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The Zanco tiny t1 is the smallest fully functional mobile phone in the world. This innovative phone was  designed and developed by Zini Mobiles Ltd
The Zanco tiny t1 is the smallest fully functional mobile phone in the world. This innovative phone was  designed and developed by Zini Mobiles Ltd
3,405 backers pledged £187,247 to help bring this project to life.
Sung Hwan Kim, SK, and 29 more people like this update.


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    1. Rik on

      No details are basically lies to your customers.

    2. Missing avatar

      usama alkhazraji on

      No Zanco tiny t1 , I told you the CEO is gone with the money , we ether all go to China to find him or call your credit card company's asap.

    3. Missing avatar

      OlivierD on

      To all backers, I tried to contact Shazad Talib via Linkedin and asked for update. He accepted the connection but didn't reply to my message. When and where can we request refund then?

    4. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Fabry Caprioli on

      If you don't give any kind of information on what's the problem is to reassure us investors, we can think that the CEO has escaped with the swag....
      please be more detailed about the kynd of problem that causes this delay

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Stensnes on

      Hello project owners? Are you reading this at all? Some response to these comments please?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ginna Winter on

      More info please that all the backers ask. Not asking much as we all backed the product with hard earned cash

    7. Robert van Bueren on

      More information please

    8. Ivanka Tomljanovic on

      good price for service often brings you poor service. you will know how to do it better next time. good luck

    9. Bradley Price on

      Ahh the road to hell is paved with good intentions

    10. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Garcia Zacarias on

      Hello, the truth is that I understand that in these projects, there is a logical delay. In fact I have sponsored 3 more projects and all were delayed. However I do not understand why they can not explain what the reason for the difficulty is, we should know, and so decide if we want to wait for the product or request that they return the money. I hope soon news.

    11. Michael Garry Harrison on

      Can you just tell us what the problem is? we understand delays happen but when the information is withheld this raises suspicions and people consider worse case scenarios, please put our minds at ease with an update detailing the actual issues, steps you are taking to resolve them and how much of a delay this has caused by providing and updated dispatch schedule.

      Many thanks

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Tilford on

      I would rather it come and work well, so i am quite happy to wait. Its not going to be primary phone, so i am in no rush.

    13. Dennis on

      I prefer a non informative update over no update at all.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nick Truby on

      Seriously?! Months and months and months!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Anthony Durai on

      The problem to the product, you people know best. The only thing here I would like to tell is that don't make it in a hurry and send not so working pieces or of bad built quality. It should be worth the months we have spend eagerly looking forward for it. Attractive and of the very best quality.
      Thanks and regards.

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Stensnes on

      We can deal with delays, and I would rather have a delay than a flawed product. That being said, your updates are few and far between. On top of that there is very little actual information in your updates. Please remember that we have invested in your product, and this is not the correct way to handle your investors. After all, kickstarter is not a web shop where you sell your products, it is a site to reach investors. I am worried that you have misunderstood this part, and I strongly suggest you correct this issue before it is too late. You must understand that this behavior affects your company's reputation, and especially when it's done in such a public forum as kickstarter.

      So, just to reiterate: I am not angry because of delays, and I can wait beyond the original plan for delivery, but the level of status updates are unacceptable.

    17. Aron Somodi on

      I can wait for a flawless mini phone.

      I have a Zanco Fly, and it is ALMOST perfect - except it hangs for two weeks if it gets fully charged while it's turned on. If you are lucky, then the screen will stay on when it happens, and the battery will be empty in a day or so. Otherwise you can't use it for 10-14 days, and since you can only desolder the battery, you can't use it during this period.

      It would have been nice to have firmware update via USB, but as I said, I can wait for the perfect tiny phone.

    18. Missing avatar

      Murali on

      This is absolute shit.
      there are 10 likes for this update. Do they have common sense?

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Missing avatar

      usama alkhazraji on

      This is crazy , I said in the last update "you guys still waiting to get your tiny t1 ???? hahahaha say goodbye to your money its in china now"...Anyways If i dont get my phone by Jun.30th im disputing the charge , as im traveling to an Island and will not be back home for 2 months , I guess i was right the CEO took the money and is gone.

    21. Missing avatar on

      Well, I'm sorry too. First you are giving us picture of production than you are saying it is delayed. For how long? bad planning or what?

    22. Missing avatar

      Lothar Kissinger on

      This is sheer incompetence!
      Very sorry I supported it....

    23. Missing avatar

      lynn johnson on

      hmmm, I have backed a few here on the other one and this seems like this always happens... out of 15 or so times i've only seen 1 product that got sent and sadly it didnt even work like it was supposed to. having updates like these are scary

    24. Slobodan on

      I hope I get it in the next 3 weeks because the whole July I'll be gone and what's the pleasure of having this phone when I cannot have it while traveling? Hope for the miracle to happen. Fingers crossed

    25. Miro on

      "Unfortunately, we cannot give any more information at this time but as soon as we can we will."

      Because otherwise the hell starts freezing? Or what could possibly be an other reason for this statement?

    26. Colin Stark on

      Delays always happen but usually there is a reason. To say you can’t give a reason doesn’t instill confidence!