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5 years in the making, a 140 page hardcover book packed with spacemen, eerie monsters and crazed robots from CreatureBox.
5 years in the making, a 140 page hardcover book packed with spacemen, eerie monsters and crazed robots from CreatureBox.
2,995 backers pledged $175,620 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Red on

      This book is AMAZING !!!!!!

      Thnak you

    2. Andre on

      Here's a new kickstarter from another great artist Mike Henry for those into Art Books.

    3. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Kristie: You just made all the hours we put into that box graphic worth it! You rock!

      @Michael: Great to hear--we'll be sure to keep everyone posted on our new adventures!

      @Miko: Thanks!

      @Wade: Glad it survived the journey across the planet--thanks!

      @Paul: Thanks Paul--we're looking forward to getting back behind the table!

      @Marvin: Thanks Marvin, we appreciate it!

      @Michael and @Jan: Books were sent out shortly after your message and delivered according to our tracking. Thanks!

      @Nick: Thanks Nick--that's awesome to hear!

      @Some guy: Thanks, great to hear. We'll keep you posted!

    4. Some Guy on

      Hey guys. Received the book a couple weeks ago now (in Canada). Love it. Absolutely gorgeous! Let us know when you Kickstart another one!

    5. Jan Much on

      No books yet 5/6/2013

    6. Nick van Vugt on

      Hey CreatureBox! I received my copy today and it is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the care and consideration you put into this - this is my favourite art book to date!

    7. Jan Much on

      Hi CreatureBox
      Any news on when the rest of the USA books will ship??
      Haven't heard from you guys
      Hoping all is well


    8. Michael Thurston on

      I've sent messages using the Contact me link but have not gotten a reply.

      I am waiting for two books that were lower tier pledges. I've received the book from Super Villain Package V2 pledge and like the others I think it is AMAZING!
      I starting to get worried that something went wrong and I'm going to be out a lot of money (at least for me it's a lot). I just checked the amount pledged and it adds up to another Villain (or V2) Package and a Nemesis (or V2) Package.
      Please check on my pledges.

    9. Marvin Clifford on

      I received my Creaturebox yesterday. And it's simply awesome! Keep up doing the great work! Thank you very much!

    10. Paul Ta on

      Got my copy!! AMAZING!! Thanks for the INCREDIBLE job !!!
      Can't wait for the next one !!!!

    11. Wade Dyer on

      The book just arrived to me in Australia today :) Thanks so much guys :)

    12. Miko Kinnunen on

      The book is awesome. Thanks!

    13. Michael Erpelo on


      You guys did an incredible job and huge congrats again for this massive success. The packaging impressed me and the book blew my head clean off. My co-workers were so impressed by it also.

      Thank you sooo much again and next project, if you guys plan on another one, I am sooo there!

    14. kristie nutter on

      oh I did something fun with the nice box the book was sent in. I cut off the flap with the image printed on it and framed it in an 8.5x14" frame. It looks great!

    15. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Magdalena: Thanks for the support!

      @Tal96: Great to hear, we appreciate the support!

      @Peter: Years ago we had some paper model kits of the gun but those are all gone. Try to resist cutting your book apart! :)

      @Kristle: Glad the book arrived safely--thanks!

      @Paul: Great to hear Paul--thanks!

      @Jose: That means a lot Jose, we appreciate the support. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted about our future adventures.

      @Bert: Thanks! We're looking forward to getting back behind the drawing table. More to come!

      @Sawyer: Thanks Sawyer--we're excited and relieved the books are arriving in good shape for all the backers. Thanks for the support!

      @Paul: Thanks!

      @Steve: Great to hear, thanks for the support!

      @Illyan: Hang in there--the international $65 tier will be hitting the mail very very very soon. Thanks!

      @Chuck: Thanks so much Chuck--that means the world to us. And what a wonderful way for your kids to discover all sorts of art. Thanks for the support!

      @Paradise: Thanks! Yeah, it's been a long journey, but our focus was getting everything "right". Thanks for the support!

    16. Paradiso Shlee on

      Just noticed it's been six months since the ETA.. Better late than never :)

      It was a nice surprise.

    17. Paradiso Shlee on

      I got my delivery two days ago in Adelaide, South Australia. Excellent piece of reference material :D

      Thanks for an amazing product.

    18. Chuck Marshall on

      Wow! Amazing final product. Great job guys. The quality is outstanding. I bought this book to put on a shelf, along with other sketch archives and inspiring graphic novels, in my kids playroom. I love seeing them pull them out and flip through the beautiful pictures. As the new book on the block, this one got quite a bit of perusal yesterday (from me and them), and I imagine will result in not a few new creature and robot drawings at their art table!

    19. Illyan on

      Not "sure" but "resume the international shipments"

    20. Illyan on


      Reading all these great comments makes me a bit jealous : when will you sure the international shipments ? Now I can't wait for my pledge !


    21. Steve Lefebvre - Xenon Special Forces on

      Received mine yesterday. Just had time to flip through it quickly but it looks awesome. The slipcase is very sturdy and looks great. Thanks for a high quality book. I'm really happy I backed your project!

    22. HyperNexus on

      Fantastic job on the book guys! Just had mine. Jam packed with design insanity! Thanks.

    23. Sawyer on

      Amazing work, great packaging! It's so obvious you cared about your project and getting it to your fans safe. Stunning book! Can't wait for Volume 2.

    24. Bert McLendon on

      Amazing book and amazing production quality guys. Can't wait for Volume 2!!!

    25. Jose De La Mora on


      This book (even the packaging) exceeded my expectations. This is a premium quality book with terrific artwork inside. Count me in on volume 2, or your next CreatureBox project.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Nealis on

      sorry, should have put this in my last comment thanks alot for the book guys, really awesome, and very impressive :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul Nealis on

      WOO, my book just arrived :D !!!!!, SO worth the wait :D !!!!!

