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The Wallet Redefined! An11 Function Multi-Tool and Minimal Plate Wallet Combined. Colored Titanium and Aluminum Versions.
The Wallet Redefined! An11 Function Multi-Tool and Minimal Plate Wallet Combined. Colored Titanium and Aluminum Versions.
238 backers pledged $12,197 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ash Chapman on

      Sorry to hear about you guys that haven't received yours. I can't remember when I received mine. I live in AZ and ordered the $45 custom style.

      For what it's worth, I bought this after losing a HuMn wallet and I'm not really a fan of it. I opted for the titanium and really don't like anything about it. Not sure what to do with it.

    2. Simon Gray on

      I want a refund. This is utter bullshit.

    3. Vladimir Pashkov on

      I am in Canada and still waiting for mine.

    4. Todd Boschee on

      I am in Canada and I am still waiting to receive mine. Crazy I have done over 100 kickstarters I have received 80 percent of my items I guess that is pretty good. They are never on time but I still love receiving them even if they are not what you expect. It would be nice if I could just get what I paid for thank you!

    5. Simon Gray on

      i think the most aggravating thing to me is that this "maker" keeps logging in AND THEN IGNORING HIS PAID CLIENTS.

      if he's just a bailer who can't close, then stay off the site. but the fact we can see when he logs in and he keeps checking on... something, without giving his paid, dissatisfied customers their product or a refund is infuriating.

    6. Adam Jennings on

      The MULTI has been awesome. I get comments on it all the time. I must be beating it up though because I am running out of bands. Do you have a replacement band that I could buy at a hardware store?

      Thanks for the awesome wallet!

    7. Catherine Truong on

      Might as well start spamming his facebook and his wife's facebook. Hopefully we can get an answer.

    8. Simon Gray on

      according to his profile he logged in may 31, doesn't appear to be able to address his investors.

    9. Missing avatar


      A year since the promised delivery date , what a thief and lier this guy is . he should at least have the courtesy to reply to all this . If only kickstarter could filter thieves or at least have a refund policy , if only . i would not have lost hard earned 45$ .

    10. Simon Gray on

      @spencer - added. in canada, no multi or notification of shipment or update

    11. Missing avatar

      spencer white on

      To see if we can make any progress lets find out which states have the most backers. To do this I created a form on google just asking what state you are from. (Then from there, each states backers can then contact their local representatives)…

    12. Todd Boschee on

      still have not received mine in Canada

    13. Azhar Az on

      Haven't got mine yet, hope to get an update at least.

    14. Missing avatar

      giovanni napolitano

      More than a year after funding and no multi yet! No news either.... Did any of us actually got one?

    15. Missing avatar

      Todd Robertson on

      I am still hopeful to get this product too. I cannot imagine that anyone with a conscience can simply not tell supporters anything.

      People that supported him with this process no less.

    16. Ong Jong Hui on

      I pretty much written this off but still hoping to get the product as promised even though delayed. But really have to wonder what u gonna do with those with customized initials etc. Giving them away or sold for scrap.

    17. Simon Gray on

      Hey FYI Wilson, your profile shows when you log in. You logged in today. You're getting these messages and you're ignoring us intentionally. You could at least let us know what is going on, if not send our goods or refund our money.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Sweeney on

      Dear Wilson, I have contacted kick starter ( like everybody else by the looks of it) and they have said to contact you directly. I really like the multi and would be happy to pay for the postage of mine just to get it. Surely you want them out of your house. Let me know and I will pay for postage.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nick on


      Kickstarter also needs to be held accountable. They profited from this as well. Why don't they refund to backers the portion of the proceeds they received!!!!!!!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      spencer white on

      I have talked to kick starter, to no avail. So I messaged our little friend Wilson on Facebook!
      (This is what I wrote)

      "Wow, this is the very first time I have ever messaged a thief on Facebook! Thank you for that honor! In regards to the money that you took from me.....
      I would like to
      A. Get it back
      B. get what I paid for

      I know the cops already know about your 'business' but I might just tell them myself!

      In case you forgot about the 200+ people on kickstarter that gave you money, we haven't forgotten about you!

      This crap can't go on for much longer..."

      I would encourage all of you to copy and paste the same message to him!

    21. Missing avatar

      Rodger Evans on

      if it is a question of shipping, I'd be willing to fork over that cost. Sorry things got bad for you.. better luck in the future.

    22. Missing avatar

      Russell Robson on

      When will I get my multi you thieving gut.

