidt on

      Is there an "In the Game" option for international backers? I haven't quite made up my mind about this yet, but if I keep liking the FB updates as much as I do, I might upgrade (if "In the Game" is still available then at all).

    24. Missing avatar

      Erich McNaughton

      All info here would be great, as I don’t use Facebook. Thanks. Really intrigued by this project.

    25. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Yeah, I can do that if people would want it, Danny! Maybe in two or three big updates?

    26. Missing avatar

      Danny T on

      HI Benjamin! When this campaign ends, is it possible to add the rules and setting previews from facebook back here as kickstarter updates? There are many lurkers (like myself) who check here for what's new.

      Information on Facebook will be buried over time. While as Kickstarter updates, they are archived for ease of access-- like a personal journal.

    27. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Thanks, Jakob! I'm looking forward to getting it out to everyone!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jakob Schmidt on

      Hi from Berlin, Germany! Just want to say that the hints about your setting - an end of isolation, gods who have locked themselves in their temples, technological progress in a fantasy word - hooked me. Looking forward to the preview version, and to the finished book!

    29. Lezzyharpy on

      over a third of the way!

    30. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      That is a very good point. I'm away from my computer right now, but I will add a tier for PoD through DriveThruRPG tonight. Thanks for the feedback!

    31. Samjoko Publishing

      Right now you’ve got it so you’re only shipping physical copies to the US, so adding a POD tier for international backers wouldn’t affect your offset numbers, you just wouldn’t count the POD tier. You’d just send the backers in that tier a coupon to buy the book at cost from drivethruRPG and the buyer would pick up the shipping.

      The issue with simply making the POD available later is that I’ve already paid for the PDF here because I have no other option, but if I want the POD I have to pay yet again to get it. I can’t think of a good reason not to do it for the campaign if you do plan on doing it at some point. It’s straight profit for you with none of the work of manually fulfilling the offset run.

    32. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Mr.Float, I could absolutely offer PoD through DriveThruRPG. PoD copies are obviously less cost effective than offset printing, and so there would unfortunately be an increase in price.

      I do not currently plan to offer PoD copies *through* the Kickstarter, as I want to keep the number of variables in my first Kickstarter to a minimum to ensure that I can efficiently and correctly fulfill orders, but I would be happy to add the option on DriveThruRPG. I can also inform backers when PoD becomes available, if there's interest in that.

      Thank you for your question and your support!

    33. Mr.Float on

      Is there any plan to make the book physically available to backers outside the US? Maybe as a POD through drivethrurpg?

    34. Benjamin Williams Creator on

      Thanks for the question, Robert. Success on a skill roll is determined by comparing the twelve-sided die to the skill's rating. You need to roll equal to or under the skill to succeed. A starting character's skills will generally be between 4 and 11, so about a 33% chance of success to about a 92% chance of success. Attributes are used to determine the "degree", a measure of how strong the success is, and do not actually factor into whether or not the actual roll was successful, unless the roll is opposed. Starting attributes range from 1 to 4.

      I may do a short video soon showing how die rolls work.

      Hope this answers your question! Thanks for your interest and support.

    35. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I wonder how the system works. Really must be quite easy to succeed in tasks unless average ability score is 1. Having ability of 2 means already success statistically. Or is there some way to increase difficulty of skill check by adding to skill die?