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The Zanco tiny t1 is the smallest fully functional mobile phone in the world. This innovative phone was  designed and developed by Zini Mobiles Ltd
The Zanco tiny t1 is the smallest fully functional mobile phone in the world. This innovative phone was  designed and developed by Zini Mobiles Ltd
3,405 backers pledged £187,247 to help bring this project to life.
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      Linda Trent on

      Clubit New Media I want a full refund immediately. It is clear there are no phones and that there will be no phones and you took my money with the promise of a delivered phone.
      Kickstarter do you not have a responsibility when a campaign goes as sour as this one? This is not about delays in production or shipping, this is a total ripoff using your platform to carry it out.
      KolbyPanda how did you get your charge back?

    2. KolbyPanda on

      Charge back completed. TY AMEX! Done with Kickstarter.

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      Tichon on

      I find the entire situation above contrived and complete crap. I want a full refund immediately. I want my money back.

    4. Peter Callow

      @ALL BACKERS:-

      I’ve just had a 30minute phone call with, Shazad Talib, the CEO of Zini Mobiles Ltd & he tells a very different story to the one Clubit New Media has told us. He has supplied me with various correspondence between the two companies & he has given me the permission to reproduce a Letter sent to Clubit New Media - Before you think I am a “Zini Plant” or am being bribed by them you can check my Backer History. I have Backed over 1,000 Project, across various platforms & I only have my fellow Backer’s interests at heart. Here is the letter:-

      Dear Mr. T Hadjisavva

      Re: Breach of Contract – 23rd November 2017

      We wholeheartedly agree that all future communication should be in a documented format, however unfortunately for yourselves this is our final letter before legal action against your company.

      We do not accept that you have put anywhere near the hard work into the project that you had promised. You deliberately mislead us into believing that your company was a successful enterprise with tremendous depth built up over many years. Unfortunately had we waited a few weeks prior to signing the contract we would have not gone ahead with the project. We have found yourselves, extremely manipulative and overtly aggressive throughout this project.

      We genuinely believe that your mission is to accumulate as much money from this project without looking as though you have appropriated the funds for your personal gain. We have analysed your accountants report and found it ridiculous and intentional cooking up the financial records. We would love to be proven wrong on this issue and request you return every last shiny penny back to the Kickstarter Project & its Backers.

      Your social media presence was woefully lacking and may we remind you that we are an International business with over fifteen years of experience in manufacturing high quality items in the electronics and telecommunication field. Our forte has become the innovation of creating, designing and manufacturing the world’s smallest phones.

      Can you remind us what experience your company has in respect of this specific field?

      Can you demonstrate to us what evidence you posses that undoubtedly proves that you have the experience to design, innovate, create and manufacture the world’s smallest phones.

      Your company is similar to the “Cuckoo” This is a special bird because it has cunning ability of deceiving other birds into raising their young by depositing their eggs into host nests. They are also known for their aggressive behaviour where they can force other birds out of the way as they sit incubating their eggs.

      We trust you now understand how we feel about yourselves and why we can under no circumstances continue with this business relationship. You have spectacularly failed to achieve the goals that you had promised and if you have had any success it is because of the already well known name of Zanco in social media.

      Honesty and transparency are words which are alien to your company and there is ample evidence that demonstrates that you have failed to seek our agreement at every stage for either content or promotion of this project

      The monies that you have paid us belong rightfully to Kickstarter & the Backers and should Kickstarter request the monies back we will without hesitation pay them back in full. It’s important to note that we are here to build a long term business with a respected name which seems to be contrary to your company philosophy. In so far as your three options are concerned none of them are viable and the statements that you make within those three options are also untrue. You have been aware the current Zanco Tiny T1 costs exceed $22.00 (twenty–two dollars) and we have not accounted for the shipping costs. In so far as per option 2 is concerned, the fact that you seem to retain the lion share of the funds for your dubious expensive marketing campaign is testament to the fact that your company objectives are wholly in contradiction to our objectives.

      In respect of Option 3 and rest assure we have noticed the veiled threat that you have made within that paragraph, let us make it abundantly clear to you that should you be foolish enough to embark on that course and attempt to falsely malign, slander or cause defamation to our brands or to our company we will without hesitation pursue civil litigation and vigorously ensure that your company and the directors are personally held liable for their conduct.

      Our legal team is on standby. We suggest that throughout the period of our agreement you have failed to take our advice on the project and we now suggest that you return all the monies directly from the Kickstarter project to its Backers immediately and pursue a different line of work because your reputation in this field is in tatters and we doubt any respectable company will ever want to joint venture with you again.

      Yours Sincerely

      Zini Mobiles
      Legal Department


      I will provide more documentation but we need to join together to get Clubit New Media Ltd to refund us Backers the monies pledged OR get them to hand over the remaining funds owing to Zini Mobiles. The reason Zini was owed money was for the shipping costs to ship either direct to Backers or to Clubit
 New Media & for the balance owing to them for costs incurred. Also, the financial statement that is mentioned above shows that Clubit New Media’s assets currently show only a total £4,000 GBP! So there is missing money as Zini Mobiles have only been paid $99,000 & they were due to be paid $112,000 for 5,000 phones + Shipping Costs, as I understand it. However, Zini Mobiles have our best interests at heart & have now requested Legal Assurance that upon releasing the phones to Clubit New Media they release them to the Backers and do not go bankrupt & leave the Backers with no refund & no phone but Clubit refuse to enter into such negotiations apparently.

