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pledged of $47,005 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $47,005 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Hepta2502 (David) 1 minute ago

      In addition to Lisa’s comments. Im still in 2 minds about dropping this pledge. The longer it goes without ample reviews or draft rules that can be viewed the more I lean towards dropping my pledge. Its all good and well to have a campaign that seems to be running well. However, it will loose backers if they don’t deliver on the question of reviews and draft rules.

    2. Dean Strohm 4 minutes ago

      I do agree about the importance of Exclusive to us the backers. I do like the idea of each add-on coming with an Exclusive. It doesn't have to be part of the add-on, it just comes with it. Like an extra playable character!

    3. Missing avatar

      Thebaud Guillaume 27 minutes ago

      Lisa in my opinion you're right all the way ! Exclusive is important for us. Not all but some.
      Right now it just feel like we're not that important ...
      I will pledge and buy some adds I'm like mark on this point.
      I think we have for our money but we want a little something to feel unique and important into this campaign!
      Like perceval said : On voudrait être considéré en tant que tel !

      Be bad Be Orcs! Good nightmare for all nonorcs!

    4. Mark-Ders 42 minutes ago

      @Lisa: a very good point. We could use more exclusives.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion about 1 hour ago

      What's more they wisely added in the beggining of the campaign page what we've unlucked so far, if there were a few nice thing with the KS exclu logo on them, then people would get stuck on it and think, I don't want to risk loosing that, and it would allow other "for all" strech goals to be unlocked

    6. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion about 1 hour ago

      @Mark-Ders agreed, I don't have the self restraint that you have, I can't keep myself from wanting many more different games, or having something unique thanks to KS, so what would make me want to have those add-ons would be if they specialised it just for us for THIS campaign, by adding for example 1 extra mini KS exclusif for each add-on, now THAT would really make it worth pledging now and not wayting for retail, and be a sign from them of appreciation for our funding
      That's what I like about their pledges in the first place, one extra expansion and one extra mini just for us, they should put more of those, because actually I haven't seen KS exclusive anywhere else for now (correct me if I'm wrong), no strech goal exclusive or anything, so of course we pledge to get a little more, but it would draw even more attention if we pledge because otherwise we would miss out on a 1 chance opportunity :)
      Play on FOMO that's how you raise immediat funds!

    7. Mark-Ders about 1 hour ago

      @Lisa: understood. For me it's about getting a great game with a loads of extra's to play with and great miniatures to paint. I only pledge for a few games each year, but I go in full or almost full with each of them. Each backer has a different approach to the campaign :)

    8. Mark-Ders about 1 hour ago

      @Graham: good question and I think these will come pre-assembled. It should be answered by MAZE GAMESof course :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion about 1 hour ago

      But I don't have those 400$ and I don't want to go that far, I'd rather they focus on getting more people in than getting those already in to pay more, at least not that early in the campaign but maybe for more experienced backers it is usual to pay 400$ on one project, I'd rather have 3 successfull big pledge with no add-ons on 3 different games than having 300% of one game that could have gotten and given more by chosing another way

      Maybe one day I will buy those add-ons in shops in France, but not for this campaign that's almost sure, since there will be more of them, and the more there are the less I will be willing to add, because if I get one I want all of them

    10. Mark-Ders about 1 hour ago

      @Brian: I get that €25 for two mini's seems a lot. Perhaps skip that one until you know how much you are willing to pledge at the end of the campaign.

    11. Missing avatar

      Graham Pates about 1 hour ago

      I have gone all in on this, with both add-ons, but I dont think I'll be able to add any more! The new expansion looks pretty good but i am a bit unsure its value for money, only two minatures! This now becoming pretty expensive and pushing my gaming budget. I love the card game so am pretty confident there is a good game coming here. Perhaps a new pledge level might ease the burden if a good price point can be reached.
      One question I have that hasn't been answered (I think) is are the minitures fully assembled? I am not sure I want to get my plastic glue out for this.

