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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Community Driven Campaign - Return of the Beast

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

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A few years after Orrus and his companions succeeded in countering the plans of conquest of Istarra on the Bloody Woods, the plans of conquest of humans were directed towards some unknown lands by the sea. The orcs were able to resume their usual bickering, being allergic to boredom and peace.  

However, in recent weeks, orcs travelling alone, have begun to disappear in or near the Bloody Woods. Even further north, several green skins were victims of these strange disappearances. At first, this did not raise any concern. The latter having an immoderate taste for a life of violence, risks and bad blows of all kinds, it is not rare that green skins tend to see their lives constantly in danger.  

In the fortified city of Magenelle, west of the Bloody Woods, Maridess, an Amazorc Priestess witnessed unusual scenes: dozens of Rats came out of the underground and attacked the inhabitants in the light of day, defying their legendary cowardice. Just as the guard was mobilizing to repel the stinky creatures, a horde of Gnolls came out of the surrounding fields, loading the great gate. They must had been hiding there since the night, which was a completely new tactic on their part. The horde was led by a monstrous warlord Gnoll. She was taller than the others. She sowed death with frightening ease, mowing everything that fell under her feet. The city quickly sank into chaos, its inhabitants, taken by surprise, were massacred without distinction. A few of the survivors managed to barricade themselves in the lord's keep. The Rats and the Gnolls didn't even fight. Instead, they shared the remains. The Rats returned to the sewers and the Gnolls to the woods, satisfied with their catch.  

Maridess consulted the orc gods. She felt their concern. This alliance between the Gnolls and the Rats could become a real calamity. Even though she is a green skin, Maridess was very loved by many humans. Within Magenelle, she had succeeded in creating a cult that brought together both men and orcs. Her bewitching beauty allowed her to get everything she wanted, which enabled her to live in comfort and luxury in the secret temple she had created herself. Now that her followers were almost all dead and her beloved city destroyed, she had nothing left. She decided to leave for the Bloody Woods, under the wise guidance of the gods. She had no trouble convincing some human guards to escort her, the latter deserting their posts without thinking for a second. Among the survivors of her secret cult, there remained a few green skins who had fought valiantly to protect her.  

On the way to the Bloody Woods, Maridess hoped she wouldn't have to meet these horrible, bloodthirsty beasts again...

At the origin of the project we had planned many things to offer you: extensions, stretch goals, etc.. But we suspected that after the experience of our previous Kickstarter, you too would have ideas, or desires that you would like us to explore…  

Throughout this campaign we listened to you and two of the things that came back often were the fact that you wanted alternative sculptures for the Gnolls, and the fact that you wanted more scenarios. So we locked Thomas in a cave with some supplies, and asked him to work on these points...  

After several days in this dark in a humid cave, he finally came out and is ready to tell you a new story... but the real heroes of this story will be YOU!  

Just after the delivery of your pledges we will propose you a first scenario to download on our site, and we will leave you 2 or 3 weeks to vote on the choice that the Heroes will make at the end of this mission. Once the vote is done we will prepare the following scenario and so on until the end of this new campaign!  

This campaign will use the components of the Orc pledge, no other addons are needed. As for the number of missions and chapters that will compose it? Well, it's up to you! And let's see how far the horde takes us.

"The Return of the Beast" is a brand new Main Campaign taking place in the OrcQuest WarPath universe. It will use the contents obtained through the Orc Pledge. It will project you a few years after the victory of Orrus against the project of conquest of Istarra against the orcs. In this campaign, the Gnolls are led by a terrible Warlord, thirsty for revenge after having been defeated a few years earlier by Orrus and his companions.

While the Rats and Gnolls withdraw from Magenelle, Maridess forms a band of green skins to accompany her. Even some Istarra Guards join her to escape the city. Unfortunately, there are still a few creatures left in the wrecked streets. Maridess decides to take a secret path through the houses that can lead her outside the fortification. Alas, the animals are everywhere and it will be necessary to get rid of them to be able to escape.  

The Devastated City is the first scenario that will be proposed to you to launch the new Main Campaign. Get ready for a first adventure full of... biting.

No one is safe from a nasty ambush... 

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc !

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    1. Clint Lee Werner

      @Lilin - Mork Da is a no. The crossover characters from the card game won't be showing up, so no Gob'na and no Lord Bacon either.

      Therios, however, might still be possible.

    2. Mark-Ders on

      You guys are awesome :)

    3. Lilin

      Looks cool!
      Any chance we are going to see Mork Da?
      And what about Therios?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      These are exclusive everyone has been asking for! Thanks.

    5. Sturm on

      en gros on va pouvoir jouer des humains ? Le mage aussi ? Que les gardes ? Les nains seront ils aussi jouables ? :)

    6. Thomas Aigner on

      yay more scenarios :)