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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Wings & Claws

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

Version Française ici… 

A trip through the Kingdom of Istarra is not only made of brawls with humans. There are still areas where Man has not yet ventured into. Monstrous creatures hide and attack isolated preys to better feed themselves or to feed their darkest desires.

Far away and under the feet of the inhabitants of Castelray, a monster hides itself in the dark: the Tarasque. Walking back and forth in the underground and sewers, this is an animal with voracious appetite. Whether it hunts or feeds itself with carrions, it devours everything. It is said to be immortal and capable of regenerating any wound. Killing such a tough enemy? It´s definitely a relevant challenge!

Up on the surface, the different species of green skins are way more varied than we think. The Gargoyle is a part of it. This is a rare species, but fearsome for some, because it can be both wicked and bloodthirsty. The one that haunts the cemetery of Castelray is the perfect example of that…

“Wings and Claws” is a new expansion that will enrich the Orcquest universe with new enemies. With the included side Quests, your heroes will be able to measure forces with two daunting monsters that will give ways to some intense, epic fights.

Gather at the depths of the sewers, where no living creature or spirit dares to go. Our heroes have heard of the Tarasque, a giant aberration of nature. They almost ask themselves how she got there.

Another epic battle will be waiting for you in the cemetery of Castelray, where you will be facing a very particular kind of green skin. Brawls between green skins happen more often than one would think of, and this is not surprising because fighting is for orcs a rewarding experience. And sometimes, to try and convince some of them, you must first challenge them…

The Tarasque is almost invulnerable. Its claws can rip an orc like paper, its mouth can swallow one orc without chewing and its tail can wipe out ten enemies as if they were made of air. Besides, it can regenerate its wounds, which is not much of a help.

Its reactions can be mortal. It can use all its mass to charge its opponents and smash them against a wall or stomp on them. For those who stay at a distance, she can attack them with a jet of disgusting digestive juice.

Varrek usually chooses defenseless humans as his victims. But his martial talent is not to be underestimated. Gargoyles are massive, brutal green skins. His chained sickle, allow him to have more range on his attacks, and he can even attack them while flying.

Fighting Varrek is not an easy task, mostly when he flies over the heads of his opponents. Being way bigger than the more massive of orcs, such as Orrus, he will not hesitate to take his enemies high up in the sky, only to release them at the top. When he is on the ground, he uses his massive wings to knock out his opponents or as a shield.

The Reservoir-Hall 

At the heart of the sewers of Castelray, we can find enormous rooms created to be filled up in case there are floods, with deep wells created to facilitate a possible evacuation. The Tarasque hides itself inside one of these hall-reservoirs. From there, it can easily access the whole sewer system to go hunt for any possible preys. Fighting it will not be an easy task, because there are only 4 pillars that allow you to take cover from it.

Nonetheless, the solution to defeat the Tarasque is at the heart of this reservoir hall. If only we could weaken this grid and push the Tarasque into the wells…

The Old Cemetery 

Varrek has created his own playground. He stands by a tomb and hits his prey by surprise. Since he can fly at ease to harass his opponents, he can fly over the area and hit wherever he wants. Nonetheless, the cemetery provides good cover to avoid being captured or hit by his sickle.

While infiltrating the heart of the capital, your orcs have heard of two monsters that terrify the inhabitants of the city. It´s not really the will to be the heroes that make you go hunt these monsters, but more the possible rewards that are awaiting you.

The Tarasque must have eaten so many people, and so many adventurers looking for glory, that there might be some interesting relics waiting to be looted in its lair. You must not be afraid of dirtying your hands.

Varrek, who became the cemetery´s master, must certainly be keeping a treasure in one of the old mausoleums. A gargoyle wouldn´t stay this long in the same place, if it wasn´t hiding anything. Maybe once defeated, Varrek could join your orc heroes.

These two side Quests can be played between two Chapters of your main campaign, as soon as the heroes enter Castelray. These are considered as Boss Fights, and they will make you face two tough opponents.

Khimera's Bagpipes

Looting the Tarasque´s lair was starting to look like a fiasco, until something in the waste made a weird noise when stepped on. It was the strangest bagpipes I have ever seen! Made from different parts of creatures, like chicken, goats and cows, it made an interesting sound. What is its priceless value besides making an awful sound? It will come in handy to attract the enemy´s attention somewhere.