    12. Mark-Ders about 1 hour ago

      @Lisa: I do not quite get why this bothers you. It's pretty normal is these kind of KS campaigns to have a base pack and add-ons. Usually my pledges go from the basic $100-$120 to $300-$400 at the end. I expect it. The add-ons really help with getting more stretch goals as well.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian about 1 hour ago

      yeah, 99 ok, I'm not sold on either box though. the one seems ok its just not my subject matter of choice for those necromancers. id rather get an add on of elves, or more humans of different kinds something else. the 2 big guys also don't pull me in. so i think I'm just leaving the add ons out altogether for now.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion about 2 hours ago

      What bothers me is that it's the second add-on that they add, putting as such 50% of game value more than originally promised by the pledges (big pledge 99€+ 2x25€), I do believe that they should put those as strech goals and propose them as add-ons if not unlocked

      I was beginning to think about adding the first add-on on the PM when it hits, but then seeing a second one poput puts me off, really, and the campaign is doing well so I don't think they need to do that now, but well it is their choise, but people wanting to come now will see that it takes 150€ to take all, which means much more if they see $, so they will really think it throug, but 99€ is a good price, what brought me in

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian about 2 hours ago

      Sigh for me this box is 40 dollars for ... 2 miniatures and some other stuff. But I dunno. I was wondering about price of base game overall but I feel its rude to comment on pricing I dunno. I'm trying to decide if I will back this. I get they are big miniatures... but 40 bucks for 2, I dunno are they 15 dollar minis ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian about 2 hours ago

      Sigh for me this box is 40 dollars for ... 2 miniatures and some other stuff. But I dunno. I was wondering about price of base game overall but I feel its rude to comment on pricing I dunno. I'm trying to decide if I will back this. I get they are big miniatures... but 40 bucks for 2, I dunno are they 15 dollar minis ?

    17. Cyrunicorn
      about 2 hours ago


      Those humans are not bad when they sing
      Almost as good as our great Warlorc Band!

    18. Saytrsong (Bone Faction)
      about 3 hours ago

      @ Cyrunicorn - Warlock / Doro! ;)

    19. Sjeng about 3 hours ago

      Well, fellow Orcs/Orcesses, I'm gonna count some yummy sheep, so I will leave you with our Scroll of collected Knowledge and the Quest to spread the orcish word (on social media)
      Read on for a FAQ if you're new here:

      Since MAZE is not planning on doing Social Stretch Goals, Sjeng the Herald will take up arms and start his own crusade.
      I will hand out 8 gold coins on BoardGameGeek to ALL participants of my crusade to spread the word, (if they need it) with which they can then buy a microbadge for OrcQuest: WarPath (which is currently pending approval). To qualify, you must help me with the following quests:

      1. I will send out a message with a Bluebird (I'm out of ravens), which needs to be retweeted at least 100 times: https://twitter.com/BG_Heaven/status/997063045045280769 (feel free to follow me on Twitter) status = 11/100, we need MORE!!

      2. The same message will be posted on the Book of Faces, and all participants must LIKE and SHARE this post: https://www.facebook.com/BoardgameHeaven.nl/posts/1814332628872459 status = 19/100, we need MORE!!

      3. You must click the "visit project" button on Kicktraq (preferably more than once, every day):
      https://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1504466921/orcquest-warpath-the-boardgame/ Keep on clicking! We are at #2 atm!! Keep it up!!

      4. I will post a message about this crusade on BoardGameGeek, to which all participants must reply stating that they helped with my crusade by retweeting and sharing on FB, and that they would like the rewarded microbadge (and if they need the 8 geekgold for it or not), AND they must thumb the thread title: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/29096597 status = 13/100, we need MORE!!

      5. Buy the microbadge once it is available, and wear it proudly under your avatar.

      6. Become a FAN of OrcQuest WarPath on BGG (69/100, doing well!) https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/252297/orcquest-warpath

      To arms, my green brethren and sistren! Let us spread the Word of Orc!!


