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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Blood for Blood

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

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Did we save the best for last? We'll let you decide. Nevertheless, here comes the hour of the last extension, the one that will oppose you to the fierce Barbarians. Arm yourself and train yourself, because they are as brutal as orcs... if not more. You've been warned...

Living in harsh and merciless conditions, in the northeast lands of the Kingdom of Istarra, the Barbarians are a brutal and belligerent tribe.

Contrary to appearances, they are not similar to humans. They are bigger, of a more robust constitution and can live up to three centuries if war does not endtheir lives earlier. Even among them, war is part of an ancestral tradition, like a national sport. Regularly, men and women from each village join clan battles, without even needing a political or territorial reason; any excuse is good to make war. From childhood, they are subjected to the harshness of survival and combat. They are thrown in an arena in front of a creature corresponding to the totem of the child.

Legends tell that the Barbarians descend from the giants, a race almost extinct because it was hunted by its own descendants. The Ogres are part of the race of the Barbarians by the way. They are their close cousins. They will often be found in the front line of battle, causing a maximum of damage quickly - if they were kept behind, they would risk stomping on their own allies.

"Blood for Blood" is a brand new expansion that will enrich the OrcQuest universe with new enemies. With the Secondary Campaign included, your heroes can compete against the Barbarians, this famous warrior folk that can easily compete with the Orcs. Along with Humans, Elves and Dwarves, the Barbarians are one of the major nations to have always been at war with the Orcs... or is it the other way around? Nevertheless, it remains a major problem: a rumor of alliance with the Kingdom of Istarra in the conquest of the Bloody Woods begins to cause trouble among green skins. Our heroes have thus decided to go to settle their account as they know how best to do it: with brutality.

At first, the heroes will have to return home and repel the Barbarian troops, thrown in the vicinity of the Bloody Woods. Barbarian camps are set up everywhere and our heroes will have to attack and destroy them as quickly as possible, before their enemies gather. The Alert track will be used to generate waves of increasingly powerful enemies.

Through a series of unfortunate events, the heroes find themselves facing Ragnar, the Barbarian King, and will have to entertain him in a battle arena. If they emerge champions in the events, they can challenge the warring regent and compete against him. Be careful, because his strength is legendary. Moreover, as he plays at home, his subjects will not stand by idly. In this situation, the Alert track will serve to measure the enthusiasm of the Barbarian King. The more combos the heroes make, the higher the cursor on the track goes. When the cursor has passed the last level, Ragnar the Barbarian King will finally be eager to descend into the arena.

To represent the danger that the Barbarians pose, they have no limit to the number of Reactions they can make when attacked.

Young Bloods go to battle with no fear of death. They have been educated since childhood to fight the hard way. Barbarians do not like weakness, they are ruthless in educating their children. A physical deformation incapacitating in combat or any other disability is a death sentence without appeal. That is why the Young Bloods are not to be underestimated.

Working as a pack, a Young Blood is never alone. There's always at least one nearby. When a Young Blood appears in a room, another is placed next to the first revealed, even if there are other types of Barbarians with him. They do not hesitate to throw themselves at their opponents as soon as they see them and they advance free of charge towards the heroes as soon as the latter enters their Line of Sight. Be careful, because if they come in contact with you, they can make a free attack.

The Berzerkers are the embodiment of brutality and madness combined. Those who choose to follow this bloodthirsty path do so because they desire to become the living incarnations of Berzerk, the God of Carnage. They no longer feel pain when they are beaten, as if the most serious injuries were just scratches.

The Berzerker has only one purpose: to kill. He still has enough conscience to attack his enemies, but sometimes in the fury of battle, his blows can reach his fellow men. He's the Combo specialist. If his first attack hurts, he can attack again, and again, using their Combo Attacks. If an attack is countered and an enemy or ally is within Attack range, it changes target, starting with another hero, and then on to his allies. Their resistance to pain means that the most powerful attacks inflict only normal injuries.

Although Ogres are a bit slow and have a very limited intellect, they are welcomed by Barbarians as princes. They are entitled to their own individual tent, with slaves at their service and can fight in the arena against those coveting the royal throne or against captured creatures or adversaries as a distraction to the King.

The monstrous mass of the Ogre makes him a slow enemy, but he remains no less dangerous. His attacks can be fatal to their opponents, to the point that if all his hits are at maximum, the hero will automatically succumb, without any other form of retaliation.

Ragnar has ruled the Barbarians for several decades. He defeated his predecessor in a one-on-one battle quite easily. He managed to unite several clans under his authority, expanding his royal aura over almost all barbarian lands. When the Kingdom of Istarra proposed an alliance to defeat the Orcs, he seized the opportunity to challenge the clans refusing his authority to defeat the Greenskins, by giving them their independence in return. If they would not accept, he promised to eradicate every member of the renegade clans. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get rid of his rivals.

