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We are AVHS Drama Club from San Bernardino, Ca. We are raising money to fund a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
We are AVHS Drama Club from San Bernardino, Ca. We are raising money to fund a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
24 backers pledged $505 to help bring this project to life.

Demographics Information

This site lists every demographic you can think of for Ward 6 in the city of San Bernardino, which surrounds AVHS.

This was an important statistic:

Population by Education
In 2010, the educational attainment of the population aged 25 years or older in the market area was distributed as follows:
• 41.4 percent had not earned a high school diploma (14.8 percent in the U.S.)
• 30.3 percent were high school graduates only (29.6 percent in the U.S.)
• 5.1 percent had completed an Associate degree (7.7 percent in the U.S.)
• 4.6 percent had a Bachelor's degree (17.7 percent in the U.S.)
• 1.9 percent had earned a Master's/Professional/Doctorate Degree (10.4 percent in the U.S.)

My goal as a Drama Club Advisor is that this club will be part of their plan to continue on to college. They will use their club membership and role in the play on their applications. They will learn responsibly and leadership from these activities.  

A note from Kameyo:

i just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to donate, what your doing is not only giving back to your community but giving hope to all us high school students. with out your help we would not have never made the performance that we deserve. i as a stage manger knows that we needed help and your giving us an opportunity that arroyo valley never would have dreamed of. so thanks for all your help; not just from me, but from everyone in drama club and the cast of midsummer night's dream.

Kameyo is a Sophomore at Arroyo. She has stepped up to the stage managers role in a way we could not have hoped for. She takes on responsibilities and leadership as if this is what she was born to do. She takes notes on all the blocking and cues because she will be in the booth calling the show during the performance. Every sound that comes through the system and lights that the audience sees happens because of her call. It is hard work and can be overwhelming for adults who are taking on this job for the first time 

A note from Anastasya:

"I would like to thank all of our backers in helping to fund this production, & our Drama club. I love drama club, I love the theatre, you have no idea how much I appreciate everything you guys have done. You wont regret funding us, you will be proud. My name is Anastasya & I just want to say thank you for your support."

She, like all of the crew members is working on all aspects of technical theater, she has been researching costumes, helping with the platforms for the set and learning about programming the light board. Her expertise is the sound system. She has been the one teaching me about the sound board, she has solved problems with feedback and will be running it during the production. She is a Sophomore at Arroyo so we are lucky enough to have her for three more years.  

Thank you! Keep donating and sharing!

It is amazing that we met our goal in four days! Numbers like 150% and 200% are still possible and the students have high hopes.

Additional funds will be spent on the following:

We need paint. Lumber does not come pre-painted. We'll paint columns for Athens and trees for the forest. 

We need to build a lion and a donkey head, in Midsummer there is a play within a play and the characters will need these.  

We would love to pay back our fairies for the leotards they bought for themselves. It is especially necessary since we are going to take their pristine new leotards and cover them in paint, glitter and flowers, making them useless for the girls in the future.  

We need more halogen lamps since this went live, 2 more blew out when the lights were being focused. 

We need publicity, we're going to shoot some pictures on Tuesday and I'll post them here, but they are for our posters advertising the play.

The students will be at rehearsal later and later as we move towards opening night. We have asked parents to provide dinner for their child, but also to consider bringing dinner for all 40 cast and crew. If we could buy dinner or snacks on these nights using additional funds it would be a great help. 

Homecoming is coming fast, Drama Club would like to decorate a float for the homecoming parade. 

Halloween is coming soon. We are planning a haunted house and will need to buy a few things, not too much because we planned it with no budget and we're going to stick with the plan. Daniel Brown came up with a great idea to tell a story with the haunted house, not just have boogeymen jump out of the dark. We are going to have a casting for it next Friday at Drama Club. 

If we blow away our goal, I would love to try and plan a field trip for them, all expenses paid. We live close to Hollywood, so taking them on a studio tour and attending a TV taping is a possibility. 

Thank you again to our backers, we never expected to receive this much support so quickly. Also, thanks to people who are sharing it with their friends and family. More updates to come next week. 

Thank you, 

Ms. Bishop

Studies show that extracurricular activities have immediate and long term benefits for High School students.