      Étant donné que MAZE a décidé de ne pas faire de Stretch Goals sociaux, Sjeng le Héraut prend les armes et lance sa propre croisade.
      J’offrirai 8 pièces d’or sur BoardGameGeek à TOUS les participants de ma croisade visant à répandre la bonne parole, (s’ils en ont besoin) avec lesquelles ils pourront acheter un microbadge pour OrcQuest : WarPath (actuellement en attente d’approbation). Pour participer, vous devez m’aider dans les quêtes suivantes :

      1. je vais envoyer un message par oiseau bleu (je suis à court de corbeaux), qui doit être re-tweeté au moins 100 fois : https://twitter.com/BG_Heaven/status/997063045045280769 (n’hésitez pas à me suivre sur Twitter). Statut = 11/100. Nous avons besoin de renforts !!

      2. le même message sera diffusé sur le Livre des Faces, et tous les participants doivent liker et partager ce message : https://www.facebook.com/BoardgameHeaven.nl/posts/1814332628872459 Statut = 19/100, Où sont les Orcs ?!

      3. vous devez cliquer sur le bouton « Visit Project » sur Kicktraq (de préférence, plusieurs fois, tous les jours) : https://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1504466921/orcquest-Warpath-the-Boardgame/ Continuez à cliquer ! Nous sommes #2 maintenant!!

      4. L'annonce de cette croisade est sur BoardGameGeek. Tout participant doit poster sur ce forum en indiquant qu’ils ont contribué par retweeting et/ou partage sur FB, et qu’ils désirent le microbadge en récompense (et s'ils ont besoin des 8 geekgold pour cela ou non) . ET SURTOUT, il faudra "thumb up" le post : https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/29096597 statut = 13/100, nous avons besoin de plus !!

      5. Acheter le microbadge dès qu’il sera disponible et le porter fièrement sous votre avatar.

      6. Devenez FAN de OrcQuest WarPath sur BGG (69/100, ça avance !) https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/252297/orcquest-warpath
      Aux armes, mes frères et soeurs peaux vertes ! Répandons la Parole ORC !!


      Here's a summary of stuff from the comments section here: (updated!)

      Some ideas for stretch goals:
      - Alternate sculpts for all enemy mobs (Gnolls, Soldiers, Rats etc). At least 2 poses per type.
      * Gorbag: we have decided to prioritize new enemies instead of alternate sculpts.
      - Male Gnolls.
      - Elves!
      * Gorbag: The elf territory is not too far away…we might end up crossing it…
      - Coloured illustrations on the cards (I understand why the backs should be colour-coded, but the front should be full-colour imho, and have a consistent lay-out)
      * Gorbag answered: The card quality will definitely be improved! They are definitely a work in progress!
      - 3D furniture (can be 3D cardboard, or plastic if that's doable)
      - More tiles!
      * Gorbag has shown us a few new tiles already!
      - Additional content is always good (scenarios/quests/cards)
      * Gorbag has shown us a few new cards already!
      - Plastic insert in the box for all the components and minis
      - Nice boxes to store everything in that's not in the base game box (stretch goals).
      - Porcs!


