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5 years in the making, a 140 page hardcover book packed with spacemen, eerie monsters and crazed robots from CreatureBox.
5 years in the making, a 140 page hardcover book packed with spacemen, eerie monsters and crazed robots from CreatureBox.
2,995 backers pledged $175,620 to help bring this project to life.

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Monster Volume Shout Outs!


Today we relaunched our home base,, with tons of brand new features. As promised in our Kickstarter campaign, we have posted all of our amazing backers in the shout out section of our Monster Volume Gallery Page:

 This project would not have been possible without your amazing support! As part of our launch, we’re also excited to announce SHRED! The latest in our digital sketchbooks, it features over 60 pages of our traditional artwork torn from the art table. Sketches, pen & ink and marker work–it’s all here in a lush landscape format. Be sure to check our shop for more info and special launch day savings!

Starting a new Path!

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Thanks again everyone for supporting the Monster Volume! As CreatureBox begins its journey exploring new ideas in the forms of comics, graphic novels and shorts, we're looking back at some of the stories we created years ago that helped to spur our current work. PATH is a personal story that is meant for readers of all ages. Originally published in limited print release in 2008, we're excited to offer this updated digital version for the first time at our shop below. We'll have more creature madness in the months to come!

Slaying Dragons

The last 6 years have been one heck of an adventure. When we decided to collect our full body of work into The Monster Volume, we didn't really know what to expect. Printing a larger scale project overseas was definitely a mystery to us, while adding Kickstarter to the mix cranked the roller coaster ride to 11.

Over the last 10 months we have been absolutely blown away by the support from CreatureBoxers across the world. We had our share of bumps, delays and monumental learning experiences, but you guys stood by us while we pushed these crazy cartoons out into the world. We can’t thank you enough for that.

After slaying the Kickstarter shipping dragons, we are excited to announce The Monster Volume will be available in our shop tomorrow @ Noon EST (Monday, 5-13-13). This will be the last of our stock and we currently don't have plans for a reprint. (We love self publishing, but we need to get our butts back behind the art table.) If you know anyone looking for a copy, this might be their best chance to grab the creatures before they scurry back under the bed.

Thanks again for all of your support throughout the campaign. We couldn't have made it this far without you. Please spread the word so we can find good homes for these little creatures.

We're looking forward to returning to our blog with new images and projects, so keep your eyes peeled for the next monstrous chapter!

--the creatures


The Battle Wages On!

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Hey everyone, here’s a quick update for where we are with shipments:


Today, the domestic SUPER VILLAIN PACKAGES ($65 book w/ Slip-Case) were picked up by FedEx from the warehouse! You should be receiving an email notification for your package soon. Please be sure to check the email address you provided in the survey.


We will begin sending out the international orders hopefully by the middle of this week. Our first shipment will be both V1 and V2 of the Villain Packages ($35) and Nemesis Packages ($45).

Our plan is to have the remaining V1 and V2 SUPER VILLAIN PACKAGES ($65 book w/ Slip-Case) sent out this coming Monday, April 8th. We’ll send out an Update with more info on that soon.

IMPORTANT: You will receive an email notification only when your book has been shipped. Please be sure to check the email address you provided in the survey.

VERY IMPORTANT: There are still a handful of our international backers who have not paid for shipping. We have sent emails to you directly through your Kickstarter account. Please check your INBOX and follow the payment instructions. We will not ship your book if the shipping has not been paid.

Also IMPORTANT: If you have ever wondered why shipping things internationally take a long time, please see the picture below. Yup, and that’s not even all of it!

Anyway, THE END IS NEAR! Well, the end of the shipping the books out anyway. HURRAY! 

Attack of the Books!

Hey everybody, we've made lots of delivery progress so let's jump into the details!

The slipcases have arrived! We were originally slated to receive the shipment on Friday the 15th, but truck mechanical errors pushed the delivery to yesterday. We spent the morning getting started on sorting and stuffing and we'll be working as quick as we can to get some initial slipcase shipments started. Our current schedule has the first slipcase shipment ($65 tiers and above) slated for April 1st and we'll include as many books as we can muster into the pickup.

Domestic Shipments ($35 and $45 tiers)
As of now (outside of a handful of books), we have shipped all the Domestic 35 and 45 tiers. That's over 1400 books in the wild! If you are part of the Domestic 35 or 45 tiers and have not received your tracking information, please message us directly through Kickstarter and we'll look up your info.

International Shipments
We are just about ready to continue shipping the 35 and 45 tier international orders. As you all know, shipping internationally is expensive and takes a ton of organization. We're finalizing a few details but the books should begin their journey soon. When they are picked up, you receive an email with your tracking information. Please keep an eye on your package to help avoid any errors or delays!

Thanks again to all of you for your support and patience over the last several months. We've received several touching comments and emails as the books have been arriving in backer's hands. It's wild to see parents sharing our bizarre cartoons with their kids. You've all made this experience unforgettable.

We're almost there!
--the creatures