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Sticks & Stones co-choreographed by Rachel Oliver and Kate Speer for Philly Fringe.

Promises. Slander. Praise. Belittlement. Consent. Question. Reply.

Sticks & Stones is an evening-length dance that examines these relationships and the power of words. Co-choreographed by Rachel Oliver and Kate Speer, this project will perform both in Philadelphia, PA and in Boulder, CO.

One version of the story is Kate spent three years in Philadelphia making art at Mascher Space Coop and supporting the vibrant dance community there. Upon moving to Colorado, Kate met Rachel and instantly they connected (perhaps it was their chemistry, their parallel lives, or maybe it was their similar hair color). Before moving to Colorado, Rachel spent time exploring and making dance in California, followed by West Virginia.

Here’s the funny thing…Kate still pined for Philly and Rachel wanted to make a dance. Why not collaborate and make an evening-length work for the Philly Fringe Festival? Thus, on that fateful autumn day, walking along a trail beside the Rocky Mountains, Rachel and Kate hatched the idea of Sticks & Stones.

One tiny problem, Boulder is one thousand seven hundred and fifty miles away from Philadelphia.  That’s approximately twelve million three hundred twenty thousand Rachel/Kate feet (they both have 9 ½ shoe size). But YOU can help shrink that number to only four hours on a plane. Yes, you have the power to join us in making this dance a reality.

But really you don’t just help us. You also are funding our dancers: Ashley Embry, Margaret Behm, and Britt Ford, three amazing women who command the stage. There’s also our composer Cody Hart who mixes funky and melodic electronic beats.

Your contribution would be an awesome gift. If you can’t donate, consider donating your time by spreading the word. And don’t forget to check out our show either in Philadelphia or Boulder.

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