      It’s all a crazy mess where we, the Backers, have got caught up in some internal mess between two companies trying to come together to release one product. Another thing that Shazad told me was they were due to be collaborating on the active project & be able to ask for Backers input on design features for the phones, such as making them work on a 2g Network, but it was never given because at the time of launch Shazad was in Hospital for 2 weeks with serious health issues. So Zini Mobiles have never been able to interact with Backers or contact them to give their side of the story, something which I think is unfair. However, I am open to hearing BOTH sides to the story so if Clubit New Media wish to get in contact with me I will happily take their call, so I have a balanced view.

      As I have stated I am only doing this for the Backer’s interest & will keep you posted on any other information that I see fit to publish here in the Backer’s interests. I just want my phones!!

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      martinworld on

      and to the people of Clubit New Media Limited: you are just thieves

    6. Missing avatar

      martinworld on

      I have lost
      - 445 Euro with ZANO - Autonomous. Intelligent. Swarming. Nano Drone.
      - 34 Euro with The World's Smallest Phone - Introducing The Zanco tiny t1

      That's enough, bye bye KickStarter, forever!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Heath Bobbett on

      Message to Kickstarter is that you need rules of a period of time to execute, and then you guarantee the refund. Are you advancing funds in advance of the company fulfilling? How do you have the legal right to do that? This letter should have been accompanied
      by an offer to refund. You had your chance and failed. That is life and business.

    8. Missing avatar

      Antonella Vitucci on

      Please, it is quite unbelievable!!
      I want my money back if will not receive my phone in 5 days! It is unacceptable! Thank

    9. Shawn Michael on

      I find the entire situation above contrived and complete crap. I want a full refund immediately. I ordered 2 phones and want my money back.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sven Kalkbrenner on

      this story is a mess and completely bullshit. I want my money back. Refund my money now

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin Thompson on

      We paid for them to be made and now they’re being sold on the open market. Cool. Doesn’t Kickstarter give a shit about this?

      Kickstarter...we (your backers) are done! Look at all the clients you’re losing here. Seriously disappointed. Enough is enough.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rob van den Nieuwelaar

      And yet another kickstarter scam.. This is getting a regular thing here.

    13. Missing avatar

      Julian on

      This is all bullshit, refund my money ASAP

    14. Missing avatar

      Abdul Aleem on

      All Backers, kindly lets forward this incident and create awareness in social media everywhere, so that other people wont fall prey again to any project in Kick Starter. Lets share this project as a failure one and alert others from not backing up anything from here. This is my first and last backing project here.

      ClubIt - come to an conclusion within this week either to initiate a refund or ship our phones.

    15. Missing avatar

      Juan Carbonell on

      @kwang yi, check eglobal central

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Cruz on

      Waited for months... just refund our money if there wont be any phones...

    17. Missing avatar

      Ravi Kumar S on

      The first project i back on Kickstarter and it kicks back on the face! Whatever the issues between you (the marketer) and the manufacturer should be sorted between you two, in time. The customer is not to face troubles for it. Refund the money. I am done waiting!

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Gebler on

      This sounds like a scam, if this sort of thing can be got away with on kickstarter then I will not use it again

    19. Missing avatar

      todd zuro on

      Wow just a complete insult they’re being sold and we all paid for them to be made.. what a crock.. done with Kickstarter

    20. Missing avatar

      Shaun Kreutz on

      Not even interested in your phone after this long and this situation. Refund all of our money.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kwang Yi on

      LOL. And I ordered extra. Suckered twice. I won't loose any sleep on this I promise you. Any one have a link to where they sell them? I do not mind buying from the actual manufacturer.

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard Smart on

      Jasper Hegarty-Ditton that’s a totally different model

    23. Missing avatar

      OlivierD on

      You are taking backers hostage by not delivering and not offering refund. I believe you will received legal complains shortly. and a lot... And you won't be able to blame anyone else in a court room but yourself...

    24. Missing avatar

      Richard Tilford on

      This situation does not seem the best, but there is not much i can really do about it now. I hope it gets sorted out, and i can get a cool phone at somepoint. I wish you the best of luck getting this sorted!

    25. Marc Kircos on

      Ripe for a Class Action Lawsuit?

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Gläser on

      I want my money back. please refund.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Geyer on

      As a formel trial lawyer with well over 1000 trials, you sound like each and every participant in litigation...liars and cheats...ALL OF YOU, on both side of the controversy. Over 3000 good faith investors placed their trust and hard earned monies with ALL OF YOU. You have ALL acted shamefully and wholly unlike responsoble persons/entities in business. The i vestors will undoubtedly be the losers here and it is respectfully hoped ALL OF YOU get criminally prosecuted for grand theft, and conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

      Maybe I am wrong. So, please prove me wrong and report or refu d. If not done soon additional litigation, and or action by Attorney General.

