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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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The Royal Mines

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

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One of the few non-human people races tolerated in the Kingdom of Istarra are the dwarves. Nevertheless, they are tolerated for two good reasons only: they live secluded, at the bottom of the mountains bordering the eastern border, with its flanks pierced by mines, and are thus far from the human population; but especially, because they possess the best taverns of the kingdom, and to make them close these places would give rise to devastating riots.

Dwarves also trade with humans for minerals in exchange for food. This alliance provides the dwarves with military protection, but that does not mean that the dwarves do not know how to defend themselves, quite the contrary ! Otherwise, humans would have already taken possession of the mines a long time ago...

"The Royal Mines" is a brand new expansion that will enrich the OrcQuest universe with new enemies. With the Campaign Chapter included, your heroes will be able to infiltrate the dwarf mines, at the borders of the Kingdom of Istarra, and get precious artifacts. But be careful, the expedition will not be easy, and our heroes risk losing some blood there.

The dwarves are hard-working, meticulous and greedy people. They never stop digging galleries to exploit as many deposits as possible, to trade what they extract from them or to create the best crafts in the world. It is in one of these mines, northeast of the border of the kingdom, called the Royal Mine of Skatten, , that legends tell that a powerful weapon is hidden.

The mines are heavily guarded. Patrols circulate regularly, because dwarves are never careful enough. The alert level can rise very quickly, and the mission can fail at the slightest mistake. The mines are real labyrinths where it is easy to get lost. The access is forbidden to slowpokes and it will be important to be like the dwarves: methodical and effective.

Working tirelessly in the royal mines, the dwarves contribute both to extracting minerals from the deposits they exploit and to extending their network of galleries under the mountain. Their equipment is at the cutting edge of manufacturing quality, chipping only after a few centuries of intensive use.

Dwarf warriors are obstinate fighters from their positions. If they are in an enemy group where at least one is not fleeing, he Charges instead of Fleeing. Their weapons are so sharp that they can go through opposing armor like butter.

The Royal Guard is the dwarf elite fighter. Engulfed in his flamboyant armor, capable of resisting the most powerful attacks or at least reducing their damage.

Watch out for the Royal Guard Hammer! Its magic finds the weak points of the

its opponents and a well-placed blow makes them dizzy, leaving them no chance to retaliate, as long as they have not died under the impact.

Originally designed to help dwarves extract the hardest minerals, engineers quickly discovered its effectiveness in combat situations. With its powerful drill and hydraulic pickaxe, no armor can withstand its attacks. And that's not counting the various jets of steam that gush out of the machinery and that can burn those who come too close to it.

The Gold Digger also has enchanted armor plates that protect its pilot and make him a tough enemy, which will it tough to defeat.

Being the current King of the Royal Mines of Skatten, Vohnkar is also considered a hero among his people and the inhabitants of Istarra. He is known for having repelled a herd of furious gnolls and saved the northern province of the kingdom, fighting in the front line, surrounded by his faithful warriors.

His axe, Torden, is known to be enchanted and to have its own will. Vohnkar can throw it at his enemies and it will return on its own ti his hand. Those who try to hit him will be immediately repulsed, always leaving him the charge advantage. As for his armor, it absorbs the magical effects of enemy attacks, considerably increasing its resistance.

It is already a real challenge for your heroes to reach Vohnkar... but defeating him will be even more complicated!

The tiles of the Royal Mines offer the possibility of consecutively linking several tunnels and advancing cautiously without being detected, at the risk of seeing the Royal Guard arrive, if not worse. As soon as all the heroes join a tile, the previous one is removed and placed after the current tile, and so on. Passing a gate between two tiles won't be an easy task neither. All heroes must move from one tile to another in the same turn. If a hero is left behind, the game is over because the gate closes and the separated orcs are carved to pieces by dwarfs warned of the presence of green skins.

The bravest of the Orcs may make it to the Royal Forge, a paradise for Kraft lovers, and maybe they can even reforge the famous Orcalibur!

The Royal Mines are a veritable labyrinth of endless tunnels, guarded by dwarves equipped with tool-weapons at all times. Going through the front door is excluded from the plants, because for that, the heroes might as well announce their arrival with drums and trumpets. Knowing the dwarves, they might have a secret passage, just to have various exit routes. We're gonna have to find it.

Arriving to the tunnels, the heroes will have to cross them with caution and eliminate the Patrols and the Dwarf Warriors working there, without causing too much mayhem. The alert level can go up faster here, because every dwarf who spots green skins makes it go up a notch.

At the end of this suffocating and oppressive adventure, our orcs can reach the Royal Forge, where a Vohnkar awaits them with firm feet.

During this 3-mission campaign, which can be used as an Annex Chapter of your main campaign, or an independent mini-campaign, your orc band will be able to traverse the valiantly guarded tunnels of the Royal Mines. Taking place shortly after the main campaign, it allows you to extend the adventure of your orcs who are now Badass enough to dare attacking the Dwarves, and most of all in their mines!