Yooded's armor

Yooded was a great orc warrior. We had called him that way because every time he smashed an enemy on the battlefield he would scream “You’re dead!”. We had even forgotten his real name. His last fight had been with Varrek…

His armor had the peculiarity of dodging the attacks it received to the closest people, whether they were friends or enemies. For each result blocked by the armor, the same result will be sent to the closest miniature, but never to the hero wearing the armor. This explains why Yooded had no fear when wearing his magical armor in melee.

After getting a good beat up, Varrek recognizes the strength of your heroes and can now rejoin them, as a hero himself.

Varrek´s size is impressive. He does not enjoy interior missions and he will feel much more at ease on exterior missions. If he must enter a building, he will prefer big corridors or big rooms. There, he can use his power to transform into stone and block a passage or divert a patrol.

He can attack in melee by using his chained sickle, or at range and wait for his enemies when he cannot move to certain spots. His imposing height will deprive him from moving in narrow corridors.

His flying skill may allow him to move fast, in a straight line, and even land in high places, like trees or building rooftops.

His Brute class allows him to make powerful attacks and to handle heavy weaponry.

Varrek begins his adventure with three Skills: 

  • Movement : flying, he can move in a straight line with no distance limits. He can as well move by foot, but it´s not really his thing.
  • Combat” allows him to attack in melee. 
  • Stone Gargoyle” allows him to transform into a stone statue, which makes him Invisible and gives him a solid defense against the attacks.

Varrek doesn´t always appreciate the company of other orcs. Sometimes he blocks a certain passage to stop them from advancing.

Varrek can´t stand not being able to fight while others are in action. He will not hesitate to push an ally to get some space to fight.

Prepare your heroes well because they are about to live two epic fights. And on top of that, with the gargoyle, there´s always a possibility to leave the brawl with a new friend in the gang!

 Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc!


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    1. Gnesj the Pork Bard on

      Wasn't the HeroQuest gargoyle named Verag?
      Varrek - Verag :D I like it!

    2. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      @Baaac: they are rather huge though ;)

    3. Ricardo on

      WOW! ... my poor wallet. 😢

    4. Missing avatar

      Baaac on

      I have complete OrcQuest card game and want complete board game... but... it is sooooooooo pricey. Really? Two minis for 25E?... nice idea with two monsters, but...

    5. Sturm on

      @Gorbag ok thx :)

    6. HxCx on

      @Sturm You can definitely play it as an ally. That´s the beauty of it..What starts as a terrifying monster in the beginning of the Quest...becomes one of your companions after being beaten up ;) True orc spirit.

    7. Sturm on

      Pourquoi la gargouille est verte ? J'aurais pensé qu'elle soit alors jouable en "allié" mais en voyant le description en FR et le lore on dirait que non ? !

    8. Gilles DAVID on

      More interesting if it was not PVC but resine, for the two add-on. Only 2 tiles : small world !
      In fact, I have take it since, I want a complet game.

    9. Crazy Celt

      This seems rather expensive based on the content. While I expect 2 more add on offers and than a bundle price for all 4, it still seems steep. Just my opinion

    10. Olivier Van Brockhoven on

      C'est pas faut. Les figurines sont superbe mais par rapport à l'addon de la crypte pour le même prix, on se sent un peu lésé.
      Bon je le prend quand même parce que je veux tout mais faites attention la prochaines fois ou essayer de justifier le coût :p

    11. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      I'm sorry but these add-ons are just to expensive... They need to be no more than $19.99. I'll pass on these add-ons as I know I'll be able to get them much cheaper later on... Their not even exclusive or each come with an added exclusive something!

      Pretty sad as I usually buy everything and then some... Oh well... Not this time!

    12. General Cammy

      As a Scot, I object to the notion bagpipes make an awful sound - you foreigners just can't appreciate the stirring pipe music of the glens :p :D

    13. Marco on

      I was almost going to pass up on this until I saw the Gargoyle can become a Hero! amazing!!!

    14. Cyrunicorn

      Absolutely Fabulous!

    15. Christopher Baughman

      Seems pricey for two minis.

    16. Mellekai

      Great addon!

    17. Namless on

      Lovely... for an Orc !

    18. Mark-Ders on

      Very nice ....