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The Church: More Deadly than WWII? Christians are attacking and wounding fellow Christians at an alarming pace. What to do to stop it?

The Church: More Deadly than WWII? Christians are attacking and wounding fellow Christians at an alarming pace. What to do to stop it? Read More
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The Church: More Deadly than WWII?

According to the Barna research group it is estimated that there are 100,000,000 Americans that do not regularly attend religious services of any kind. Nearly 4 out of 10 (37%) of these non-churchgoing Americans state the reason they do not attend church is due to negative past experiences with churches or church people. That’s 37,000,000 people claiming to be hurt by professing Christians! Believers wounded enough to drop out of the fellowship where they may have had their closest family and friendship ties. That’s tragic! That’s a lot of hurt! World War II claims conservatively to have cost 40,000,000 lives worldwide. The spiritual casualties in America alone are enough to rival that war. The disturbing and alarming thing about it is that ours is a civil war – we are battling ourselves.  The statistic mentioned only includes those who no longer attend. What about those who have been hurt but hang in there? How big is that number?  What about the rest of the world? Do we have a war on our hands the spiritual carnage of which exceeds the combined casualties of all the wars men have ever fought? (Barna, 2010, Millions of Unchurched…)

Spiritual Mutilation: When the Church Attacks Her Own addresses these casualties in a penetrating and thoroughly Biblical presentation. The purpose of the book is to call believers to bring themselves into obedience to the central pleas of Christ expressed in His prayer (John 17) on the night before He was to be crucified. He plead with the Father for the recognition and restoration of His Glory and the preservation and perpetuation of His Bride’s Unity. Against these prayers being answered are the divisions and factions in the Church. These have resulted in the diminishing of Christ’s Glory, the ineffectiveness of Gospel witness to the world, the destruction of an increasing number of local churches, and an untold tally of damage to individual believers and unbelievers.

The book is an entreaty to God’s people to see the divisions that exist in the Church and among individual believers through the eyes of Christ, confess that they are militant to His design, and then actively pursue the steps to prevent these divisions or repair the damage left by previous divisions.  It is written to challenge the believer to obedience  and then teach him with clear exegesis of Scripture how to respond when confronted by believers with whom he disagrees. Easy to understand steps with a clear call to obey is the hallmark of the book. Some specific bullet point applications are:

·      The two life altering things on Jesus’ mind the night before He died on the cross.

·      The most powerful rebuke to the early Church and how to avoid it for yourself, your church, or your Christian ministry.

·      THE EVIDENCE the Church presents to the world to prove that God loves them and sent Jesus to die for them.

·      The wisdom of God about differences in the Body of Christ and how to deal with them.

·      The healing power of rightly relating to believers with whom we disagree.

·      The Bible passages that confront spiritual mutilation and give instruction on how to stop it.

·      The rare occasions when Christians are commanded to avoid or separate from other Christians.

·      The importance of recognizing “Those who Can and Those who Can’t”.

·      The Apostolic challenge to the modern Church to address what may be the greatest hindrance to our Gospel witness in the world.

·      The dividing line between Christian and Non-Christian – what Christians must agree on. Or, What makes us Christian.

This is a 30,000 word book aimed at healing the divisions and conflicts among Christian brothers and in the wider Church. It will serve as a guide for understanding the Biblical instruction for handling disagreements in the Body of Christ. The first draft manuscript is complete with 10 short chapters, introduction, and conclusion. A reputable PUBLISHER HAS COMMITTED TO THE WORK - PUBLISHER REQUIRES NEW AUTHORS TO PURCHASE 1000 BOOKS - KICKSTARTER PROJECT WILL FUND THIS PURCHASE.  A website/blog, and Twitter account in support of the topic and ministry opportunities that grow out of it has been taken live at and @jimturner10, and FaceBook.


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