Only in the Royal Forge of Skatten can you find the precious resources to rebuild Orcalibur, including Torden, the famous axe of Vohnkar, the Dwarf King you will have to defeat. The famous orc sword had been broken in a battle between the dwarves and the orcs. Vohnkar had recovered its fragments, but instead of destroying them in the magma, he kept them preciously, fascinated by the bellicose aura of the weapon.

With the Orcalibur reforged, it could be equipped by a Warrior or a Brute, for example. If the bearer of this sword manages to control its power, he can mow down opponents as if they were grass. As the fighting progresses, the gems may lose their power. So you will need to find more of them to restore the weapon's power.

Gnomes are green skins that look like dwarves, except for their greenish complexion and protruding lower fangs. They are famous for their thirst for gold and their boundless selfishness. As the dwarves, they live in the mountains, settling in old abandoned mines, willingly or forcibly.

Among the gnomes, Heckärr is known for his passion for firearms. The more noise and crashes he can make with gunpowder, the more satisfied he is. His blunderbuss is his favorite toy. He savors the moment when the dwarves look at him with a disgusted and surprised look at having been killed by such a rudimentary weapon and such a vile being.

Heckärr is also a genius craftsman. He can build a deadly weapon out of a piece of wood, a metal breastplate and a few pieces of string with spectacular effectiveness. His alchemist skills can also allow him to make explosives or add magical effects to his shots.

Heckärr starts his adventure with three Skills: 

  • "Movement": moves normally. 
  • "Combat": allows him to perform melee, fire or magic attacks. 
  • "Master Kraft": is a permanent skill, allowing you to perform a Kraft at any time, even if he is in melee.

Heckärr is so arrogant about his Kraft talents that he tends to show his disdain for the achievements of others, diminishing the powers of his allies' weapons. However, as a gnome, no one can compare to him when it comes to increasing the efficiency of his resources.

  • "Ridiculous Kraft!": Adjacent Allies may not use the Badass die on their Krafted equipment during this turn.
  • "Good quality!": Heckärr can get a resource card identical to one of his from the Loot discard pile.

Jeckärr is, like Heckärr, a gnome. They are often seen together as inseparable brothers, even though Heckärr has never shown any fraternal or friendly interest in Jeckärr. It is rather the latter who accompanies the other one everywhere, as if he was his shadow.

Jeckärr has only one obsession - harassing the dwarves and taking their treasures. He is an obstinate warrior who does not lose ground to his enemies. He made himself a war pickaxe, in order to be able to fight his adversaries and recover precious ore, without having to change equipment. It is with this same weapon that he opens beer barrels.

Jeckärr starts his adventure with three Skills:

  • "Movement": moves normally. 
  • "Combat": allows him to make melee attacks. 
  • "Tank" is an Improvement Skill that boosts each result of his Defense dice. A Failure is a failure.

Jeckärr can sometimes have fits of jealousy when the others have more equipment than him, even if in reality they don´t. On the other hand, he is very strong in finding Stuff.

  • "That's not fair!" Loot: An adjacent hero must discard one of his Loot Resource cards. "Found!" 
  • "Loot": Jeckärr can draw a Loot card.

Well, that´s it for both the dwarves and gnomes! We risk seeing a lot of them walking on each other's beards if no one's careful!

Prepare for your intense expedition through the tunnels of the Royal Mines, where the dwarves await you bravely, ready to make you understand that size doesn´t matter.

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      oh i thought they were 5 mm shorter already

    2. Andreas Wagener on

      They're human sized, just broader. I think making them smaller than humans would just add this... feeling.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I like the height as is. I get thematically wanting them smaller. But I like them like this.

    4. Andreas Wagener on

      The look of the dwarves is great. However, could you try to scale them down by 1mm or 2mm so that they look like dwarves? I would immediately buy them if they were just a tad bit smaller.

    5. Balloongineer

      Otherwise, this is awesome!

    6. Balloongineer

      If that Gold Digger is supposed to have a Pickaxe for 1 hand, it is both too thin and too curved to be of any believable use!

    7. Ben Turner

      Still really intrigued to hear how these campaigns can be inserted between the main campaign, but not imbalance the game? E.g. with a few more skills and orcscaliber in hand, does the next chapter of the main quest not become a cake walk?

    8. Le_ken on

      really awesome add on, i added it on my pledge, but imo, the dwarf king is not enough awesome, please make him more badass

    9. Paint'Riot Studio

      on dirait des nains du chaos les "gnomes" !

    10. Crazy Celt

      I like the expansion, but not thrilled with the royal guard pose. If the royal guard is resting i would expect them to be drinking a dwarven spirit.

    11. Sturm on

      et les porcs !

    12. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Now that's a cool looking expansion!! I do hope there will be another stretch goal expansion box after the Elves though, perhaps the Barbarians.

    13. Godfather Punk

      Can you give us the height comparison for the 2 Gnomes too please?
      Same size as the Dwarfs, or smaller?

    14. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      wooooooot ! plus de figs c'est cool. et avec les elfes en cadeaux, il va plus nous manquer que les barbares ^^

    15. Sturm on

      ENORME !!!