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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Elven Vestiges

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

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We are soon entering the final phase of the campaign. You fought valiantly against adversity, and you managed to emerge victorious against the Elves. Elven Vestiges is a free full extension unlocked for the Goblin and Orc pledges. It is therefore offered to you to thank you for encouraging us to finalize and produce our board game!

 On the continent, and especially in the vast human kingdom of Istarra, there are not so many elves. There are some places, but it would be impossible to determine their location. Indeed, these fragile and graceful creatures tend to appear and disappear in various places in the kingdom without any explanation. Some think of the existence of magic portals leading to the elven lands, beyond the seas. There, an artificial kingdom, located in the middle of the great ocean, also called the Assaric Ocean, in reference to the ancient god of the depths Assar, is maintained over the waters thanks to Elven magic.

The massive departure of the Elves could not avoid the deserting of many sacred temples. They were of course emptied of all precious content so as not to leave anything to looters. However, some relics were left in a hurry. For safety, the remains were sealed with magic, but with time, it eventually dissipated. For their part, after several centuries, the Elves returned with the idea of restoring the former glory of their temples. This is without counting the determination of the orcs to get their hands on good magic trinkets.

"Elven Vestiges" is a brand new extension that will enrich the OrcQuest universe with new enemies. With the Campaign Chapter included, your heroes can venture into the ruins of ancient Elven temples. The Elves have left a precious relic that will be of great use to our Orc heroes, and these haughty beings have decided to return to take possession of their remains.

Our heroes will have to progress with caution. To approach the ruins, they must be vigilant and not be spotted by the Elven Archers hidden in the trees. Each escaping Elf Archer will increase the Alert Level, and the higher the Alert Level, the more Elven Archers will shoot at you from the trees.

If the Heroes manage to penetrate the vestiges, they will have to face the Elves who protect the place. Their magic is frightening and will keep the Orcs at bay. And that's not counting the traps set in the Event cards, like the giant ball!

Elven Archers are the masters of concealment. Hidden in the trees, they take advantage of their stealth positions to shoot intruders on sight. They are the protectors of the forests around sacred sites.

When you enter their green sanctuary, each tree can potentially hide an elf archer. With each enemy turn, as soon as a hero is within range of an elf tree, there is a good chance that an arrow will shoot at you. When this is the case, the elf's position is revealed and it may be the right time to move him out of there. If you are not fast enough, he can jump to a tree within jump range or run away to call for backup.

Magic is omnipresent in an elf's life. It is taught to them from childhood, then taught throughout their lives. Most of the time, they are taught minor magical arts. There is however an elven caste that masters a more powerful and destructive magic.

Among these castes of sorcerers there are the Sacred Maidens. They live in convents that are exclusive to them. We also find them wandering in the streets of their great elven city, helping their fellow citizens, without asking for anything in return. And when a threat is thrown on the island, they do not hesitate to defend it to death, in the most total selflessness.

Despite their delicate air, the Sacred Maidens are fierce fighters... well, especially at a distance, like all elves. The magic orbs they project can strike several enemies in proximity to each other at once, with flaming luminous explosions.

Since the disappearance of almost all dragons, the elves have gradually withdrawn from human kingdoms, taking refuge on their artificial island. Dragons were for centuries, the protectors of elves. Until a dark race emerged and waged a fratricidal war in the sky. When the dark dragons all fell, the few draconian creatures that remained took refuge in the depths of the caves.

In memory of the sacrifice of these noble creatures, an elf warrior caste chose to create the way of the Holy Dragon. They learned to master pyromancy and enchanted their weapons. Over time, their rites evolved so that the selection of suitors for this new caste was as strict as possible. Everyone had to pass the dragon's breath test by passing through a stream of flames and surviving it. It goes without saying that the members of the Holy Dragons are few in number, but terribly dangerous!

The Holy Dragons are easily recognized by their golden armor, covering their bodies completely to hide their horrible burns, and their halberds spitting magic flames.

A meeting with them is likely to be all fire and flame!

As much as human politics is blurred and often tarnished by corruption, when it comes to elves, their great lord is unanimously chosen for his integrity, wisdom, courage and devotion to his people. The elven perception of these virtues tends to make them feel above other races, that seem much inferior to theirs from their point of view.

