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A fast paced and fun card game where violence and dirty tricks are the keys to victory.
"Be bad, be strong, be Orc!" (2or more Players)
A fast paced and fun card game where violence and dirty tricks are the keys to victory. "Be bad, be strong, be Orc!" (2or more Players)
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One die is never enough for an Orc.

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

In OrcQuest the card game, rolling dice is an art.

The main objective of the dice is to make you overcome the challenges presented to you on Brawl, Trap and Capture cards.

The number of dice that come on the game box is sufficient for this simple challenge use.

However, we will show you that there is another use for the dice: make another player participate on your challenge.

How do you make someone participate in a challenge?

Through a Cheap Shot Card, or another game mechanics that will come soon, you can incite another player to participate in a Challenge Card played by one of the other players. Both players will be invited to roll the same dice asked for in the Challenge Card. Once they roll their dice they should obtain the number of successful rolls needed to overcome the challenge.

For example, on the Brawl Card Guard, two successful rolls with two yellow dice are needed in order to get the gains. Laborious. If a player decides to engage this card and force another player to participate on his challenge, the two players will roll two yellow dice each, so that they can obtain a result of two successful rolls.

Whether they succeed or fail the challenge, the gains or the lost Health Points will be given to the player that engaged the challenge. The player that was forced to participate will not win or lose anything.

It’s in moments like this one, that the player participating in a challenge will hope to roll unsuccessfully, just so he can see the other player losing!

OrcQuest the card game is one of those rare games where you actually want to have unsuccessful rolls! And that’s quite funny!

In order to offer you the possibility of not missing dice for these parts of the game, or if you wish that each player possesses their own dice so that no one is jealous, or even if you have the tendency to lose dice, we propose you OrcQuest card game dice pack.

In this pack you will have 2 green dice, 2 yellow dice and 2 red dice.

Go on, roll your dice!

Be tough, be bad, be Orc!


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    1. Mary Death on

      All Orc's want is others to die, even as a add-on

    2. Barry Doublet on

      No, one dice is never enough...When will Fantasy Flight Games learn?