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Captain your star ship and lead your squad of mecha pilots to victory.
Captain your star ship and lead your squad of mecha pilots to victory.
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All Digital Awards Now Distributed, Physical Awards to be Manufactured Soon; Backerkit

Posted by Love in Space (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We've now completed delivery of all the digital awards for this Kickstarter, including:

1. Sunrider: First Arrival - released on Steam for free
2. Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius - released on Steam for free
3. Sunrider: Liberation Day - steam keys distributed to all KS backers
4. 55 page (UPGRADE from 30 page) Color Artbook "Sunrider Visual Collection"
5. 28 page (UPGRADE from 20 page) Black and White Artbook "Sunrider Concept Collection"
6. All Sunrider (First 3) betas
7. Digital thank you cards
8. Digital hi-res dakimakura images
9. Digital hi-res poster
10. Invasion drone in-game item: CONVERTED into discount coupons for Sunrider Academy
11. Name in credits
12. Name something in the game (this turned into a lottery because we received about 800 submissions)

We've also completed delivery of the following physical items

1. Signed Poster
2. Dakimakura
3. Thank you cards
4. 3D Printed Black Jack models

The following physical items will now be manufactured and shipped.

1. DVD case + Game CD containing FA, MOA, and LIBDAY (DRM free, uncensored)
3. LIMITED EDITION SIGNED Color Art Book "Sunrider Visual Collection"
4. Black and White Art Book "Sunrider Concept Collection"

I know everyone's probably going, "Sunrider Kickstarter..."

So as a reminder, here's a table of what awards you bought that we distributed during the Kickstarter. You can use it to see what awards you should have received.

Award Table

Also, since everyone filled out their addresses about 2 years ago, I'm guessing if we just ship the remaining physical goods now, too many will be sent to wrong addresses. I think we have no choice but to pay Backerkit to process the remaining goods so that everyone has to fill in their most up to date address again. I'm hoping it'll take a few weeks to manufacture and ship the rest of the goods, but I'll post updates as things happen. For now, I think you'll most likely be getting a Backerkit invite soon.

Over two years and four Sunrider games later, we seem to be almost wrapping up with this chapter of Love in Space's history. We'll keep you up to date as the remaining pieces get completed.

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    1. Zakk on

      I got it thank you.

    2. Love in Space 2-time creator on

      Zakk: I've resent your backerkit invitation. Double check your spam box. Please send us a message if your email has changed since you backed this project and the invitation is going to the wrong place.

    3. Zakk on

      Still haven't gotten a backerkit email and i remember seeing somewhere the deadline to enter new addresses was the tenth in an email saying backerkit emails were going out. So it'd be nice if I got that email or an email saying why i haven't gotten it since it's been over two years since I backed this.

    4. Love in Space 2-time creator on

      David: Yeah sorry, we started working on another expansion to the game and I was betting people would want the expansion in the physical disk, so we couldn't press the disks yet. The expansion should be done in a few days though so we'll be able to resume the physical fulfillment process. Backerkit is set up and emails should be out in 48 hours.

      Renege: All the physicals are KS exclusive editions, but I think backerkit lets you upgrade pledges.

    5. David Hill on

      Were these supposed to ship already? I haven't even recieved a backerkit email or anything

    6. Node on

      GAHHHH! I was $10 short for physical media. I WAS AN IDIOT!
      Have any plans for releasing limited number of physical to the public like on Denpasoft?

    7. Love in Space 2-time creator on

      FF: Yeah, I still have hundreds of the thank you cards in a box so it's hard for me to forget heh. I'm amazed you still remembered after all these years. Also, the game CD will technically be a DVD instead of a CD. I hope all three games will fit on it...

      If you look through the game code, you might find quite a number of easter eggs...

    8. FlamingFirewire on

      Don't forget to include the thank-you cards in the game boxes for those who wanted the cards to be shipped at the same time as their games! :))

    9. FlamingFirewire on

      Surely a CD isn't big enough to fit all the Sunrider games on it? Is it? Also, please hide at least one cool Easter egg somewhere in some form on that physical disc - I love finding stuff like that ^^

      Great job on outlining everything that's been happening plus putting so much effort into the production of everything you have up to this point and beyond! It's great to see everything taking final form.