Ragnar is an extraordinary opponent. Mordare, his sacred sword offered by the gods, allows him both to counter-attack at lightning speed, and to carry out furious combos attacks. Vargrag, the relic of Storvarg the Great Rabid Wolf that he wears on his belt, makes his allies around him frenetic, inspired by the mythical animal. Karssak's skull, a great Orc warlord known to have disgraced Badass, annihilates the use of combos against Ragnar.

The Barbarian Arena is a place of violence and death. Not many people survive this hell. Not counting the enemies to face, the heroes must not get too close to the walls or pillars so as not to be impaled by the steel piles. The variant with a narrow footbridge suspended over a pit with spikes promises tragic ends to those who are not careful.

Small tent tiles will be used to represent the camps established in the Kingdom of Istarra, before the Barbarians launched the assault.

There´s no time to waste! The Barbarians are walking on the Bloody Woods! They must be stopped! Our heroes return home, and discover the barbarian camps. We'll have to eliminate as few barbarians as possible without being noticed. In case of failure, enemy waves will arrive as reinforcements to eliminate the orcs who came to attack them by surprise. 

Alas, our orcs were captured and taken to the barbarian kingdoms to entertain Ragnar, the Barbarian King, in his bloody arena. In order to challenge the king, we'll have to impress him as much as possible. 

During this 3-mission campaign, which can be used as a Secondary Chapter of your main campaign or as an independent mini campaign, your troop of orcs will face the worst enemies they may have encountered so far. This isn't about heroism anymore. This is about survival. 

Will they reach the Barbarian King and defeat him in order to stop the war against the orcs? It's up to you to help them save their green... skin.

In the war spoils of the Barbarians, the orcs found an old orc relic, Nobooboo´s Shield. This one belonged to Nobooboo, a Troll Chief who laughed at enemy attacks, when their blows bounced off the shield. In Nobooboo's case, this shield was more like a belt buckle because he was really big. He also had the peculiarity of weakening the will to attack of his opponents.

An enemy who wants to attack the carrier of Nooboo´s Shield may risk having an Attack die removed. If he has attack dice of different colors, the weaker ones are the first to be chosen.

Hoggan never hesitates to proclaim himself as the incarnation of the Badass God. To satisfy this demanding god, he must be offered the best fights and spectacular exploits. And in this field, Hoggan excels. Hecan produce lightning strikes and lightning dodges! Nothing can stop this storm of waves and rage.

He lived with the Barbarians for a long time. He was part of a living clan of mercenaries and was fully accepted as an Orc among the Barbarians. In reality, these two races have never had any real grievances between them. They just like to fight each other, as some sort of sport. When he learned of King Ragnar's plan to devastate the Bloody Woods, he almost left his own to their own fate. But Badass made him feel the need to intervene in the most spectacular way. Hoggan left his clan without even looking back at those with whom he had shared so many victorious missions.

Certainly, he was not paid for this time, but he could always get richer along the way.

 Hoggan starts his adventure with three Skills:

  • Movement: he can move normally.
  • "Combat" allows him to perform Melee Attacks.
  • "Counter" allows him to counterattack as a Reaction.

Being a favourite can have its advantages and disadvantages, but it has never been a problem for Hoggan to be subject to his whims. However, for the others...

  • "I am Badass": Hoggan can perform an action with a cost of one Badass point immediately and free of charge. Otherwise -2 Badass points. 
  • "Badass Feel": The hero who just played can perform an action with a cost of one Badass point immediately and for free, Otherwise -2 Badass points.

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Miguel Ángel Roldán Ramírez on

      Cómo se puede comprar las expansiones? Solo una o dos

    2. Zaid Fouquette on

      No one's gonna say it? Really? It falls to me? Well, ok then...
      "Ohh, the once was a hero named Ragnar..."

      Also this really should have the valkyrie.

    3. Vincent on

      By the way, this box seems to be awesome.

    4. Vincent on

      Weird ! You talk about females barbarians but there are no one in the box ? Weird !
      Talking about females, would we get females orcs warriors ?

    5. Mackie McDonald

      I'm gunna go (even more) bankrupt with all these add-ons cause I want them ALL!!!!

    6. Clint Lee Werner

      I thought the valkyrie would show up as another boss. Would have been a cool way to go. Still neat to see Hoggan show up though. A game like orcquest needs more 'standard orcs' in the character roster.

    7. Þráinn Gunnlaugur Þorsteinsson on

      Really cool add on but I'm a bit disappointed not seeing the Valkyries from the barbarian faction from your card game. A bit of a missed opportunity but hopefully there are still some more orc female characters to be revealed.

    8. Peter Hulting on

      @Crazy celt. Female barbarians?! Get out of here! 😋 That's just ridiculous, who would want to play a girl... 😉

    9. Missing avatar

      Egegi Ádám on

      Best ADD ON! : D
      Till this time! (Dwarven are the second! ; )

    10. Balloongineer

      WOO! Are you planning a crossover with HATE? Considering the Young Bloods, Princes, etc. it would be fitting!

    11. Crazy Celt

      Since the description of the barbarians made it a point to mention how the women join the battles I am disappointed that all the miniatures appear to be male.

    12. Mark-Ders on

      Wow, awesome box ... lots of minis and extra's