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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

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West of the coast of Istarra, on Circei Island, the Porks have their home. These decadent pig humanoids live in pig palaces, wallowing in filth, and have only one interest: to be increasingly rich! This thirst for gold, this unquenchable greed, pushes a large majority of Porks into becoming mercenaries, slavery, racketeering, kidnapping or all the most lucrative criminal activities. So they leave their native island to venture onto the mainland.

The Porks are also known to be naturally gifted warriors. They may idle for years and be able to fight like crazy in a second. With their imposing stature and aggressive fighting spirit, they have always been considered perfect orc hunters. It's not so much the fact that this is heir specialty, it's just that they've always been paid heavily to hunt down green skins and exterminate them. However, this did not prevent some porks from allying themselves with orcs in the past, if the alliance in question could bring a maximum of booty, even if their mutual animosity always tended to push them to gut each other.

"PorkQuest" is a new extension that will enrich the OrcQuest universe with new enemies. Here, the Porks have a mission to come chase your heroes during their adventures. Secret poachers have hired these ignoble beings to track down and kill any orc infiltrating the Kingdom of Istarra. So you can add porks as additional enemies in any chapter of the Main Campaign. You will also have the choice of playing them as heroes, allying with the orcs, and you risk seeing them kill each other at the slightest misunderstanding.

As enemies of orcs, the Porks have a mission to hunt down and kill any green skin they encounter. The Pork Trackers will have their own Patrols instead of the normal Patrols. Except that here, the Porks "feel" the presence of orcs, thanks to their highly developed sense of smell. They will go directly to the heroes to try and exterminate them.

In addition, Pork Trackers are not the only ones who resent orc skins. Three Pork bounty hunters prowl the area and may arrive at any time to do carnage, even if it means slaughtering everyone between them and their target.

The Porks can also be used as heroes alongside the orcs and as a band of adventurers who have sworn to help the green skins in their quest, provided they leave them the found treasures.

When a Pork Stalker squadron sets out to find its target, it is impossible for the target to escape. The Porks have a flair for spotting their prey from miles away, making them Istarra's best bounty hunters.

Armed with their halberds, they can keep the toughest enemies at bay or mow down the weakest ones like wheat. Their incredible strength is terrifying and even the best orc warrior looks at them with concern. However, they sacrificed their defense in favor of freedom of movement to attack. It could have been a chance for finding a weak spot if porks didn't have such thick skin.

Appearing during Patrols, Pork Tracker squadrons do not behave as normal Patrols. As soon as they arrive, they know where the orc heroes are and head straight for the nearest one. Humans are blocking their way? No mercy, nothing can separate them from their prey, automatically killing the unfortunate victim, thinking he was seeing reinforcements coming.

Kassler left Circei Island at a very young age with the hope of making a fortune on the mainland. Having left too soon, the humans took advantage of him being alone and inexperienced to lynch him, leaving him for dead. After recovering from his injuries, he decided to teach them a lesson. In the village where he was a victim, he had heard of Lanterolle's Wolf, a huge beast that persecuted the region and remained untraceable. Kassler tracked the animal and killed it after a terrible fight. The pork dressed the fur of the big bad wolf who martyred the poor humans and threw its carcass into the market square. All bowed their heads and offered him what little gold the village had. This legend follows him along, for he is famous for his bloodthirsty exploits.

When it comes time to face Kassler, the orcs find him too late. The first few times, he appears in the heart of the Tracker squadrons and disappears at first blood. He can also emerge from the shade of a tree to strike by surprise. Once the heroes have unraveled his plans, it's time to confront him. Fast and vicious, he will seek to attack the weakest or most vulnerable prey. His acutely sharp cutlass will cause terrible bleeding, weakening his enemies before he can finish them off. The wolf skin on his shoulders has been bewitched to weaken the will of his opponents and make them easy prey.

When the invention of gunpowder poked Borts' curiosity, he was already working on destructive war machines on his native island, so he rushed to the mainland to get some of it. His genius immediately set to work, concocting explosive jars until he created the famous frag grenade. He had to test his works without being disturbed by human authorities. He quickly became a mercenary for Istarra's Royal Army, operating clandestinely in enemy territory to cause maximum damage with his explosives.

