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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Rules Overview - Skill Cards

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

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To embark on the adventure, our Heroes will have to learn new Skills in order to become more effective and efficient against Enemies. Indeed, not all are as soft and fragile as poor, toothless peasants. We will have to learn to be more and more aggressive to face all the dangers.  

Today, we will see how to use and manage the Skill cards and make our Heroes more effective in every situation.

There are 4 types of Skill cards:  

  • Action Skills [A]: The Hero must spend Action Points (one or two points depending on the number of "A's" in front of the effect´s description) to use them during the Hero´s Turn, during his own Activation or that of another Hero. This card is turned face down after use, then restored at the beginning of the next turn.  
  • Reaction Skills [R]: This skill can be used during the Enemy Turn and as part of an Enemy's specific Action, by paying a cost in Badass Points. This card is also turned face down after use, then restored at the beginning of the next turn.  
  • Boost Skills [B]: This skill improves another specific Hero or Allied Hero skill for a limited amount of time and for a specific Badass Point cost. This card is placed next to the "Boosted" Skill until the latter is turned face down after having been used, then it is restored at the start of the next turn.  
  • Permanent Skills [P]: This skill is always active, free of charge, or according to certain conditions. This card is never turned facedown.

In OrcQuest WarPath, each Hero starts with 3 Skill cards. The first two are Movement and Combat, and the third one is a Hero Specific Skill. They are recognizable because they have no purchase cost on the back of the card.  

As missions progress, heroes can acquire additional Skills by spending Badass points. For each hero, there are thirteen Skill cards that can be acquired, which can be added to the three Skill cards already available, but no Skill card replaces another and the ones acquired always remain accessible.  

Skill cards that can be purchased are those with a cost on the back of their card. They cost 10 points, 20 points or 30 Badass points. At the start of the Turn, prior to the Heroes Activation, Heroes may decide to collectively purchase a new Skill Card. They must decide together how much they will spend in Badass Points for a new Skill card, then once the points have been paid each Hero picks a card of that value.  

For example: At the beginning of the turn, Orrus, Mek, Thalla and Mandar take advantage of a little peace and quiet to buy a new Skill card each. They all decide to acquire a Skill card with a cost of 10 Badass points. At that moment, 10 Badass points are subtracted on the Badass Track and every player gets a new Skill card.  

Notes :  

  • All Heroes must acquire a Skill card at the same time, and of the same value (a Hero cannot choose a card of a lower value).  
  • If at least one hero is involved in melee, no one can buy a Skill card.  
  • Only one Skill card per hero may be purchased per mission (unless the mission is played independently of a Campaign or Chapter).

We will take a look at Orrus and see all the skills at his disposal.

Orrus' skills can be classified into 4 main categories: Multiple Attacks, Powerful Attacks, Surprise Attacks and Health & Support.  

In the Multiple Attacks skill category:  

  • Combat, Reaper (10), Combat (10), Storm Attack (20), Tornado Attack (30), Counter (10) and (20).

In the Powerful Attacks skill category:  

  • Combat in AA, Combat (10) in AA, Power Attack (20).

In the Surprise Attack skill category:  

  • Charge, Shoving Kick (10), Table Throwing (10), Storm Attack (20).

In the Health & Support skill category :  

  • Me First (10), Leader (10), Health + (10) and (20). 

There are multiple combinations to turn Orrus into the ultimate Warrior. Thanks to his various Combat Skills, he can achieve devastating Combos.  

For example, here is a combination of Skills that Orrus could have in the middle of a campaign that could be very useful to get rid of several enemies in a single activation:

Thanks to a series of successful Attack Actions, Orrus has spent only 2 Action Points and no Badass Points
Thanks to a series of successful Attack Actions, Orrus has spent only 2 Action Points and no Badass Points

Sequence :
1. Orrus can Charge an Enemy group and succeeds in injuring
2. Then he attacks in Melee with Combat, which also causes damage.
3. Orrus can take advantage of a Combo 1 Action and then use Reaper
4. Orrus hurts at least one enemy around him.
5. Possible sequence n°1 to take advantage of Combo 2 : If a resistant enemy is close to him, he can finish him with a Power Attack
6. Possible sequence n°2 to take advantage of Combo 2 : He leaps on another enemy further away, with a Storm Attack.
7. With Leader: Thalla shoots a surviving enemy.

It may sound very powerful when presented like this, but the further you go in the Main Campaign, or the Secondary Chapters, the tougher the enemies will become, and making a series of Combos remains a feat that will not work every time.  

And you, what would be your favorite combo? Which skills would you choose first?

Now that you master the Hero Skills, we will be exploring in our next and final rules chapter, the progression of your Heroes through the Main Campaign and the various Secondary Chapters.

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!

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    1. Etienne Tefen on

      It is explained on the main campaign page. Combo 1 cards are free if you did damages with your actions on this turn, combo 2 are free if you did damages with a combo 1. Maybe there will be combo 3 cards...

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Baďo on

      May someone please explain 1 thing to me. During hero activation you got 2 action to spend. Number of A on a skill card determine if you need to spend action point, how can you do such combo during 1 turn when each of these card cost at least 1 A point and some Badass points as well? (I understand how badass points work)

    3. Ben Turner

      How does:
      "Only one Skill card per hero may be purchased per mission"

      then work with:
      "During this 3 mission campaign that can be used as a secondary Chapter of your main campaign"
      (from the rats expansion box)

      In terms of game difficulty / balance? E.g. my understanding of all the add-on boxes is they can be inserted as interludes inside the main campaign, but does this not means your characters will have more skill cards when returning to the main campaign?

      In fact, how is any of this balanced in a campaign mode? In fact, I think I need to see an update on how the campaign side of this works overall - right now, it's not too clear, and certainly a greater part of my interest in the game.

    4. J Dean

      I am also liking the current art style on the skill cards!

    5. Emy246 on

      @Etienne : oh no ! The art are great and in the mood of true heroic-fantasy stuff. Like a parchment with china ink. On cards like this, so much colors is not good for eyes. You risk to get hypnotized by little colored details and forget to play :D
      I don't think we have a Monopoly game here... or maybe because you saw Orrus turned a table ? :'D

    6. Etienne Tefen on

      I must say I m kinda sad to hear that, I do agree with Sjeng that those arts are underused like this... Colors would really make them beautiful, now they look like cards from an old Monopoly game , only with beautiful arts.

    7. Emy246 on

      @Maze Games : there you know how to speak to a lady :D

    8. MAZE GAMES 2-time creator on

      Even if we are currently working on the design of the sheets and cards, the monochrome effect will remain on the skill, event and patrol cards.

    9. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      I think it's a shame to just discard all that beautiful artwork like that :(
      I mean don't you LOVE games with great art on the cards? Legendary, OrcQuest, M:TG, Ashes, Hero Realms, Thunderstone Quest. Yeah those are all cardgames, but man, they look goooood.

    10. Missing avatar

      Graham Pates on

      I'm with Emy246 on this, I love the monochrome card art, it's really atmospheric.

    11. Emy246 on

      @Sjeng : oh no, you're insane, the black/white effect is really tremendous. Keep them like this, MG :p

    12. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      These cards are begging for full-colour artwork!!! :D

    13. Emy246 on

      So Badass !!! Orcs Powa !!!
      There's so cool combos to do here !! <3

      My favorite combo is Multiple Attacks ! Ka-boom ! :D

    14. Mark-Ders on

      Awesome ... this is really different from what I have seen in board games with minis. I like it a lot.