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A young architect falls from grace with a design that spirals him into a world of ego and obsession. A short on naive ambition.

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Directed by Joe Sill
Written by Dag Shapshak
Produced by Brian White
Starring Daniela Flynn, Jessica Gordon and Ava Cantrell

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JACK is an eager young assistant at top architecture firm Bender & Russo. During a colleague's failing pitch to the prestigious Shu Wei Corporation, Jack takes a leap of faith and steps out of line to propose an impromptu design that impresses everybody and commissions their biggest project - also making Jack its architect. 

We follow Jack into a spiral of ego, overcommitment, and tunnel vision as we watch his ambitious design overwhelm him. He assumes that he can do it all - but he ultimately hurts those closest to him.

This film is about love. 

A love for your career. A love for those close to you - the ones that stick with you, that leave you, that teach you. Jack is a character that I think anybody can relate to - he is a talented, young man with a lot to gain and a lot to lose. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. After all, though, don't all young people? We all seek to achieve our ambitions, fearless and naive at the same time. We aren't afraid of what we might lose.

I have a very strong personal attachment to this story. I came to this thesis project after my last three years of studying, knowing exactly what story I wanted to tell - a story that I completely understood. 

The best stories are those that are told through the heart. 

Strip away all the architecture, the fancy lighting, and production from it, and this film is about you and me. About what you wanted, and what sacrifices you made to get there, and what lessons you learned because of it. I am trying to tell a story that is real. One that is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. One that anybody that has ever had an ambition or a dream can understand. 

I am incredibly excited to share my experience with you.

                                                                                                -Joe Sill

We are a collective of young filmmakers that have experience in a range from commercials to feature films. Our film will invite the audience into an idealized, romanticized world of architecture. 

We will be shooting the film through the resources of Marion Knott Studios, as well as on locations that will showcase this glorified workplace above the city skyline. We will also utilize CG elements to bring backgrounds, skyscraper modeling, and the overall environment to life. We are designing innovative visual sequences of combined animation and live action that will show Jack's model building itself in time lapse from the ground up on the horizon.

However, our team is only so large. With your help, our team will grow and flourish. You can preserve our love for cinema in the youth by joining our team, and we are excited for you to be a part of it.

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While we do have access to a limited amount of resources and the power of a talented team, there is a number of different significant costs necessary to creating a world within the film during principal photography. We will need to fund for a sufficient package of camera and lenses, grip and electric equipment, production costs such as transportation and housing, as well as funds for post production facilities as well as the means to create every CG element. Creating a world designed around state-of-the-art architecture requires vast, costly materials that will help create an atmosphere that will immerse the audience within the consumed mind of Jack.

After production is finished, we aim to create some very beautiful yet difficult live-action/CG-composition hybrid scenes, where we will see in a montage time-lapse fashion, multiple versions of Jack in the same frame, building his model from the ground up. The skyline behind him will also be affected by this time lapse where 3D buildings will go from night to day and back again.

With this, we very much need support in order to buy enough hard drives, green screens, and then commission to complete intensive amounts of rotoscoping and 3D modeling, rendering and animation in state-of-the-art post production facilities and computers. The final shots of the film will feature Jack's actual building being built in time lapse on the city skyline, in real texturing and lighting. In order for these shots to make this building real and believable, we need support to complete it.

We as young filmmakers have a drive to tell stories that people can relate to. However, creating a film is always a daunting, uphill battle. With the talent and experience in our team, we can build this film with a signature of excellence.

Thank you for your consideration!
-The TTH Team


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