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A fast paced and fun card game where violence and dirty tricks are the keys to victory.
"Be bad, be strong, be Orc!" (2or more Players)
A fast paced and fun card game where violence and dirty tricks are the keys to victory. "Be bad, be strong, be Orc!" (2or more Players)
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Beware of the greedy Dwarves!

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

As you may have guessed, the Barbarians aren't our Orcs only old foes.

During eons, Orcs struggled hard against the Dwarves. Why ? Because Dwarves are so rich ! How to resist  the temptation to tease them and to steal their treasures!


Dwarves are dreaded and rancorous warrriors!

If you win against a Dwarf, congratulations, your fortune will rise ! But if you fail, the Dwarf will beat you up to the ground and steal you some of your gains. Nasty!

We are proud to present you the Pack Old Foes #2 : The Greedy Dwarves!

"Dwarf King" by Daniel Zrom
"Dwarf King" by Daniel Zrom

What do you get in the pack ?

  • 1 Brawl Card: Dwarf King
  • 5 Brawl Cards: Dwarf Warrior
  • 3 Brawl Cards: Dwarf Royal Guard
  • 2 Brawl Cards: Dwarf Gold Digger
  • 3 Magic Stuff Cards

 It's time to beat up some Greedy Dwarves and get rich !

 Be tough, be Bad, be Greedy, be Rich, be Orc!

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    1. MAZE GAMES 2-time creator on

      Winter is already here, but the videos ar coming...
      Add-ons is a good way to unlock SG.
      And even if you don't like them, at the end, everyone benefits from them.

    2. Jason Winterfeld on

      I hear you. I backed this from day one because it looked awesome. But I keep asking for a play through video so I can see what the game play is like. And they say it is too expensive (they could at least have a few of the game reviewers review a prototype that won't cost much at all or just do a low quality one.

      Instead they are putting out these add on goals. Which I normally am fine with, but with a game I am unsure about I don't want to continue to add money until I see how it works.

      My pledge will be dropping pretty soon if they don't deliver on the game play video.

    3. Simian scion on

      @Oliver I think many of us share this attitude. There seems to be hardly any real reward for backing on KS instead of waiting for retail...

    4. Oliver Schaaf on

      Not too happy about another add-on. And seven bucks for 14 cards is a bit pricey. Right now I think I'll pass on this one and probably going to drop my pledge.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stormparkiet on

      Ugh, another add-on. Thumbs down.

    6. Simian scion on

      7€ for 14 cards? that's not very attractive.