      Just sayin.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eun Jung on

      If I were fraudulent, they would be an international fraud. Let's report.

    29. Missing avatar

      Eun Jung on

      Now I'm a fraud, right?

    30. Missing avatar on

      I want my money back now!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      John Moe on

      I am angry about this scam and I want my money back!

    32. Missing avatar

      John McClane on

      Hi, I conclude that at this time you stole more than €200.000,-- from us. I give you exactly 10 days from now on to give my money (€52) back. If not, we will take the appropriate action. Your so called kickstarter project is a disgrace for all other campaigns and is just nothing but a scam.

    33. Missing avatar

      usama alkhazraji on

      OK so no dates for shipping the phone and no refund for our money and you have legal issues now and we have to wait for the lawyers to go to court , that could take years this is crazy , so what you are saying is if he lose the case there will be no phone and no cash $$$ and if he win the case only then we get the phone !!! and I say call my bank for refund.

    34. Missing avatar

      PonchoMan on

      Bad news for us!
      I want my Zanco Tiny T1 phone or my money back...

    35. Missing avatar

      Simon Schär on

      The second time i‘m not getting anything from a kickstarter project. That‘s it now. Never again!!!!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Nick Wepfer

      lol this is a ridiculous excuse to tell us our money went to manufacturer without a contract in place? refund or get me my phone (theyre obviously ready and have been a while if youre ordering them from them).

    37. Daniel Cooper on

      +1 refund please

    38. Missing avatar

      DHochlenert on

      The entire legal matter is (understandably) not disclosed to us and therefore we cannot interpret everything. But the fact that the telephone is sold elsewhere is not compatible with good intentions of Zini Mobiles. It was developed with the money of the backers of this campaign and although the legal relationship of the backers is with Clubit New Media, Zini Mobiles knows this very well and knows the obligations involved.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dietmar Klonikowski on

      I want my money back! I think Zanko Tiny was always a bluff package. Very bad!

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrew Waite on

      What personal information of backers is being requested? If it is merely physical address to ship units direct, you have my permission to release my details.

      I’m both an Infosec and privacy advocate, hiding behind GDPR is a weak excuse. GDPR allows data to be shared between companies for a specific purpose, and with the data subjects permission. It is standard practice for a purchasers details to be shared with a companies supply chain to process an order.

    41. Missing avatar

      Richard Smart on

      Where is it available online? The only place I can find it is on alibaba, with a minimum order of 10000 pieces

    42. Missing avatar

      Victor Velazquez on

      1st time i ever back a project and this happens! Wow never again. I want something back either the phones or my money. You will no walk away like that with my money while I keep my arms crossed. That's total BS!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Yanyang Wang on

      I want my money back!

    44. marcoreds

      How can they say that you tried to steal ownership of the phone from them?

      It is stated and then again repeated in the Campaign page who Zini Mobiles is, and who Clubit is.
      There is no confusion at all about who created the phone, it is all perfectly stated for everybody to see.

      Just to quote:

      "Zanco are the creators, inventors, brand owners and IP owners of the Zanco tiny t1 mobile phone.

      The parent company of the Zanco brand is called Zini Mobiles Ltd. Zanco's Research & Development hub and manufacturing base are in Shenzhen, China. "


      "Clubit New Media are the marketing team behind the Zanco tiny t1 project."

      And the fact that mr. Shazad felt the need to reveal this as a "big shock" news to mr. DoppeIL speaks volumes about his honesty.

      And if I may add, whatever Zini can say, the fact that they are actually selling the phones before us getting them, is proof enough they are not in good faith.

      I really hope you come to an agreement and we can either have our phone or our money back.

      Mr. Shazad, if you are reading this, be sure I will NEVER buy the phone anywhere else and, if a resolution can't be found, I will for sure never buy anything you produce, and do my best so that people know the way you make businnes.


    45. Missing avatar

      Kadham V Sudeep kumar on

      Kickstarter u kick ass of customer s loyality always

    46. Missing avatar

      Remco van der Heeft on

      Better arange your business better ! Bad news for all of us.

    47. Missing avatar

      stefano de mari on

      please send the money back, more that 3000 backers work hard for the money, please send it back, at this point I asure you that not even one backer cares about your phone .

    48. Missing avatar

      Gary Nethaway

      Thanks for your honesty with this update. I both realise and understand that disclosure at times of litigation is most difficult.
      However, it seems that there are clear arguments on both sides. Your duty to your backers is paramount, and their randsoming is, well, illegal. I entered Not into an agreement with Zini, but Clubit, so I mean, just saying, backers could unite and proceed against Zini with litigation. We all entered into an agreement with you, by way of delivery and fulfilment post campaign. They are now in possession of our property per Say.....:
      Looking forward to further update, thank you again and Godspeed Clubit,

    49. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Neijenhuis on

      Getting tired of these so called promisses on Kickstarter, this is the last time i’m backing anything... bye bye kickstarter, clean up your act because now youre just a website for scams.