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When Chelsea King was murdered a light sparked to prove even in darkness we must embrace hope. This documentary is her redemption. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 14, 2014.

When Chelsea King was murdered a light sparked to prove even in darkness we must embrace hope. This documentary is her redemption.

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Chelsea King
Chelsea King


FUNDING GOAL: $50,000     

STRETCH GOAL: $100,000 = Additional funds will help us release Tyler's film to the largest audience possible!

Tyler King was just 13 when his teenage sister, Chelsea King, disappeared after setting out for a run in a community park in broad daylight. Law enforcement and thousands of volunteers searched for days, until they finally found her body in a shallow grave just off the trail she was running on. Chelsea was the victim of a horrific crime committed by a convicted sex offender who repeatedly violated parole and plead guilty to taking Chelsea’s life—a heartbreaking reality that would send Tyler on a soul searching mission for answers.

Tyler envisioned telling Chelsea's story from his own point of view, while also giving the audience needed information to protect children. Tyler, knowing that this quest would be therapeutic, connected with Bruce Caulk, a two-time Emmy award-winning director who was moved by the King’s ability to find hope in the darkness of such a devastating tragedy.

Recognizing that sexual violence against children is rampant in the U.S., this film demonstrates that the biggest challenge we face to address this problem is a lack of awareness – people don’t realize the magnitude of the issue. Together, Tyler and Bruce have examined the criminal justice system through film, hoping to make change one viewer at a time. 

Tyler & Chelsea
Tyler & Chelsea


When Chelsea was murdered I had to fight overwhelming sadness and depression to get up in the morning — my sister was my touchstone. I needed a way to heal and through this documentary, I am able to give victims of sexual violence a voice. 

The project will be told from my perspective, through my eyes. About two years ago, I set out to learn everything about the system that failed my sister. My quest to tell the world has been cathartic, but what I uncovered in the process demands that a spotlight be shined on this issue that is often swept under the rug.

Tyler, DP-Gordon Brown & Director-Bruce Caulk
Tyler, DP-Gordon Brown & Director-Bruce Caulk


There are not many projects in our business that can literally save lives. When I met Kelly (Mother), Brent (Father) and Tyler I was struck by how driven they were to make a difference in Chelsea’s name, true optimism. I thought the rape and murder of Chelsea would cast a dark shadow — it was just the opposite.

Chelsea will always be missing in Ty’s life, but somehow her presence also shines through him. I have strived to capture that in this project through his writing, his on camera dialogue and in the visuals. Some of the most powerful moments of the film are when Tyler works through his emotions on camera.

Our goal is to raise awareness on the destruction that convicted child predators inflict on teens and children after being released for sexual felonies. Sexual predators know no boundaries and we’ve traveled the country to show that.


The documentary highlights victims’ families (Amber Dubois, Jonathan Sellers, Kathlynn Shepard) as they tell their heartbreaking stories and unite together to make a difference.  We conducted interviews with both the San Diego’s District Attorney and Sheriff’s Offices, authorities who are able to put Chelsea’s case into the context of the criminal justice system.

We will also take the audience back in time and share home videos of Tyler and Chelsea that illuminate their special bond. Chelsea’s radiance and the light she spreads have been captured in this footage, proving that a picture, or video, can be worth more than a thousand words. Chelsea’s memory continues to bring people together to focus on a brighter future.


With Tyler’s resolve to tell his story, “Chelsea’s Light: A Brother’s Journey” is almost complete. We have shot 100% of the documentary and now need $50,000 to cover the post-production costs in order to achieve the final cut of the film. 

We have filmed for over 18 months and have all footage needed—the final job is to complete the editing. This includes purchasing music, spending weeks in the edit bay, sound design and color correct. The footage is amazing, so we will stay diligent throughout post production and deliver a documentary that makes a difference and creates change. Here is how we plan to use the funds:

1. Final Editing of Film and Trailer

2. Film Music Rights

3. Film Sound Design, Mix and Music

4. Film Animation and Titles


We will submit the final version to film festivals and promote screenings across the nation. Our Stretch Goal funds will help us ensure the following:

1. Replication costs for multiple digital formats

2. Public Relations and  Marketing

3. Graphics and Artwork for Packaging

4. Film festival submission, duplication and attendance

5. Documentary screening tour and limited theatrical release for award consideration

Our team is passionate about this creative endeavor and has donated countless hours of their time to make this project a reality. Ultimately, your support will help us finish the film and ensure Tyler's story is distributed to the largest audience possible.


Our family was torn apart by the brutal act that was committed on Chelsea. No child, sibling, parent, or community should ever have to suffer this fate. Thank you for supporting Tyler's journey to tell this story.  It has been healing for our family and we give our sincere thanks to all who consider donating to help make this project a reality.

Prophetic Image of Chelsea King, 2008
Prophetic Image of Chelsea King, 2008


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Risks and challenges

The producers of this project do not foresee any challenges in releasing this documentary to the largest audience possible. It is a project that both parents and the public have requested. This inspires our team to make a reality by our late summer release goal.

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