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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
2,267 backers pledged €330,755 to help bring this project to life.

Here comes the Troll! (All-in)

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

Version Française ici...

We're coming to the end of this Orc'n'Roll campaign! We thank you for your support. But there are still three days left and we still have things to show you. The battle is not over yet, but thanks to you, we are all winners!

Throughout the campaign, we were able to offer you various optional purchases that will allow you to enrich your OrcQuest WarPath games.

For those who have an appetite for Troll, we have concocted a very copious menu: the Troll Pledge! It will allow you to get all the additional content in one bite. You're gonna love this!

Attention, Pledges and pledge manager

We are convinced that it is natural to reward those who have trusted us during the campaign more than those who will arrive after, or those that having seen all the content offered, decided not to participate in unlocking Stretch Goals.

That's why those who are here now will pay less than those that will arrive after; normal! Moreover, the Troll pledge will not be available during the Pledge Manager. It will only be available to those who have chosen it during the campaign... as you can tell, this represents a very big discount, so we will only offer it only until the end of the campaign!

During the Pledge Manager :

Add-ons will be the same price for everyone.
The pledges at 1€ and late pledges will only have access to the Orc Pledge, which will be more expensive than during the campaign.
A Goblin Pledge may switch to Orc Pledge, or add other Goblin Pledges or Orcs Pledges at the same price as the price that was introduced during the campaign.
Orcs (and Early Orcs) can add other Goblin Pledges or Orc Pledges at the same price that was introduced during the campaign.
Pledge Trolls can add any type of pledge at the same price as the one introduced during the campaign.

It's a bit technical and tough to digest, but we want to be transparent with you... okay, let's go back to hunting elves, the lord of these scumbags is not far now, and I´m wondering what is still behind the rest of the stretch goals!

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!


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    1. Chewamenon

      How do I buy 1 Orc (EB) and 1 Troll Predge?

    2. Ben Turner

      Th comments here really spell out the problem of EBs, especially number-limited ones. You create a two tier backer economy, meaning for the last 28 days plenty of backers walked away because they didn’t want to fund the “special 500 backers” cheaper copies.

      And now you’ve reversed that privledge, everyone in the special tier feels they’ve lost something.

      (And in effect you’ve just dropped the price of the orc pledge, as the EB level is size-limited, not time-limited, so there are dozens of open EB slots - another thing that will be an at a glance red flag to new backers)

      Still, great deal for those all in. Wish we’d had more gameplay info to make that less of a huge gamble. But guess tgatv4 min video was it!

    3. Vincent on

      Thank you for considering avery pledger : the early bird who support since the very begining but, also the pledger n°501, and the pledger n°502, the n°503....who also were here sine the very bigging. And the pledgers n°1 500, who will participate to unlock stretch goals.

      @MAZE : what you did is a kind of magic. It's complicate to satisfy everybody. But now you show to everybody that you can create good games. I guess, for your next campaign, the Early Bird will be obsolete.

      Thank you for everything you did.

    4. ROGAR on

      Missing the Troll monster KS exclusive that is supposed to come with this pledge level

    5. ROGAR on

      Es exclusive as this deal it is, it will be even better with a KS exclusive troll miniature to fight against

    6. Trulk on

      Shut up and take my money !

    7. ROGAR on

      Clearly a good decision, even for EB pledgers like me, I was one just by luck as they were all gone by the time I visited the project. To Maze Games great that you are thinking outside the box. And 51 GBP off is still a great deal for us Early Birdies. Feel happy for so many that will benefit from the Troll deal especially the ones that were not going to get a deal before.

    8. Missing avatar

      Johan on

      Troll-In for me! :D

    9. Arsenus on

      Bye Bye EB and hello Troll Pledge!! :)

    10. Rebbon71 on

      @Crazy Celt +1

      It is a nice discount, but disappointing that I actually have to pay more for it than someone who is backing now. There really needs to be a separate €100 pledge to just add to my Early Bird. It really would be more fair.

    11. MGAC

      I just want to confirm...

      ...this is the 'double-secret-special-final' level to get EVERYTHING?

      ALL stretch goals...

      ALL add-ons...


    12. Crazy Celt

      @MazeGames - Very disappointed that the all-in is not just 100 euro so that it it could be added to the pledge amount already being held, thus rewarding the EB backers who were responsible for getting this project off the blocks in a short amount of time, as well as offering a discount on the bundle. I understand what some backers are saying about EB backers should not complain about saving 60 euros on the all in; the part that myself and other EB backers are making is the current structure is rewarding those who joined late more than those who joined early if they switch to a Troll pledge. EB backers are actually paying 109 Euros for the all in based on where we currently are at VS late campaign bakers who are paying 100 euros for the same item. Your campaign so you can run it how you want, but it just seems like a poor way to reward those who were with it from the beginning.