Thus, the Elf Lord, although feeling close to his people and being ready to give his life to defend them at the very heart of battles, will traumatise those who engage in diplomatic situations with him. He will not make any concessions or compromises to his non-elfish interlocutors, for he will always be persuaded to be the one who is right and legitimate on everything.

Tancrède is the last Elf Lord. He is acclaimed by his people for his attachment to his people's roots, feeding the bitterness of having left the continent to humans, who do not respect the elven remains, abandoned to the plunderers. His mission is to restore the ruins of ancient temples and to restore the legitimacy of the Elves on the continent.

On one side, Heroes will have to try to penetrate the Elven Vestiges and on the other overcome traps such as the giant ball to reach the Relic!
On one side, Heroes will have to try to penetrate the Elven Vestiges and on the other overcome traps such as the giant ball to reach the Relic!

The Elven Vestiges are hidden in the depths of the forests of the Kingdom of Istarra, surrounded by trees. Careful, Elven Archers can come out of hiding and pierce you with their arrows!

Inside, in a long corridor, a giant ball can appear, ready to crush the unfortunate orcs. If they find the right room where the Relic is hidden, they will have to go the other way around.

The first mission which leads you on the traces of the elf vestiges makes you cross woods where every tree becomes a threat. The elves must have heard of your coming, and they know you have the information that a magic weapon is hidden in the heart of the ruins. But if the elves are so threatening, is it really just to protect a magic trinket?

The second mission takes you into the Elven Vestiges and it's not easy. It is not so much the meeting with the Sacred Guardians that is problematic. To enter the temple, you will have to solve an enigma... They are really strong these elves...

The elven vestiges are like their former inhabitants, not very welcoming to orcs. Getting in wasn't a simple thing, but getting out isn't going to be a piece of cake neither. Elves do not let their relics be stolen this easy, and it will be necessary to outwit and play with the axe to extract yourselves from the ruins in one piece.

The third mission will oppose you to Tancrède's anger, alerted by the intrusion and coming to recover the relic. And like an elf, it's devious, you shouldn't get too close to the trees as arrows could shoot from them.

You will be able to play this extension separately from the basic box campaign, or integrate it between two chapters, as a side quest. This can help improve your group of heroes by giving them adventures in parallel to their main quest.

If you're the type to catch fire for bows that shoot dragon arrows, you'll be served! The Dragon Bow is an ancient Elven arch left in the vestiges to be at the disposal of any Elf who deserves it, but also of any good orc who knows how to loot remains. Its flaming arrows add the Fire effect to your Fire Attacks and make your enemies burn like a beautiful bonfire.

Amza is one of the Oorkh, a tribe of primitive orcs recognizable by their lean and gnarled bodies. Nature has given them this appearance to facilitate their movements in the dense jungle. He is one of the best hunters and likes to let it be known, to such an extent that the frustrated members of his village, challenged him to go as far as possible to bring them the rarest game in the world.

So Amza went north, hoping to hunt down an exceptional creature. He finally heard about the Holy Elf Dragon. He imagined a majestic dragon haloed with light. It was the perfect opportunity to prove he was the best hunter in the world.

When it comes to tracking prey or enemies, Amza is second to none. He could be walking two steps behind you without getting noticed. He is also a master in the art of traps, transforming each pile of leaves into a pit with spikes or an innocent branch into a catapult.

Do you feel watched? So watch where you are walking or be careful not to get a javelin between your shoulder blades.

Amza begins his adventure with three Skills:
  • "Movement": Agile, he can also move Diagonally.
  • "Combat": allows him to make both Melee or Fire attacks.
  • "Ambush" is a Reaction which allows him to attack an enemy who enter his Line of Fire.

Amza is a trap specialist. To successfully hunt, he often scouts and sets traps in every corner, to not miss a single spot. The disadvantage of this, is that it can turn against his companions, because Amza often forgets to warn them of where he set the traps.

  • "Good trap!" An Enemy from the current patrol loses one health point. The Patrol will remain motionless this turn
  •  "Bad Trap!" The Hero walks into one of Amza´s traps and must dodge it. If it’s Amza, he dodges it automatically.
Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!
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