      Some questions from the comments section/BGG forum:
      - Do you have any prototype gameplay videos, so we can see how it actually plays? And a rulebook?
      * Gorbag said: we are working on it!
      - Will you do a thorough spell/grammar checking of the English texts, since there seem to be some errors on the main page
      * Gorbag said: Worry not, all of our scrolls will be reviewed by a human native to your language. Of course all the texts of the rulebook and scenarios will be revised by a native translator.
      - How many scenarios/campaigns are in the base game?
      * Gorbag said: We have 10 scenarios in the plans..but..if the Kickstarter campaign goes really really well.. there might be some changes ;)
      - What's the quality of the components? (card thickness/finish, tile thickness, miniature plastic, engraved dice etc?)
      * Gorbag said: Regarding the quality of components we already decided to go with high quality, linen finish cards (the same as the cardgame) and thick cardboard for the tiles. I can confirm the dice are obviously engraved ;) Real Badass Orcs go for quality from the beginning of a campaign just like we did with our first game. Real Orcs don´t need stretch goals for quality upgrades. They already come well equipped for war. :)
      - Please post your rules and other text files such as the cards in an update and/or the BGG files section, so the community can help you spellcheck and perhaps give you feedback/suggestions for improving the readability after translation to English.
      - Will the card game be available / will there be crossovers?
      * Gorbag has told us that the card game can be added in the PM, along with SOME of the addons.
      - Will there be a 5-6 player mode?
      * Gorbag has told us that's not in the plans, but will ask the authors. (Maridess adds a new class to the game, which will bring variety to your games, but is not a 5th player). - Does the game have a solo mode? And how many heroes do you need to play?
      * Gorbag: It is a totally cooperative game, so yes, one single player may manage the whole orc band. For the moment you must play with 4 Heroes at the same time. Since the game is already very well balanced with 4 Heroes we are currently testing a mode where 2 Heroes or even 6 Heroes can enjoy the game. These are not yet guaranteed, but if the tests go well we might be able to add it to the rules.
      - What's the scale of the miniatures?
      * Gorbag: to give you an idea... Humans are slightly bigger than 32mm.
      - Why are the bases square and not round?
      * Gorbag: There is a reason behind our square bases and that is, miniature orientation, which is a really important subject in the game.
      - Why are there so few Exclusives?
      * Gorbag: In order to compensate backers, all Stretch Goals will be done as additional content (not included in the core game sold in shops), but it is true that we didn´t plan a lot of exclusives for this campaign.
      - Will those additional content SG's come in expansion boxes then, to be sold in shops later?
      - Will the core box have room for sleeved cards? (Many inserts become useless if you sleeve the cards)
      - How big are the squares on the tiles?

      Some answers from Gorbag on several subjects:

      Help out with those social media goals!! Goodnight!! >:) For the Horde!

    20. Arhiman82 about 3 hours ago

      Je suis pas fan de cette nouvelle boite contrairement à celle avec le Nécromancien. J'espère que les prochains SG seront plus intéressants pour justifier le prix de base.

    21. Engrimm about 3 hours ago

      Need to update the campaign page with the new add-on, the gargoyle Varrek will attracts some more people :)

    22. JPK about 3 hours ago

      allez... un ou deux barbares pour aider les pauvres humains

    23. JPK about 3 hours ago

      Bonsoir, on s'éloigne du thème Orcs vs Humains et je le regrette... un peu. Les figs sont sympas malgré tout...

    24. Mark-Ders about 3 hours ago

      @Sjeng: yep, you guessed right. And it's a great mini too.
      Bring on the fair skinned ones and the short, bearded ones.

    25. Sjeng about 3 hours ago

      And he's a potential ally too? oh my this just gets better and better! :D

    26. Sjeng about 3 hours ago

      I knéw it was a gargoyle! hah!!
      And a tarasque too! Nice!
      Here's hoping for the start of a new Stretch Goal box with elves or dwarves to slay.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bertois about 3 hours ago

      J hesite à garde mon pledge de la façon ou se déroule la campagne

    28. Missing avatar

      Bertois about 3 hours ago

      Un peu du même avis jarod

    29. Missing avatar

      jarod4as about 3 hours ago

      Salut la compagnie !

      Je trouve l'idée et les figs superbe, mais il faut donc s'attendre à un add-on tousles 3 jours ?
      Pour une campagne qui ne se voulait pas kiloplastique, on s'en rapproche.
      Faut il donc s'attendre à un all in final à plus de 350 € ? On marche sur la tête...
      Pour une boîte initial qui justifie difficilement son prix.
      Désolé de ne pas surfer sur l'euphorie ambiante.

      Le jeux de société devient un produit de luxe.

