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PulseBand A6, the ultimate smart band for an affordable price. Healthy Living Now, One Pulse At A Time.
Missed our Kickstarter campaign? Head over to Pre-Order Page to get yours! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers for making it happen!
PulseBand A6, the ultimate smart band for an affordable price. Healthy Living Now, One Pulse At A Time. Missed our Kickstarter campaign? Head over to Pre-Order Page to get yours! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers for making it happen!
2,075 backers pledged $147,800 to help bring this project to life.

Update for the past 2 weeks

Posted by Vidonn Smartband (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Thank you so much for the great supports and helpful feedback you provided. You guys are amazing.

Our technicians worked hard on the issues reported and here comes the good news.

There will be a new firmware to be released next week, which will hopefully address the mis-counting of steps when not exercising. During our test, the step count works still amazing during exercise but much less sensitive when not exercising.

For those who request for return, please do not worry. We have all of you on records and are going to contact everyone of you soon next week for the process.

Hope it helps. We will be continuously improving our PulseBand!

Hope you enjoy your PulseBand A6.  

Until next time!

Pulsing Out,  




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    1. Морда Книга on

      Hey, it's been two weeks now. Could we please get our refund info. I would like to return the band.

    2. Hari Iyer on

      I've sent a few emails and tried to contact you but no response. I have been trying to send feedback through the Vidonn app and it doesn't work. I've contacted you a few times requesting a return and refund of the A6 band and I have not received any response as I'm not satisfied with the band. I bought it mainly for the heart rate monitor and I cannot get it to work reliably in both the modes. Please let me know how to return and get a refund.

    3. Grichawatch Techavanich on

      FW upgraded, step counter seem less sensitive but still incorrect, just move arm doesn't make it count but walk 1 step it count 10.

    4. Manon Gagnon on

      Hi, can I get some info about request for return? Thanks

    5. Missing avatar

      Scott Philippe on

      Can someone with a firmware file send me a link ?
      My unit was bricked the day I received it with a firmware upgrade and I want to fix it, but haven't heard back from support via Email/Web or here unfortunately.
      I think I can fix it by flashing the unit with the Vidonn tool and a known working file so if anyone has one, it would be appreciated.

    6. Missing avatar

      Carl Eymundson on

      An update: I continued to attempt to update the firmware. Eventually it succeeded. i have no idea on how many attempts, about ten or so. Once it succeeded, it was unbricked.

    7. Missing avatar

      Carl Eymundson on

      Sadly the brick occurred to me as well.

      What happened is at 75%, while following the instructions as they are written, the progress bar on the band had yet to move but then it shows DFU Mode and the update on the phone restarts then starts 'flashing' between the two progresses.

      End result is the band shows DFU Mode then only the arrow on it.

      You have to hold down the touch button on the band to get it to say DFU Mode again to even attempt to do a firmware update.

      On the note it did update the firmware, according to the app, from 1.2.12 to 1.3. However has never succeeded on updating and as such, unbricking the band.

    8. James Thomas

      The firmware update appears to have bricked my A6. Is there a way to unbrick.

    9. Divashkin on

      Hi, my PulseBand dosnt recognise my pules on the hairy part of my wrist (facing up), it only reads when facing down. Ive tried it on my dad (who has similar wrists), it didnt work on him. then tried it on my mum ( who has no hair and has similar skin colour to myself) it worked for her. This is unacceptable. I would please like a refund, I still have the extra cable and the original.
      looking forward to your reply and instructions

      Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      josiah severin on

      Not counting calories correctly. Also, not able to switch HR mode to sport or intelligent. Also, set to British mode but not displaying British system on distance. In fact distance makes zero sense. I am requesting a refund for BOTH of the Pulseband A6 I purchased.
      I honestly thought this would be better than my Fitbit and blow it out of the water. I had high hopes of this and believed it would. I've gone back to using my Fitbit. I would like to request a refund - how can we make that happen? Do I need to do anything?
      Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Miloud Habibi on

      first the positive thing, received my 2 pulses as promised in time.
      but disappointed in the app and stats, sleeping deep over 5 hours a day??? the free app sleep cycle does a beter job. heart rate sometimes near to 200, while not exercising.
      I would like a full refund & inform us bout the process to do so.

    12. Thomas

      Hi @Vidonn, my PulseBand is stuck in DFU mode, it's completely useless now! How can this be fixed?

    13. Missing avatar

      Derek Escudero-Whu on

      Looking to return and refund as well, instructions are completely contradictory. Functionality of the app is lacking as well.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jun An on

      Hi, I could not connect the pulseband via Bluetooth to my phone after trying multiple times. Without syncing from the start, I can't track any form of statistics, which is pretty much what the pulseband is for. I would like a full refund. Please inform us the process to do so.

    15. Missing avatar

      phononobserver on

      Hello. Please put me on the list for return & refund. Also, how could I make sure that I'm on the list of return?

    16. Missing avatar

      Mei Zhi on

      I noticed that it counts the steps even when I'm just moving my hands and not walking. How can I got extra few hundreds step while I was just having my dinner? my charger magnet feels really flimsy when it is connected to the band and get disconnected easily when I was just even trying to pick up the band while charging. The touch sensitivity on the band also needs improvement as sometimes I'm having problem trying to swipe around different screen.

    17. KimbaWLion

      I want to like it I really do. The App is inferior, over 1/2 the time my BT will not connect, it miscounts steps, and I have no clue what the other symbols mean other than the steps. The heartbeat is obvious, but what is the water drop? Active minutes? The other one like looks a pin on Google maps and I have no idea what it does... Information is greatly appreciated...

    18. Seun Renner on

      I hope that too. I have the same issues. I would also recommended that the feedback form inside the iOS app should work properly. I couldn't send the filled form.
      Additional if have also some questions:
      How often should we sync the app with the bracelet?
      How long does the bracelet store the data?
      Some of my data are complete missing. No heart rate data and no steps. That's horrible yesterday was a really good day lots of steps and today no data on the phone.
      Should the app open to collect all data via Bluetooth or is it enough that the phone is connected to the bracelet?

    19. Missing avatar

      gary aubrey on

      Whilst the hardware is OK, the band is atrocious. Too stiff and way too short. Should have been designed to have interchangeable bands (size, color etc.) . . disappointed

    20. Jean-Marc on

      Please put me on that list for a return, if im not already. Horrible quality

    21. Lilly Tran on

      Hi, can I get some info about request for return? Thanks

    22. Missing avatar

      Hero on

      Totally disappointed of the bracelet quality. I want to request for a refund.

    23. Mateusz Owczarek on

      Hello. Where can I get some information about request for return?

    24. Washy on

      Alex, besides the step counting there are many more software / firmware issues that needs to be solved. How about those? Please share more information with us about those issues so that at least it 'looks' like you take us seriously. :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      MacKick on

      Glad to hear that your're issuing a firmware update as it's clearly needed. Other points that you need to consider are:
      * The band lights up when moving your arm - this is especially noticeable at night.
      * Visibility in sunlight is non-existent - not sure if you can do much about because of the technology employed.
      Keep up the good work!

    26. haind on

      Hopefully next week with upgrade firmware for band.
      I want to band can support UTF-8 and Vietnamese

    27. Luis Castaneda on

      Diana I'm sure this update is for both the band and the app. Hopefully next week everything gets resolved!

    28. Diana Goldberg

      Good news! I am wondering if this will help with my problem of the app not retaining my step history, and having trouble syncing, or just crashing. Can you fix these issues?