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PulseBand A6, the ultimate smart band for an affordable price. Healthy Living Now, One Pulse At A Time.
Missed our Kickstarter campaign? Head over to Pre-Order Page to get yours! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers for making it happen!
PulseBand A6, the ultimate smart band for an affordable price. Healthy Living Now, One Pulse At A Time. Missed our Kickstarter campaign? Head over to Pre-Order Page to get yours! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers for making it happen!
2,075 backers pledged $147,800 to help bring this project to life.

Tracking Request, Trouble Shooting & Bug Reporting

Posted by Vidonn Smartband (Creator)

Dear Backers,

When more and more backers are receiving their bands, here we provide two forms for your convenience. Hope you like it.

1. For those who have yet received your bands, and would like to see how it goes, please feel free to use the following link to submit a request for tracking update. Thanks.

2. For those who met issue, here is another form to submit and help in improving the band:

Intro to form#2

(Scroll down for important videos, trouble shootings, etc.)

Dear Backers, 

While we already got a solid solution of hardware, we are continuously improving and upgrading the app and firmware for the community. 

Please use this from to submit the issues in case of any that you had with the band. We will have some one looking at them later. Thanks for helping in improving the PulseBand. We believe that the band will be better and better soon. 

Here are some issues that we've already found and are working on: 

( Please do not include these issues again for efficiency of our customer service team and technicians. Thanks so much! :) 

1. Mysterious steps counted when not being active (We changed and set a new algorithm with high sensitivity for accurate counting during exercise but didn't see this coming. Working on it now) 

2. The unwanted Chinese characters displayed and hard to get rid of (You may try change font and display to default ones, or reboot the device. We are working to fix it in the next upgrade)

3. The "Save" button is not in English for the Alarm settings in iOS (We will fix this with next upgrade) 

Here are some trouble shootings you might find helpful: 

1. The HeartRateMonitor does not read: You have to turn on either Sport Mode or Smart Mode (Intelligence Mode in iOS), while the latter mode is for daily activity tracking and read 1 minute every 10 minutes. Please see the introduction videos for more details. Please adjust the wrist band's length so the HRM sensor comfortably rest on your skin. Not too loose, nor too tight. You may test the HRM by turning on Sport Mode and put your finger gently on the sensor for a minute. There is not any known problem found regarding the HRM so far. For some backcers, it just need a little bit try to get used to the band. 

2.Connection failure: Please only connect and pair the band in the app, NEVER pair it first in the Bluetooth settings. This is important especially for Android users. In case of a failure, please disconnect and forget the device in the Bluetooth settings and pair it again within the App. Feel free to check out our video instructions for guidance. Please note that PulseBand, as stated in the campaign, is designed to work with Bluetooth 4.0 or above. It does not compatible with device that does not have BT4.0+.

3. Message and notifications detailed settings: For Android, you could set up and choose the detailed apps for notifications in the App. For iOS, besides the overall controls in App, you may also modify the source in the system settings - Notifications. 

For your information, here are the most up-to-date three introduction videos: 

Part I:

Part II (Beta):

Part III:

Hope you enjoy your PulseBand A6. 

Pulsing Out, 



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    1. Missing avatar

      G Rick D'Andrea on

      I want my money back.

      Your product detects steps by the amount of arm movement, not by steps taken.

      I shake my arm, and I have done 50 'steps', yet, if I walk for several kms on a treadmill holding onto the side, it doesn't count steps.

      What is the address to send the device back?

    2. Missing avatar

      E. Wan on

      Hello HELP,
      My A6 band is not working after the firmware update. The update failed at 97% and the band is now dead. the screen on the band is black and no respond. What do I do?

    3. Yau Kin Keung on

      It seems not support LG G4

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Klamminger on

      The App is not legal within the EU! It sends data to a server outside the EU (China). And it is also not possible to use the A6 without the app. Is there a plan to update the firmware, that it will work with other apps. Otherwise I want a refound!

    5. Krich Norakhun on

      1. My pulseband app cannot store any history record of my step, sleep, and heart rate at all.
      2. I've never seen my sleep on report at all.
      3. Nobody response to my feedback I've left on the app.

    6. Alex Mendes on

      Estou muito desapontado com este projeto!!! �
      O Desing é bonito e infelizmente apenas isso!!!
      As informações apresentadas são inconsistentes. O contador de passos marca incorretamente, a distância também me parece incorreta, o App da Vidonn é uma porcaria/lixo, pois trava constantemente e perde a conexão com a pulseira, não consegue transferir as informações para o App saúde da Apple corretamente.
      Não consigo verificar se o meu firmware é o ultimo disponível ou não. O App fica muito tempo verificando e trava. O site não mostra nada útil neste sentido.
      Apenas reforçando, segui todos os passos descritos nos vídeos e informações divulgadas pelo "fabricante".
      Quando resolvi patrocinar este projeto não percebi que se tratava de uma pulseira chinesa já disponível no mercado. Se soubesse não perderia o meu tempo e dinheiro.
      Espero que de alguma forma os problemas com o App e a pulseira/firmware sejam resolvidos.

    7. Arjun Bhat on

      I still haven't received the band! I have posted my details for tracking twice now! Please respond

    8. Missing avatar

      Ivan Shannon

      I wonder if the management of Kickstarter monitor the comments left by backers? How would Kickstarter consider the response from the promoters of this project?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ivan Shannon

      I have left three different messages regarding my faulty band. Please either fix the problem or refund me my ledge including postage. Please show some respect to your backers!

    10. Missing avatar

      Tangi Burke on

      Really enjoying my band! The hardware is great, and I'm very excited to see the continuous development of the app.

    11. Sukhdev Singh on

      I can't seem to download the first form (request tracking data)

    12. Kalle Jõgeva on

      I am totally disappointed, how to use the 30-day money back guarantee, who pays the shipping cost etc?

    13. Thomas

      @Vidonn> I just reported an issue using the form, my Android app won't connect anymore to my band :(

    14. Thomas

      @Cheung Wing Ho> yes, see videos part II (iOS) or part III (Android)

    15. Cheung Wing Ho on

      is it possible to including to whatsapp / twitter or other app messages to the message notification ?

    16. Andrew Tsai on

      @luis. I've unlinked and totally reinstalled the app almost daily to try to solve this.

    17. Mike Ghiglieri on

      Glad to see there is a form we can use to indicate our issues. Also good to know some issues are already being worked on.

    18. Luis Castaneda on

      @Andrew unbind the A6. Then link it again. If that don't work restore to factory settings.

    19. Aaron on

      To the people complaining about "broken English,"

      Stop complaining; it doesn't help. This is a Chinese company so be happy that they're trying to help in the first place. Follow the instructions, be patient, and fill out the forms so Vidonn can try to fix the problems.

    20. Missing avatar


      Good to see you're working on it, the hardware is very solid, quite happy with the build quality, but there's a plenty room for improvement in the app you provided.

    21. Andrew Tsai on

      It doesn't help that even these update posts are in broken English...

      I can't get the band to stop vibrating to message alerts. I have already checked the settings tried turning them off several times. I am on the iOS app