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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Valken, the Hobgobelin Tracker

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

Version Française ici…

Hobgoblins always live close to humans, in the heart of their cities. If we don't pay attention, they could very well be mistaken for humans. They love to cause trouble and are often the cause of revolts or riots, just for the sake of chaos. Others are so greedy, that they would sell their own kin for a handful of gold coins.  

Valken is one of the greediest. He realized that being a bounty hunter could bring him fame and fortune. So he dresses like a human and behaves exactly the same way. Moreover, he has the ways and means to go unnoticed and knows how to blend into the crowd with ease.  

He has lived in Castelray since birth, left to himself because the Hobgoblins are solitary beings by nature. He knows the capital by heart. When he heard about the rumors of the conquest of the Kingdom of Istarra over the Bloody Woods, he knew that he could benefit from it. The orcs approaching the capital were going to need his talents. If he could bring them to the end of their quest, perhaps there would be some treasures to amass.

Can we really pass under the nose of the sentries without being noticed with this garment?  

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!

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    1. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      @Lilin, there are no ladies between the orcs.
      But I wouldn't mind seeing more orc females, though. 8-P

    2. Vincent on

      Comment il envoie du lourd cet hobgoblin !
      Very nice mini !

    3. Trulk on

      Definitely a Christophe Gans "Pacte des Loups" Tribute... love this. And i agree with Lilin, more ladies are welcomed.

    4. Lilin

      That being said this one does look awesome

    5. Lilin

      +1 for more ladies if at all possible!

    6. Þráinn Gunnlaugur Þorsteinsson on

      @Maze games/Gorbag, the hobgoblin looks very good! But 1 question to get girls more involved with Orcquest when it arrives: we currently have 2 Orc female heroes and 1 Pork female hero. Is there perhaps any chance of more playable female characters in the stretch-goals ahead? :D

    7. Fignoline on

      , j adore ce design

    8. Mark-Ders on

      Could be some kind of armour

    9. Kékéré on

      He seems to be so nice!!!!!!!! "Pacte des Loups" style!!! Love him!!

    10. Mark-Ders on

      A hobgoblin ... nice