ORCQUEST The Card Game


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    1. Simian scion on

      7€ for 14 cards? that's not very attractive.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stormparkiet on

      Ugh, another add-on. Thumbs down.

    3. Oliver Schaaf on

      Not too happy about another add-on. And seven bucks for 14 cards is a bit pricey. Right now I think I'll pass on this one and probably going to drop my pledge.

    4. Simian scion on

      @Oliver I think many of us share this attitude. There seems to be hardly any real reward for backing on KS instead of waiting for retail...

    5. Jason Winterfeld on

      I hear you. I backed this from day one because it looked awesome. But I keep asking for a play through video so I can see what the game play is like. And they say it is too expensive (they could at least have a few of the game reviewers review a prototype that won't cost much at all or just do a low quality one.

      Instead they are putting out these add on goals. Which I normally am fine with, but with a game I am unsure about I don't want to continue to add money until I see how it works.

      My pledge will be dropping pretty soon if they don't deliver on the game play video.

    6. MAZE GAMES 2-time creator on

      Winter is already here, but the videos ar coming...
      Add-ons is a good way to unlock SG.
      And even if you don't like them, at the end, everyone benefits from them.