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Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
Live the adventures of an Orc band that departs on a quest in the OrcQuest Universe. A collaborative game from 1 to 6 players.
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Death Crypt

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

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All over Istarra, magic has become a very secretive discipline. Witch hunters are all over the country and will not hesitate to burn all of those who are suspects of dealing with sorcery. Since the royal university has closed down its section dedicated to the arts of magic, their potential candidates are obliged to either hide their gift and flee the kingdom towards more tolerating places or get to get into the dark arts.

The Kingdom of Istarra is filled with ancient mounds, forgotten tombs and labyrinth-like crypts. It´s in these dark, isolated places filled with undead creatures, that dark wizards come to take refuge and practice their necromantic gifts.

«Death Crypt» is a new expansion that will enrich the OrcQuest universe with new enemies. With this Campaign Chapter, your heroes will find some good old orc pleasure: crossing the dark corridors of evil dungeons and crypts, haunted by revenants hungry for fresh meat and looking new souls to join their ranks. There might even be some evil necromancer that possesses the key to a well kept treasure! It all depends whether you are there to smash some skulls or to bring back some treasures.

Revenants are not guided by the same principles as the living. There is no Alert level, nor Patrols. However, if an undead notices a possible prey he will attract others like him, and if you let the undead ranks grow, you will end up submerged. During the Patrol phase, each tomb over the tiles where heroes are can generate undead. And at that point, it´s pointless to try to hide… the fresh odour of fresh meat will attract them, wherever you may be.

At the heart of the gloomy crypts, many morbid events may arise. Be careful where you set your feet on, spectral hands may get you and hinder your movement. If there´s a Necromancer around, his maleficent spells can create several fatal situations. When it´s time to draw from the Event cards, your fingers might end up shaking a lot…

Eventhough they are slow, Zombies are resistant opponents that will not to hesitate to come into close combat. If they arrive in large groups, nothing will be able to stop them. The more they are, the more the evil energy will make them stronger. It is this same energy that incites them to gather and attack as a group.

Weak at first sight, Zombies almost represent no danger as they are slow and their attacks are inefficient. But if they come in large numbers, their attacks become more dangerous. Even if one single zombie possesses only one White Attack die, if another zombie is next to it, the die will transform into a Grey Attach die, or even a Black Attack die if there are two together.

And that´s not all, in order to get rid of them completely, you will need to hit hard. Even if yellow results can kill them, they will not be sufficient to do it in a definite way, as they will awake again to come for your heroes, who did nothing more than to get a bit of extra time. 

Even though they have a fragile body, with bones that can be torn apart with a single hit, Skeletons know how to battle. It´s like the soul of the warrior that used to inhabit that body was ready to go battle again.

Skeletons often use ambush tactics for those who dare to enter their tombs. A pile of bones in a dark corner may as well be one of these gruesome warriors, reconstructing themselves to surprise the enemy.

Certain Event cards may cause for Skeletons to show up right behind you, and attack you straight away. They are not ferocious, but their sneaky attacks can get you in trouble.

Necromancers look for these mummified beings to create their own bodyguards.

Mummies are fearsome fighters. They possess the same strength of the times they were still alive, even though their are now submissive to their master. Their hits are strong and can kill a troll. Besides, upon their embalming process, magic arts have given them a supernatural resistance and they can make powerful attacks without flinching, but if they are killed by an opponent, he might become cursed. Up until now, reducing zombies and skulls to dust sounded like a dream. With mummies having an almost invincible physique, you will need to hit harder and harder to annihilate them, or use something more efficent, like magic.

Careful though, as soon as a mummy is killed, its curse will hit you! All of those who attacked it suffer the same attack that killed it and risk being Cursed until the end of the mission.

The most popular Necromancer of the Kingdom is called Kardec. He is capable of invoking the dead by snapping his fingers, and he can raise an army of undead just for the fun of it. Some rumors say he is hidden under the human cities, close to his enemies, so he can attack them by surprise whenever he wants. This leaves us thinking this could be a way for the world to turn into a dark unpeasent place…

Reaching Kardec is an achievement in itself and defeating him is another challenge. He is not an amazing fighter, but his powers can be terrifying. The spectral skulls that dance around him protect him and attack everything that approaches their master. His ghoulish staff sucks the energy out of his opponents, and leaves them vulnerable to the attacks of their allies, which he will invoke during a confrontation.

The headstones spread across the crypt may open at any time, allowing the undead to come out and attack. Be careful !
The headstones spread across the crypt may open at any time, allowing the undead to come out and attack. Be careful !

A Crypt haunted by the undead can be one of the most nightmarish places in the world. The headstones that spread over its extension can throw up enormous swarms of undead and the narrow corridors can be real traps for those who decide to venture them.

These double-sided tiles will take you onto a maze filled with horrors and corpses that want to feed on living things. Will you dare crossing the dark hallways and gloomy rooms to defeat all the creatures that will try to stop you from pursuing your quest?

Now that our heroes have reached the Second Chapter of the Main Campaign in the royal capital, they need to penetrate the human fortress to fight the king. There are two ways to reach the dungeon of the great fortress. The easiest way consists of penetrating directly into the fortress via the guard outpost, by taking advantage of the recently collapsed wall. The other way is through the royal crypt, which will make you cross the catacombs, located under the city.

Being that the first solution is way too simple for you and your band, you decide to go through the crypt…

Throughout this 3 mission campaign, that can be used both as a Secondary Chapter of your Main Campaign, or as an independent mini Campaign, your orc band will penetrate Kardec´s lair, one of the greatest Necromancers of the kingdom, and will need to defeat his revenant hordes.

At the end of these three missions, our orc heroes will face one of the toughest menaces they have met with, ending with one of the ….deadliest…final fights.

Surviving a deadly crypt by smashing revenants followed by a battle with a Necromancer is quite alright and amusing for orcs…but… why would you do all of this, if there are no rewards at the end?

The Destiny´s Great Staff is a magical staff. It allows its user to see beyond walls and it can reveal the presence of enemies, or, if we enhance it with the proper powers, it can allow us to know the nature of our enemies.

If your heroes manage to get it, there is no doubt that your next encounters with powerful enemies will be more balanced…

Sango travelled from the South up to the Kingdom of Istarra after a human expedition destroyed his village. The few orcs that managed to survive the attack have either rejoined other tribes or go to live an errant life, but for Sango, revenge was needed and he went to venture himself in human territory.

Being the Shaman of his tribe, he is as good a warrior as a sorcerer and before each fight, he enchants his Tomahawk to inflict more damage. As a symbol of hisOrruk soul, he never takes his tribal mask off, and his spells are always followed by extravagant dances, that make him look quite excentrical.

His Shaman class allows him to access the same bonuses as Warriors and Wizards. He can use as well Equipment specific to those two classes.

Sango´s Skills Sango begins his adventure with 3 Skills :

  • With Agile « Movement », he can move diagonally. He can as well leap on top of his enemies and obstacles, while moving in a dancing choreography. 
  • « Combat » allows him to make melee attacks and magicattacks 
  • « Basilisk Dance » allows him to slow an enemy down or to petrify him.

Sango is not very discreet. He might start dancing frenetically while screaming out unintelligble spells.

Sometimes he acumulates so much energy, that it explodes out of him and spreads onto his allies, which allows them to consider their attacks as magical ones, during the turn that is being played.

Are you ready to smash some moldy skulls ? It is time to stop the march of the dead and to send them back to their eternal sleep, for once and for all.

Besides, pillaging graves has never hurt, anyway.

Be Bad, Be Tough, Be Orc! 

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