      Encore une fois je précise que je trouve l'idée et l'univers excellent

    30. Mellekai
      about 3 hours ago

      @Mark: Hi there. :)

    31. Trulk about 3 hours ago

      Just to have an idea if I need to sell my daughter’s kidney : how many 25 coins addons are scheduled ? Grosso-modo

    32. Trulk about 4 hours ago

      Oh Gorc !
      I just realize that Varrek can be played as a hero ! Awesome !

    33. Mark-Ders about 4 hours ago

      @Mell: hi again.

    34. Cyrunicorn
      about 4 hours ago

      Let's sing together:
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      There's beauty in the heart of the beast
      Fear behind the eyes of the thief
      I know you know we're all incomplete
      Let's get together and let's get some relief
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      Stronger than a mountain of steel
      Faster than hell on wheels
      We've got we've got all the power we need
      Let's build a playground on this old battlefield
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      Now we're stronger
      We no longer want you bringin' us down
      We've got the magic
      So we're gonna spread the magic around yeah!
      Now we're stronger
      We no longer want you pushin' us
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      All we are
      All we are, we are
      We are all, all we need
      All we are
      We are all, all we need
      All we are
      We are all, all we need

    35. Mellekai
      about 4 hours ago

      That is really a great addon. Wonderful design of the creatures.

    36. Cyrunicorn
      about 4 hours ago

      Alors, elle est pas belle, ma grenouille?
      Avouez que je n'étais pas loin !
      Je vais poursuivre l'Orcish Coffee, ça me réussit !
      So, she's not pretty, my frog?
      Admit that I was not far!
      I will continue the Orcish Coffee, it succeeds me!

    37. Missing avatar

      Arek about 4 hours ago

      @Patrick Bédard : Oui soit tu fais "Gérer mon engagement" et tu mets la somme tout de suite, qui sera prélevé à la fin du KS, ce qui permet d'aider à débloquer les Stretch Goals. Soit tu attends le Pledge Manager ou tu pourras choisir ce que tu souhaites rajouter.
      2 Methods to get the Add-ons : "Manage your pledge and put more money to help unlocking Stretch Goals"
      "Waiting for the pledge manager and choose what you want to add to the base pledge."

    38. Jeff
      about 4 hours ago

      Yay another expansion. Here’s to hoping for an all in pledge when everything you have planned has been released!

    39. Missing avatar

      Arek about 4 hours ago

      Hmmm... What a Gargoyle... I was remembering "this" : http://a398.idata.over-blog.com/3/96/13/69/Perso/Jeux-de-plateau/HQ-001.jpg
      That was impressive back in the days.
      Glad to see some new ideas (2 totally new heroes and now 2 Monsters) compared to the Cardgame. :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Patrick Bédard about 4 hours ago

      Est que ce les addons pourront etre ajoutés via le pledge manager? En lisant certains commentaires, les gens mentionnent d'ajouter simplement 25$ a la contribution. Merci!

    41. Mark-Ders about 4 hours ago

      Awesome new add-on. Love the mini's.

    42. Dean Strohm about 4 hours ago

      Just curious, Shipping is it planned for 1 or 2 waves?

    43. Gorbag The Ancient Collaborator about 4 hours ago

      Oh yeah ;)

    44. Trulk about 4 hours ago

      Beautiful tribute to fimirs !!!!

    45. Gorbag The Ancient Collaborator about 4 hours ago

      I see now...I saw Varrek...

    46. Mark-Ders about 4 hours ago

      @Gorbag: new, more, challenging, ... YEEESSSS!

    47. Gorbag The Ancient Collaborator about 4 hours ago

      So you all want new enemies, huh???

    48. Cyrunicorn
      about 4 hours ago

      Or maybe I need another Orcish Coffee!

    49. Cyrunicorn
      about 4 hours ago

      I think it was the Winged Frog of Death!

    50. Trulk about 5 hours ago

      Or the noise of Abgral’s club swinging in the air. Club you could have take for a spiky tail...

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