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Building a bakery in this little city's old laundromat. The custom design stems from Scandinavian masonry oven plans. The bread will be so good!

Vergennes Laundry will be a wood-fired brick oven bakery built in the old laundromat of Vermont's littlest, oldest and greatest city.

Bread will be pure wild yeast levain from three whole grains freshly milled on site. Croissants will be made entirely by hand. Pastries will bake throughout the morning, tartines and parsnip fries hit the hearth mid-day, and bread will come out of the oven in the afternoon. Friends and new faces will stop in throughout the day and we hope you’ll linger a bit at the communal tables. We plan to have community suppers at these long tables, and even get everyone involved in food preparation and presentation.

Everything baked will come out of this oven. The oven will be central to the bakery's production and also contribute to the creation of a space where the community can come together and share good food. The oven experience will reflect the communal oven ideal. Such ovens have been a part of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern life for thousands of years. Villagers would bake their weekly supply of bread or cook a celebratory meal in these ovens, often alongside other villagers, making it a social experience. Likewise, the Laundry will be a whole sensory experience, from the smell of bread to the warmth from the oven to the dusting of flour in the air. You'll be close to the oven and it's baking, roasting and toasting.

The oven has been custom designed for maximum baking flexibility and to accomodate the baking schedule for both pastries and bread. The double deck hearth design comes from Scandinavian-style masonry heaters. While similar ovens are successfully used by many bakers in Sweden, this oven will be one-of-a-kind here in New England, and across the country.

Kickstarter funds
Money raised through Kickstarter will fund the oven build. William and his crew will start construction in August. The oven will be faced with reclaimed bricks and finished with an insulated steel door system. The first fires will burn in September, slowly curing the oven and getting us ready for the grand opening of the bakery.

Check out the website at to get a feel for what the shop as a whole will be like.


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    Periodic postcards updating you on the progress of the oven build - perfect to show off on your refrigerator! Plus, a free loaf of bread if/when you are in town and stop in the bakery.

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    A linen bread bag! (plus above-mentioned postcards and bread)

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    One dozen croissants delivered or overnight-shipped to you! (plus all above-mentioned loot!)

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    Dinner for you and a dozen friends at the Laundry (including local vegetables and meat and cheeses, hearth-baked breads, dessert and coffee, house-made nougats and chocolates)

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