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The White Liars Season 2's video poster

The people who brought you 'White Liars' are back for more. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 31, 2012.

The people who brought you 'White Liars' are back for more.

White Liars
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White Liars

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About this project

The White Liars is a web production team founded in 2011 by Andrew Harriss and Neil Fennell. Following the success of the first season of White Liars, fans started asking for more. In 2012 we are aiming to please with not one but two webseries to showcase our work and our very talented friends. 

First up on our season is the new series Laid Up centered around Hank, who somehow manages to never get laid. This show has been envisioned as more of a series of web shorts focusing on a central character and his failures in the sack.

The main event comes in the fall with the second seasonof White Liars. The first season saw our hero Timothy Michael Forbes unwittingly become a con artist, and season two follows suit as he comes into his own as a very skilled liar. 


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    Special thanks in the closing credits of an episode of either White Liars Season 2 or Laid Up

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    The complete first season on DVD. Disc includes all original eight episodes of the first season as well as bloopers and power credits.

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    The "LIAR" shirt. Become a white liar by wearing this black shirt with the world "LIAR" in white on the front and the White Liars logo on the back.

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    The White Liars will make a minute long video just for you and post it on youtube! Whatever you want! (provided it isn't obscene or offensive).

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