    13. Mark-Ders on

      What a great deal ... just wow

    14. ROGAR on

      Left my Early Bird pledge go for the better Troll deal.

    15. Mackie McDonald

      If its a choice between saving 9€ on a EB (and I had added all add ons) or saving 60€ instead and losing Eb and saving an extra 51€ on top, i can't see how it is a problem, I chose to save the extra 51€ and get it all then save 9€ and pay full price for everything else haha.

    16. Missing avatar


      In many projects, there is an EB according to the base pledge and a pledge with Add-Ons and stuff, which is NOT EB. That way, anyone can decide, what to get. And I decide to happily call myself a Troll now.

    17. MAZE GAMES 2-time creator on

      Concerning the All-in in addon unfortunately the discount is the best we can do, and it is really not possible to cumulate it with that of the EB...

    18. MAZE GAMES 2-time creator on

      @ Melhilion : Yes, the Troll Pledge is the best offer we can make and we therefore reserve it for those who take it during the campaign. Of course you can always add addons during the pledge manager, everything will be available.

    19. MAZE GAMES 2-time creator on

      @ Petr Kveton : yes as much as you want and with reduced shipping costs

    20. Melhilion

      did i understand that correct: i will NOT be able to get the troll pledge in the pledge manager? i am early bird orc now. so i will have to upgrade to troll now, is that correct?

    21. Missing avatar

      Mitcharello on

      That's really a loooooot of stuff ;)
      Well done!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ryan Longfellow

      I can see both sides of the argument. Personally I prefer EB specials that are set to a time limit (24 - 48 hrs) that way it is rewarding all those who show faith in the project early on and not just those who happen to be sitting at their computer right when the project goes live. I was not an EB on this project only because I can’t check Kickstarter routinely throughout the work day. I think this new All In pledge is giving a huge discount to all of those who are on here supporting this project. It would be difficult to make a separate group for discounted add-ons since you can’t back at two levels and anyone who backed for more than just the basic pledge could make the argument that they intended to add the discounted all-in but had bad math or a Kickstarter error. With this Troll pledge there is no confusion, the discount is great, and it rewards everyone willing to pay money up front to help them make their game a reality.

    23. Missing avatar

      C. W. Calabrese

      Wish you wouldn't have waited til now to release the all-in. Wish you would have only done that if you were ending the campaign on a Friday.

      I'd like to get the all in, but you've left me between a rock and a hard place with the crazy limited timing.

      Any chance you can change your mind and let the folks with responsibilities-first get in on the all-in during the pledge manager?

    24. David Smith on

      LOL, EB complaining that they will be saving and additional 50, really?

    25. Nico on

      Was an early Orc, gladly changed to Troll pledge. I was planning on getting 3-4 expansions, but this way I get all the expansion, spending the same amount. It's a bit sad loosing my early badge and the 9€. But this gives me moar Orc stuff!

    26. Soulshredder

      Thank you for that generous offer, I have immediately switched my pledge to the Troll pledge. You guys rock!

    27. Þráinn Gunnlaugur Þorsteinsson on

      Awesome! I'm a part of the EB backers but will switch now onto the All-in Pledge!

      Guys it's a pretty sweet deal, basically 60 euro(!!) off the whole package. The 9 euro Early bird discount is nice for those that only want the Orc pledge and maybe 1-2 add-ons but if anyone was thinking about going all-in, EB or not this is a fantastic deal!!

    28. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      Tant pis j'ai lâché l'early bird pour le troll. Mais franchement je vous dit BRAVO. je suis agréablement surpris. m^me en comptant la différence de 9€ je suis encore largement gagnant. \o/

    29. Sturm on

      +1 with Sjeng the orcish Herald what we do with EB ? Enfin je veux dire ceux qui y croient depuis le début ! On peut pas avoir un Tee shirt ? :)

    30. Ben on

      I mean 100€ :D

    31. Ben on

      Thats really odd for the Early Orcs. Why not just a Bundle for about 109€ to add onto the original pledge?

    32. Etienne Tefen on

      +1 Sjeng. I agree, even though I don't like the EB system, once it is made one way its strange to not follow on it.

    33. Cyrunicorn

      La vache ! (ou la poulette, je ne sais plus)

    34. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      But, what about the people who were here from the very start and got an EB and went all-in? Do we get this for €190? Seems unfair to people with an EB... :S
      I'd love to upgrade to the all-in pack, but I don't want to lose my €9,- discount...

    35. Petr K.

      Can I buy 2x Troll pledge? So Choose Troll pledge and rise pledge for 2x199€?