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A fast paced and fun card game where violence and dirty tricks are the keys to victory.
"Be bad, be strong, be Orc!" (2or more Players)
A fast paced and fun card game where violence and dirty tricks are the keys to victory. "Be bad, be strong, be Orc!" (2or more Players)
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It’s time to hunt some big monsters!

Posted by MAZE GAMES (Creator)

When Orcs are not busy beating the hell out of humans or facing Barbarians, they go hunt for monsters.

What better way to prove their worth, than to bring the head of a horrible creature to show to their own kind!

It’s time for you to go hunt for big game!

With the Monster Slayers pack, you have the possibility to add to your game deck the Monster Brawl Cards, as well as the Magic Stuff cards that may help you defeat them.

Here, more than ever, you need to really prepare yourself, because these monsters are not easy to defeat.


To play Monster Slayers, add the Magic Stuff cards of your pack to your game, before the cards are distributed to each player. As soon as the 6 cards per player are distributed, you may add the monster cards of your choice to the game deck. The more monsters you include, the more the game will be tense and difficult.

As you are playing, if a monster shows up in a permanent challenge, no other monster can be played until the first one is defeated.

How to fight a monster?

In the card, on the upper right side, you will have an indication of the number of Monster tokens associated with the Brawl Card.

Place the corresponding number of tokens next to the Monster Card. As soon as a player engages in battle with a monster, he will roll the dice needed to overcome the challenge indicated. If he is successful, the player will take a token and place it next to him. If he is more successful than necessary - by means of having other players participate in the fight - he will take a Monster token for every successful roll of the dice. In union, there is strength! Keeping in mind that there is a very handy Cheap Shot Card you can use to “invite” the other players into your fight!

If even after a successful attempt the Monster is not dead, his card is placed in the permanent challenge along with all his remaining tokens. If there was already another permanent challenge card in place, the Monster Brawl Card is placed on top of it. The other permanent challenge can only be played if the Monster is defeated for good! In case of defeat, the player takes the effects of the defeat and places the Monster Card in the permanent challenge pile.

If a monster is placed in permanent challenge, he will calmly stay there until we engage him, even if he was previously injured.

The player with the most Monster tokens will win the Monster Card once the creature is defeated. Merit will always come to those who hit the most.

"Cockatrice" Monster Slayers Pack (Artwork by Loïc MUZY)
"Cockatrice" Monster Slayers Pack (Artwork by Loïc MUZY)

The Monster Slayers pack is available as an add-on :

It contains:

  • 2 Brawl Cards: Cockatrice
  • 2 Brawl Cards: Basilik
  • 1 Brawl Card: Manticore
  • 1 Brawl Card: Hydra
  • 3 Magic Stuff Cards : Behemoth’s Net
  • 3 Magic Stuff Cards : Behemoth’s Harpoon
  • 3 Magic Stuff Cards : 3 different Super Maces
  • 1 punchboard of 8 Monster Tokens
  • 1 rules booklet for Monster Slayers.

You are as well free to add as many Monster Slayers packs to your game as you want, if you really are not afraid of anything … isn’t that so?

To the hunt!

Be tough, be bad, be Orcs!

To get an ADD-ON, you have to change your pledge amount. Click the blue “Manage" button that appears next to your pledge amount and then select "Change your pledge" on the following page.

From here, you’ll be able to adjust your pledge amount or choose a new reward tier you'd like to pledge for and your pledge amount will update automatically.Note that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected if the project is successfully funded.

After the KS campaign, you will receive a pledge manager to choose the add-ons you want.

Note : the Monster Slayers pack is a KS exclusive. The remaining stock available after this campaign, will be sold at events or conventions we participate in and on our future online shop. It will not be distributed to shops unlike our core game.


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