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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Sewer Fever - Free Expansion

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

Version Française ici…

The campaign started 8 days ago, and we were able to unlock a full expansion included for free with your Goblin and Orc pledges. Sewer Fever is therefore offered to thank you for encouraging us to finalize and produce our board game so Badass.

The Kingdom of Istarra is a human nation, but men are not the most numerous. When they built their cities, sewer systems and underground channels, rats have managed to prosper and grow under the feet of mankind.

No one has managed to find out what caused this mutation of the rats from simple rodents to humanoid beings. The few of those that studied the issue started a theory: both sorcery and an innate sense of adaptation were responsible for the way they stood like humans.

“Sewer Fever” is a whole new expansion which will enrich the OrcQuest Universe with new enemies. With the included Campaign Chapter, your heroes will be able to go under Castelray, the royal capital of Istarra and explore its repulsive sewers, infested with rats. They are humanoid rodents,that live in smelly tunnels and look to devour every intruder they can find.

By living underground, rats are also filled with diseases. They are almost immune to their own germs - even if they don´t live long enough to get old – but infect whoever gets too close, which usually gives them a certain advantage. Disease reduces the attack and physical ability of those wishing to confront them.

The sewers are also filled with traps that can quickly neutralize the future food. Event cards will make the place more dangerous, by making swarms of little rats show up or by making your heroes fall in deadly traps. There's still a positive side to all of this, though. With all the waste that is thrown in the sewers, some good surprises may sometimes be found.

Even if they look easy to kill, with their “Frenetic Flee” behavior, the Lousy Rats can become dangerous when there are cornered and try to escape. If a hero blocks the way and the Lousy Rat flees, he will move and try to bite them to try and run away.

Careful with the infections! Rats are covered in disease! If a hero is wounded by one of these creatures, he will get the Sick effect, which will last until the end of the mission. A Sick orc will roll a die at the end of each turn to see if he feels sicker or slightly better. If he feels sicker he will get a malus on all of his dice rolls of that turn.

Rat´Scals are such cowards that they have learned to use slingshots to stun their enemies with rocks. Besides, as soon as you get close to them, they will run away immediately. As other Rats, if you try to block their path, they will furiously bite you!

In a way, it is better that they keep their distance, because they are filled with all kinds of diseases and can contaminate you.

The Rag´Rat is maybe old and close to dying, but he is still a dangerous opponent. He developed such a survival instinct, that he will dodge most of the powerful attacks, like the orange and red results. Only weak results can wound him.

Since this Survival Instinct spreads on to other rats, they will ignore as well red results and only the weakest hits will have an effect….and, as everybody knows, Orcs are experts in powerful attacks.

As well as the rest of the Rats, the Rag´Rat is covered in vermin and might make his opponents Sick.

The narrow corridors of the sewers are filled with rats and waste that can hide mortal traps. It's tough to know what is more dangerous.
The narrow corridors of the sewers are filled with rats and waste that can hide mortal traps. It's tough to know what is more dangerous.

A walk in the sewers is not only about keeping your feet dry and smashing every single creature that shows up in front of you. In these smelly tunnels, you might encounter giant rat traps or spiky pits.

Misery is not the only thing waiting for you, though. It happens quite often that you find precious resources or interesting Stuff that have been thrown away by carelessness.

Event cards such as “Rat Trap!”, “ Rat Swarm” or ”Spiky Pit” are traps that will be triggered on the hero that drew them. And if he doesn't manage to dodge the trap, it will for sure damage him! But some cards like “Gold under the…” will allow you to draw a Stuff card.

Travelling through the fields and the woods without being seen, eliminating a few peasants and soldiers on guard duty, running from the sharp sense of smell of dogs… It wasn't easy approaching Castelray, Istarra´s capital. The fortified walls are in sight and a choice must be made. Climb a tower or infiltrate the city by its sewers?

In order to raise the chances of going in unnoticed, the underground tunnels seem to be the best choice.

During this 3 mission campaign that can be used as a secondary Chapter of your main campaign, or as an independent mini campaign, your band of orcs will travel through the sewers of Castelray.

Inside these smelly old tunnels, our heroes will face swarms of rats, and coward humanoid rodents, filled with diseases.

It will be useful to try and not be too rough, to be fast, efficient, and to be ready to leave as soon as possible.

Hidden in the depth of the sewers of a fortified city, the Find'All Scepter gets its power from the blueish crystal ball mounted on the staff. Rag´Rats have made this artifact to easily be able to find precious objects that get lost in their sewers, sot hey can sell them to the few humans that dare to make business with them.

Not only does the Find'All Scepter allow you to easily crush the skulls of your enemies, but it can as well be useful in quickly finding the necessary resources to craft Stuff.

Yogghul is a fearful, respected priest. He's in direct contact with the orcs Gods, and he can easily manipulate the luck and bad luck of everyone. This power has been used as a benefit to the “noble” orc cause. He knows very well the thirst of conquest for the Bloody Woods, by the evil humans.

Having heard of the crusade of Orrus against the humans, he decided to join him and give him a hand, by giving him the blessing of Badass. He mislead the group, though, by directing them through the sewers.

The Priest class is a new class in Orquest WarPath, that strategically helps its allies and weakens the enemies. When they fight, they can use curse that weaken the enemies, besides wounding them

Yogghul begins his adventure with three skills:

  • Movement” : he can move normally.
  • Combat” allows him to attack in melee and to curse his enemies
  • Confused” makes his enemies… confused, by not allowing them to act or react until the next turn.

Having Yogghul next to you can be good and bad at the same time. His Event cards can activate a divine grace or inflict bad luck to all the heroes that are travelling with him.

Event cards :

  • “Lucky charm” A hero may re-Roll his attack or defense dice, during this turn.
  • “Bad Luck” After the next enemy attack of this turn, the dice that did not do any damage are re-rolled.

Our heroes will be able to wear their most beautiful boots, illuminate their torches and explore the underground tunnels of Castelgray, the lair of the disgusting Rats. Prepare yourselves to feel feverish in the sewers.

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!


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    1. Vincent on

      Un petit Splinter comme boss des rats enverrait du lourd. Mais bon, il serait imbattable. C'est maître Splinter tout de même.

    2. Brage97 on

      @MAZE: I really dig all the green sculpts, they’re refreshing and different. Would it be possible to get them in metal or resin somehow? I don’t believe in plastic, yet

    3. MAZE GAMES 2-time creator on

      @Sjeng : we didn't have time to change the pictures but it will be fixed in the final version.
      Thank you for your support.

    4. Namless on

      @Sjeng Look at the title, I think they know now ;)

    5. Arhiman82 on

      Sjeng in da place! :)

    6. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      It's also Lousy, with an S, not Louzy.

    7. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      SEWER fever, please! The sewer doesn't have a fever. You can get Sewer Fever if you enter the sewers. Please correct it. English people are going to get scared of the translation issues.

      (Yes, we know it'll all be translated professionally, but a lot of potential backers don't know that)