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We are AVHS Drama Club from San Bernardino, Ca. We are raising money to fund a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The concept of the video and the footage was brainstormed by and shot entirely by the Drama Club.

We are in rehearsal on A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Director's vision was to set the play in Athens using traditional togas.

We need to sew 25 togas. We found 5 sheets buried in the costume bin so that leaves 20. At Walmart you can buy flat sheets for $5. Thrift stores are a good option too, as long as they have solid color sheets, plaid was not around in 400 A.D. A good amount of research has been done regarding sewing authentic togas (not the frat party toga) and we can say with confidence that some amazing togas can be sewn. You can see Anastasia modeling the mock up toga in our profile.

Our set design includes platforms that are 8 feet tall. We have platforms, but no stilts! We need 16, 4x4x8ft pieces of lumber which comes to a total of about $125.

We also need to buy fabric, glitter and flowers to decorate the beautiful fairies. I asked them to buy their own leotards, it would be amazing if they could be provided to them.

The previous technical crew installed halogen lights with their bare hands, without cleaning them with alcohol after. Those lights have burned out, bubbled and ruptured. We need to buy more.

Wireless body mics take 9v batteries. Handheld wireless mics take 2AA batteries. 

We can make a great show with a small budget.

Our school is not located in an affluent area. Any kids who choose to spend their afternoons with us, rather than on the streets is a shining star. Aside from making the right choices we have some great actors, dedicated actors and a tech team that would blow you away with the right funding. 

This is an amazing facility that deserves an amazing production! It was built 12 years ago and was intended to be a performing arts school. With budget cuts and overcrowding, there is less money to go around. We are operating on no budget. Which is where you come in. We really hope that you can, like Rey said in the video, open your hearts (and your wallets) to help us achieve our potential. 


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