    28. kristie nutter on

      Oh wow! I had never received my shipping confirmation or anything but today the book showed up! It was such an exciting surprise :)

    29. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      Ok so I was flipping through the book and one page has a print and cutout of an Alien gun... but I dont want to cut the page and i'll be guessing for most of it as its blocked by an alien cutting the gun himself... is there a printable version of this?....

    30. Tal96 on

      Hi guys, I just received my book today and I am beyond impressed. I knew the book would be something special and as I look through it I'm glad I got it and thankful you guys were able to do it. Much thanks :)

    31. MDadela on

      I received my book yesterday here in Toronto, Canada! It's fabulous, very well packaged and just top shelf all round! All the best guys!

    32. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Kathleen: Great to hear--thanks so much!

      @Adrien: Thanks Adrien, we really appreciate the kind words. We'll confess there were times we wondered if we were doing the right thing, but the generous comments from you and the other backers have shown us we were on the right path. Our wives deserve so much praise for the endless hours of boxing and support--they were some real troopers. Thanks again!

      @Joe: Thanks Joe! We're looking forward to getting back behind the drawing table for the next adventure. We'll keep everyone posted. Thanks again!

      @Brys: Thanks Brys--always great to hear that the book arrived safely. We appreciate your support!

      @Nicolas: Thanks!

      @Andre: We now decided to skip book production and just mail out the packaging! Ha! Seriously, thanks for the support!

    33. Andre on

      Just received my book, The packaging blew me away, I heard the gates of heaven open up while opening the box, man, nice packaging! The book is fantastic love it!!

    34. Nicolas Thibodeau on

      Got my book today , wow! some much details and work in this, congratulation !!

    35. Brys on

      Got my Super Villain package today and I am mightily impressed. I have never received a book in that kind of perfect condition before, everyone involved should be extremely proud of the packaging you did.

    36. Joe Zuniga on

      Hey Guys!
      I just got my Super Villain Package today! It was totally worth the wait. You guys really hit this one out of the ballpark! Way to go! I can't wait for the next volume. Thanks again for the superb book and sweet packaging as well.

    37. adrien debos on

      Hi Dave and Greg!
      Today I recieved my book and eventhough I rarely post anything on forums, I thought I had to comment on this one.
      I wanted to thank you for all the love and care you put into this project and expecially in the packing of the book. I have never recieved a book that was packed with so much care and as a matter of fact, its condition is absolutely perfect! The content is a feast for the eyes, it's going to be a huge source of motivation and inspiration for me!
      Thanks again to you and your wives and everybody who helped you accomplishing this dantesque task! You can be proud of you!

    38. Kathleen Tolbert on

      I got my book last night and Wow! It far exceeds my expectations! Thank you again for a great kickstarter and a fantastic book!

    39. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Peter: Thanks so much for the support! As far as stories, once we get through with the kickstarter we'll have plenty. Ha!

    40. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      Got my SUPER VILLAIN PACKAGE V2, no FedEx tracking but I dont care :D this thing is AMAZING!!!... I wish i threw more money at you guys but am soooo glad I did as much as I did. I'm absolutely blown away at the quality and handling behind your project and art.

      PS: I'd like to hear some stories behind your Monsters?

    41. Brys on

      Got my FedEx tracking number for the slipcase edition tonight! Super excited for it!

    42. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Nick: Yes, we're still shipping. Our most recent update has all the info. Thanks.

    43. Nick Slough on

      Are you guys still shipping orders? I haven't received my copy yet and just wanted to know the status of the shipments. Thanks.

    44. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Hanover: Any time we can replace photos of family members, we know we've done our job! Ha! Thanks so much for the support!

      @Ronnie: Great to hear--we're looking forward to hitting the art table again soon. You never know what might happen. :)

    45. Ronnie M on

      Finally sat down and went through my book last night. Great job, CreatureBox! I especially love the faux comic covers. I would buy those if they were setting on the stands.

    46. HanoverFiste on

      Yust got my book, it is awesome. Also, I think this is yust about the best picture of me ever, I'm contemplating replacing the picture of my daughter & myself above the mantle with it. Well, maybe not, but it will be framed & prominently displayed. Much thanks guys.


    47. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Suzie: Great to hear, thanks Suzie!

      @Vincente: We sent our a small set of international shipments to test our process. The remainder of the shipments should be in the mail soon. Once they go out, you will receive an email with your tracking information. Thanks.

    48. Missing avatar

      Vicente Numpaque on

      Hey guys!, I hope everything is going well around there, I'm in bogota colombia I pledged on the 35 tier, and yesterday a friend received his copy, but I haven't received even the Fed Ex tracking number could you please help me out to check what's going on?

    49. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      I received my book a few days ago and am beyond thrilled with it! <3 Thank you so much for filling my life with Awesome. :)

    50. CreatureBox Creator on

      @Grom: We should know in a few weeks how many books we might have available. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

      @Bruce: Thanks Bruce!

      @Mal: We're slated to begin shipping the $65 and above tiers on April 1st--we're packing like madmen!

      @Musah: Great to hear, thanks!

      @Andre: Yup, we're sorting and boxing like the wind.

      @Jeff: Thanks Jeff, we appreciate the support!

      @Savitri: The tracking is for domestic so far, but the internationals should be in the mail soon.

      @TCE: Thanks--we know it took some time, but we're very glad the boxes worked out.

      @Jason: Thanks!

      @Jason: Thanks, that means a lot. It's been one of the biggest projects of our career and it's great to finally get that paper and glue out into the world!

      @Alex: Awesome to hear--thanks!

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