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PulseBand A6, the ultimate smart band for an affordable price. Healthy Living Now, One Pulse At A Time.
Missed our Kickstarter campaign? Head over to Pre-Order Page to get yours! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers for making it happen!
PulseBand A6, the ultimate smart band for an affordable price. Healthy Living Now, One Pulse At A Time. Missed our Kickstarter campaign? Head over to Pre-Order Page to get yours! Thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers for making it happen!
2,075 backers pledged $147,800 to help bring this project to life.

Introduction videos - part I

Posted by Vidonn Smartband (Creator)

There will be another two videos coming soon today for app of iOS as well as Android.

It is time to get ready for your new PulseBand.

For international backers, the delivery time could take from 7 days up to 21 days according to USPS's website. The team are busy wrapping up the final round of shipment for those who just submitted shipping information. We will provide tracking access when we finish the preparation works for guide all backers to get their hands on the coming bands beforehand.

Please allow us some more time to get more resource ready for the most backers before we could assist each and every of you individually better. 

Thank you all again for being so patient and supportive. 

Until next time!  

Pulsing Out,



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    1. Diana Goldberg

      Can you use this without the App? No smartphone, but haven't tried to look for an App on my iPad. Meanwhile, no way to change the time (but big thanks for including seconds!), and no HR value at all. Also I logged over 400 steps while sleeping. No wonder I'm so tired! ;-)

    2. Kamil Peštál on

      Hello, I downloaded the vidonn application and after the attempt to connect my phone to the PulseBand I got the report saying "The device does not support Bluetooth 4.0." Is there any possibility to connect my band to the app?

    3. Alex Mendes on

      Hello, do you provide tracking number?
      When it will be sent to Brazil backers?

    4. James Jackman on

      Mine arrived yesterday (UK) and I love it so far. Is there any way to get an average heart rate for a set period of exercise? Or should I use another app?

    5. Leslie Chew on

      just got it for 10mins
      1. The magnetic charging cable can only charge in 1 direction Orz
      2. The straps are too “hard”

    6. Joseph Lee on

      Hi,do you provide tracking number to all the backers?

    7. Jesse Zhang on

      If you need Chinese-English translation for english users, I can help.
      A lot of the translation isn't that clear or great.

    8. Flo on

      Is it just me or is anyone else feeling pain when the hart monitor tries to get the pulse?

      It's sort of a 'burned' feeling.. But the place where the diode is nor my skin is hot...

      I definitely can feel it. But I do not know where it is coming from... Can you explain the technique that is being used?

    9. Missing avatar

      Patrik Schmitt on

      Swiss backer here. Got mine today. I am satisfied with the band itself, but the german translation and the performance of the app isn't good. If you need help translating just send me a message.
      If you make an firmware update, it would be nice if you could choose the whole menus to be horizontal/vertically displayed.

      Keep up the good work guys!

    10. Missing avatar

      Lenny on

      @Creator I changed my time to 12 hour format and then chinese characters showed up on my A6 band. I can't get it to go away.

    11. Dominic Pedig on

      German backer here too. And received mine too today. First couldn't pair it but then realized I first had to pair over the iOS Bluetooth and then all worked fine. And yes please make it available that you can change the language to English or let me help you translate from English to German!
      But so far I'm satisfied with the band. All push notifications gets forwarded to the a6 except gmail but that's not that bad. So yeah thanks to you guys

    12. Vidonn Smartband Creator on

      @All, All comments received. Please allow us some more time for videos and trouble shooting guide. Thanks.

    13. Flo on

      German Backer here..

      Got my band today.

      Half of the application on iOS is in Chinese on the App. Only one of the 4 bands offered me a search for band option.. The others only offered a Chinese button in red that skipped the connection process...

      Would be great if you could provide application updates at least in English.

    14. Jesse Gurrola on

      I got it yesterday, Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      The HRM Update doesn't run at my A6

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      The HRM doesn't work :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Craig on

      Irish person here - it arrived this morning! Totally didn't expect it for another now sitting in the charger.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Same issue with a Chinese day of the week being listed, as in 周五 for example for Friday. Also can't remove the date.

      @Alex happy to receive it so quickly. Will the app ever look like the one in the video? Its a bit buggy right now and the ios interface in the video looks much better than the Android version.

      @Ken Try switching the settings in the Heart Rate screen on the app to enable the heart rate on the band itself.

    19. Jesse Zhang on

      Your promotional video mentions that the A6 is "completely waterproof," while your manual states IP65 protection and the band only being able to handle certain degrees of water splashing.

      Why the contrast between the promised spec and what we got delivered?

    20. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      Hello there,
      Can we have an option to manually get our heart rate on the band itself? I also think that the step counter isnt really accurate. Arm swings count as a step.

    21. Missing avatar

      diego on

      Got same issue as Andrea, tried changing the font but the Chinese characters are still there. Also, i dont seem to be getting any notifications =(

    22. Missing avatar

      Gene Liu on

      I just received my package. Thanks!

    23. Vidonn Smartband Creator on

      @Andrea, please go to the display font and change to the first default one and save it. It should be solved and you could change to other fonts after that. Thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrea Fernandes

      I am also a US backer having some issues with the app, as not all of the options are clear as to what they do. Additionally, I can't get my band to display English... under the date, it displays Chinese characters instead of English. How can I fix this?

    25. Aaron on

      US backer. Just got mine. Having some trouble with setting up the app. There seems to be a lot of issues with the app especially in terms of translation. But otherwise, this Kickstarter campaign was great! I hope there are more updates to the app soon.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gene Liu on

      What is the estimated delivery date for backers in Canada?
      Anyone has received one from Canada? Or shipment information?

    27. Matt McCoy

      @karenn: U.S. backer here, got mine yesterday. Should be fairly soon for you.

    28. Terry Luken on

      I would just like to say that this has been THE quickest and most hassle-free kickstarter campaign I've ever backed. You've kept us informed, followed a schedule, and actually delivered a product. I wish every kickstarter campaign was this efficient. I look forward to backing any future campaigns you publish!

    29. Flo on

      I hope the flickering is only due to the camera frame not being synced with the display..
      looking forward to get my new band! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      karenn marinho

      What is the delivery time for US backers?

    31. Andrew Tsai on

      Please address how to connect to the iOS app. This video literally didn't help with anything...

    32. Vidonn Smartband Creator on

      Might need some rest before we could finish up the other two videos for you guys. Have a great day!