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Turning fitness tracking into an 8-bit game that lets you use your step counts for something greater. More steps, more power!
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164 backers pledged $5,000 to help bring this project to life.

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StepBOT has launched!

Posted by GPOP (Creator)
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StepBOT is now online and ready for public download in the Google Play Store.  Thanks to all our Kickstarter supporters who helped us get this game off the ground, we truly appreciate it!

StepBOT is a fitness game that uses your steps to raise and develop pet characters that you can interact with on the go. It makes use of the steps you collect during the day, using the pedometer sensors of your Android, Android Wear or fitness tracker devices, such as FitBit and Jawbone. With these steps, your StepBOT can make the long journey across the 8-BIT United States of America! Help your StepBOT achieve that goal by making your steps count!


• Features colorful 8-BIT style graphics!
• Raise your StepBOT with the steps you collect with your Android, Android Wear, FitBit, or Jawbone device!
• Fully compatible with Android Wear smartwatches; StepBOT is synchronized between Android and Android Wear devices• Unlock achievements and compete with friends in distance via Google Play Games Service!

• ANDROID VERSION: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above is supported.
• SCREEN DISPLAY: 320p and larger display resolutions are supported.
• WEARABLES SUPPORTED: Android Wear, FitBit, Jawbone

StepBOT Update

Posted by GPOP (Creator)

New Character: Catpuccino

A new character has arrived!  Check out the new sprites for Catpuccino below:

Character Class

Now the character you select for your BOT will have special attributes to help you along on your journey:

StepBOT (Skill Bonus) - HP decreases more slowly
IceBear (Stamina Bonus) - Overall HP is increased
NinjaPeng and Catpuccino (Speed Bonus) - BOT moves faster and can travel more distance

Character Attributes & Mood

The energy you've gained from your steps can now be used to improve the abilities of your character.  The following attributes are now supported: 

Speed - Your StepBOT travels faster
Stamina - More HP for your StepBOT
Skill - StepBOT HP decreases more slowly

Your BOT can also now also respond based on how much you interact with it. Make sure to feed your BOT every day to keep it happy.

Thanks as always to our supporters and Kickstarter backers. If you have comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.  Click here to check out the official StepBOT forum on Google Groups. 

StepBOT 0.92 Update!

Posted by GPOP (Creator)

Hey guys,

Thanks for playing StepBOT! The StepBOT 0.92 update has been uploaded onto the Google Play Store. Here is the change log for the latest update:


  • Pedometer sensitivity decreased on devices using the simulated pedometer via the accelerometer.
  • Tapping on the StepBOT notification now launches the app. 
  • Fixed an issue when pressing the HOME key and then coming back, where the distance is not updated. 
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the BACK key when the OPTIONS menu is shown would close the app.

Thank you.

StepBOT Beta now available!

Posted by GPOP (Creator)

We are excited to announce that the initial alpha release for StepBOT is now available for download for our backers on the Google Play store.

First of all, thank you for your patience as we had promised to deliver this by the end of October.  

The delay occurred because of:
1. Change of team members
2. Multiple declined backer transaction. In the end, we only had raised $3500.
3. Unexpected technology difficulties with Android wear integration.

Here is what is available in the StepBOT Beta Release:

Select a Character
Play as StepBOT, Ninja Peng or Ice Bear

Integrate your Pedometer
StepBOT reads steps from your FitBit, Jawbone or Android Wear and adds them to your steps every time you launch the app.

Compete against your friends on the Google Play rankings board

Travel the USA!
Your BOT can travel the USA across the following cities: San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, New York, Orlando, Chicago, Kansas City, Phoenix and Washington D.C.

We would like to let you know that this is the first iteration of the game, and the game will go through multiple iterations based on the feedback we receive from our users as we move forward. StepBOT is still in its infancy stage, and we will be focusing on the below. So please let us know how we can make the game more fun and effective.

1. Feedback from our beta testers
2. More characters & items
3. Better social integration
4. Better Wearable (watch & band) integration
5. Overall gameplay

Click here to join our Beta Testers Google Group to become a part of the live development on StepBOT.  

StepBOT beta to be released by end of December!

Posted by GPOP (Creator)

We are working hard on ironing out the last major bugs for the initial beta release of StepBOT.  While we are getting the bug fixes finalized, here are a couple of feature enhancements our team is preparing for the beta release:

New Character Select Screen 
We have revamped the character select screen with a new background featuring the Golden Gate Bridge:

Dynamic Homescreen
The background for the StepBOT homescreen now will dynamically adjust based on the time of day you open the app.

 Thanks to all our backers and supporters for your patience!