Borts is a sadist. Having anticipated the arrival of orcs after studying them from afar, he had fun placing explosive mines to trap heroes. He was even crazy enough to put grenades on the trackers he sent, who explode at the slightest injury they receive. When it comes to getting rid of him once and for all, you will have to react quickly to his grenades while dodging the landmines he has hidden. This will be a confrontation in which the orcs will have a great time.

Morcilla, Great Matriarch Witch, Guardian of the Sacred Piggery of Circei, Mother-Porker of the Harde, Heiress of the Suidae, and many other titles, is an icon among her own. When her best people are slashed on the continent, she does not hesitate to leave her idleness and come to claim revenge, and reap the gains of the deceased who failed on their mission. Since her half-naked appearance causes repulsion, she travels hidden under capes, revealing herself to her prey only at the last moment. Thus, she offers her victims the most horrible spectacle before they die.

Mastering the black arts, Morcilla can destroy the life of orcs without even facing them. The Trackers on her side benefit from her magical powers: reducing the Badass powers of their enemies. When Morcilla confronts the heroes using her cursed stick, her spells weaken her opponents. Her magic sword steals the powers of her prey's weapons and turns them against them. Finally, her repulsive appearance deprives her attackers of will, and thus their unable to attack her.

PorkQuest offers you two ways to play with Porks. The first one pits the Porks against the Orc Heroes during their Main Campaign and any Secondary Campaigns that are added to it. In in the second way possible, the Porks become Heroes who have sworn to temporarily help the orcs save the Bloody Woods.

"The "Orc Hunt" is a quest that spans the whole Campaign - the Main Campaign as well as the Annex Chapters - where the heroes will meet the Porks several times. These were hired by a secret patron to spoil the plans of the green skins. Pork Tracker Patrols are sent after the Orcs and three fearsome Pork Bounty Hunters, Kassler the Hunter, Borts the Artificer and Morcilla the Witch, will do everything to eliminate them.

"The Pledge of the Porks" is a quest that allows you to play the Porks as Heroes throughout the Campaign - the Main Campaign as well as the Annex Chapters - alongside the Orcs or as an all-Pork Hero band. Worried with the will of the Kingdom of Istarra to conquer the Bloody Woods, they believe their island is not safe from the same greed of humans. So the Porks temporarily agree to a truce with the Orcs to fight alongside them, promising them a good fight among themselves in the future to restore things fairly.

While Pork Trackers worked as squadrons, Haggis isolated himself so he could prove to he didn't owe his success to others but to himself. He wandered the continent for a long time, looking for new bounty hunter contracts. He excelled in his task, even allowing himself the luxury of hiring other Pork Trackers.

Through his missions, he witnessed the will of the Kingdom of Istarra to conquer the whole south by literally destroying the Bloody Woods and their occupants, the Orcs. Knowing that the Porks were not much appreciated or even tolerated by humans, he did not hesitate when he was offered the oath of alliance with the green skins to counter the war in preparation.

Haggis, as a Tracker, has access to the full arsenal of scouts and brutes, so he can strike quickly and brutally. His favorite weapon, the halberd, allows him a maximum of effectiveness against any type of enemy. His destructive charges can throw his enemies to the ground, if they haven't already been knocked down.

Haggis starts his adventure with three Skills: 

  • "Movement" allows him to move normally. 
  • "Combat" allows him to conduct Melee or Ranged Shooting Attacks. 
  • "Charge" allows him to move in a straight line and make Melee Attack.

Porks have a real swine character, and Haggis is no exception. In the case of Haggis, his solitary temperament can be quite aggressive. 

  • "Out of my way!" Attack: Any adjacent ally is pushed 2 spaces and suffers 1 white Attack die if it encounters a wall or obstacle. 
  •  "Get out of here!" Attack: Any adjacent enemy is pushed 2 spaces and suffers 1 white Attack die + 1 additional white die if it encounters a wall or obstacle.

If orcs have the "chance" to recruit Kassler as an ally, he can be effective against elite enemies or big creatures, weakening them with his headhunting skills. His ability to hide allows him to go unnoticed and slip behind his enemies to bleed them dry.

Kassler begins his adventure with three Skills: 

  • "Agile Movement" also allows him to move diagonally. 
  • “Combat" allows him to conduct Melee and Ranged Attacks. 
  • "Stealth" allows him to become Invisible until he moves or Attacks.

Porks have a real swine character, and Haggis is no exception. The advantage with him is that he knows so many people who owe him that they may help him in sabotaging enemy patrols. 

  • "Felony" can allow Kassler to decide the behavior of the Patrol by making it continue as normal, take a break or turn around. 
  • "Don´t we know each other?" forces Kassler to choose an enemy in Line of Sight. Both him and the enemy can't attack each other on this turn.

No, but really, does anyone want to team up with Borts? Well, if the orcs have no choice, you'll have to be careful with the mines he's stuck everywhere or his annoying tendency to throw grenades without paying attention to who's nearby. Be careful to keep him busy, because when he gets bored, he may be able to stick a grenade in an ally's bag, just to see his gear explode, or throw one at the feet of a patrol when he is supposed to remain discreet.

Borts begins his adventure with three Skills: 

  • "Agile Movement" allows Borts to move diagonally. 
  • "Combat" allows Borts to perform Fire or Magic Attacks. 
  • "Mine!" allows Borts to deposit an Explosive Mine on the ground.

Porks have a real swine character, and Borts is no exception. And that's without counting his delusion for complicating things. 

  • "Heheheh!" : if a Patrol is in Line of Sight, Borts throws a Grenade at it, even if it is not in range. 
  •  "Oh-oh!" Melee: If Borts is not engaged in Melee and an Ally is adjacent to him, that Ally loses a Resource card.

Morcilla, Great Enchantress of Horrors, Priestess of the Idlers, Guardian of the Fountains of Mount Lard, has always felt responsible for the fate of each of the citizens of Circei Island. She, who is so close to becoming Supreme Queen of the Pigs, is deeply concerned about reports that the Kingdom of Istarra wants to expand its conquest to the lands of the Orcs.

After the green skins, who's next? With her island being so close to the mainland, the deduction was made quickly. It was she herself who proposed to the Orcs a provisional oath of alliance, the time to counter the human plans. To take responsibility, she decided to embark on this improbable quest where she would have to face the Orcs.

Morcilla is a cruel being who does not hesitate to psychologically traumatize her enemies before killing them. She uses her hideous appearance to destabilize her opponents, if not to scare them away. Her spells weaken her enemies and her sword absorbs their power to turn it against them.

Morcilla begins her adventure with three Skills: 

  • "Movement" Morcilla can move normally 
  • "Combat" allows Morcilla to perform a Magic or Melee attack. 
  • "Hideous" forces enemies who have a Line of Sight on Morcilla to decrease their Enemy Behavior score by one level.

Porks have a real swine character, and Morcilla is no exception. And she has a total lack of humility and respect for others, often inspiring disgust. 

  • "Hide that!" forces the Allied Heroes to turn to in order to no longer have Morcilla in Line of Sight. 
  • "The horror!" forces Human , Elf, Dwarf Enemies to turn in order to no longer have Morcilla in Line of Sight.

Whether you play against the Porks as Enemies or with them as Heroes, one thing is certain, get ready for a real butchery.

Warning: Any jokes concerning skewers, pork chops, sausages and or ham have been censored out of respect for these filthy...we mean, helpful beings.

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    1. Paint'Riot Studio

      La meilleur extension !
      @Sturm : yes i think you will be able to mixed ally and ennemy as you like !

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      Grolleau François on

      Morcilla effect ! ^^

    3. Dani Alcaide Salvadó on

      WTF!?? I'm falling in love!!!

    4. Sturm on

      @Mark-Ders i think Haggis is a part on them ! ... same pic !
      Porcs is ennemy or allied like gargolles :) but we can start whitch ?

    5. Vincent on

      This is such a good idea to have the possibility to play them at any side.
      Is there some loot that are money or gold ? And with that, we can pay them to not attack you or, if you pay a lovely fee, you can hire them. Some accident card pay them better than us and, they change again their minds. ..

    6. Mark-Ders on

      Is Haggis an extra on top of the ten trackers, or part of the 10?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonatan on

      Can we get some kickstarter only SG soon? After all, we support the game more than a year before it will come to us

    8. Mark-Ders on

      How big are they? I count 13 Porks, so I assume they are somewhat bigger than Elves, Dwarves and Humans ... correct?

    9. Mark-Ders on

      @Gorbag: Ah, I should read all the text first before reacting :)

    10. HxCx on

      @Mark-Ders as you can see maps are not relevant here, due to the game mode. Porks will show up in the normal scenarios.

    11. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Ah, indeed. Some maps would have been cool with these.

    12. Mark-Ders on

      Awesome ... but no maps?