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    24. Helen Marshall

      hey Todd did better then that I emailed the local cops

    25. Missing avatar

      Todd Robertson on

      This project is a perfect example of why projects that are successful like the Pebble smartwatch are SO amazing! Think about it, they have engineering, development, software, firmware, production and QC to be concerned about.
      The Multi is just made by a farmed-out shop and was not able to be considered even marginally successful, and 238 people are all out at least $35 (minimum).
      I backed this project and recommended it to many others because I believed it in and was excited about it. This was a safe bet and it felt good to support someone's cool idea and effort.
      That lesson has been learned and the next time I have $40 burning a hole in my pocket, I will go to the bank, get some singles, and drive down the road with the window open and let them fly. The satisfaction will be higher than this whole adventure.
      Feel free to chime in so Wilson knows that you too are happy with him walking away with your money and no product.

    26. Missing avatar

      Brian Wing on

      Here's another Canadian with nothing. Looks to me like this fellow's committed fraud or theft (not sure which it is) and we'll get nothing. Might as well write it off or attempt to get your money back (good luck with that!).

    27. Colton Schulte on

      I would said you just want a refund, because the wallets are of poor quality and no customer service. I will be getting a refund through my credit card company. Good luck.

    28. Missing avatar

      Avinash on

      Hmm, so no new news. I would in any case appreciate it if wilson just said he can't complete the delivery.

    29. Catherine Truong on

      Let's just all accept the fact that our money was just pocketed and that we'll never get our multi's. I hope he at least used it on something worthwhile.

    30. Simon Gray on

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
      Jan 16 11:47

      Hi Simon,

      Thanks for following up. I'm disappointed to hear that you've yet to hear back from the MULTI project.

      As Katie mentioned previously, we have reached out to the creator on behalf of all of the project's backers. Unfortunately it doesn't look like our correspondence has so far motived the creator to post an update or reply to messages.

      Our Terms of Use establishes an agreement between backers and the project creator directly. Here at Kickstarter HQ we certainly encourage creators to fulfill rewards, offer refunds and communicate with backers, but we're unable to force them to do so. However, in the event that a project creator fails to complete the project as promised, our Trust & Safety team will flag the associated account. In doing so, they are effectively preventing the creator from launching another project until the first project has been fulfilled.

      I do recommend that you continue to pursue the issue with the project creator through any available avenues. It looks like the creator provided their Facebook account, and personal website. Once again, I'm sorry that backing the MULTI project has been frustrating. We will certainly take your experience into account as we improve our policy and procedures moving forward, and I hope that you hear more from the creator soon.


    31. Simon Gray on

      Complaint 291788 submitted. I know it won't really affect anything, except i've asked that they bar this guy from future kickstarter projects until this one is resolved.

      again, this could have been avoided with some simple goddamned communication from the guy who took our money. If you want to steal from us, at least have the decency to call us suckers in public. but this dragging on and on and blaming other people is hella weak.

      Gimme my product, or gimme my money, or say that you failed. pick one

    32. Helen Marshall

      so noone has got their wallets of the 25

    33. Missing avatar

      Todd Robertson on

      Thanks for the excellent updates Wilson! Oh wait, add this to the timeline below also. I would be SO embarrassed...

    34. Missing avatar


      Looks like we have been ditched, there won't be any responses or refunds despite are complaints . Kickstarter should remove people like this from posting projects and cheating others like us.

    35. Simon Gray on

      I will be submitting another complaint Jan 16 if we do not have a date for the shipping of "the last 25 units" from the creator. Pretty f*cking sick of this bullsh*t at this point.

    36. Simon Gray on

      Ontario, $45 dollar pledge plus $5 s/h. No wallet. 01/07/2014

    37. Missing avatar

      Avinash on

      I would appreciate some more information on when and if we are going to receive these wallets. Otherwise I will just have to buy another wallet..

    38. Scottie Hackleman on

      Same time table, same complaints, still no wallet. Can we get a count of who still doesn't have a wallet to look at refund/legal options for being ripped off?

    39. Missing avatar

      Todd Robertson on

      So let's see if everyone else's timeline looks the same as mine. I have tried to reach out to Wilson on the side to no avail... this will only wind you up, but the more people that comment, the hope is that we can get the product we paid for and are looking forward to. I get it that this in not an online store, just read and tell me if I (and the rest of you) are not the most patient souls alive...
      -April 10, 2013 Pledged $40 for a Multi
      -Funded April 24, 2013
      -Estimated Delivery July of 2013
      -Sept 6 2013, "All Multis are finished and shipping soon"
      -Sept 24, 2013 "Multis shipping this week"
      -October 30, 2013 "Look for your Multi next week"
      -November 21, 2013 "All domestic Multi's have been shipped"
      -November 25, 2013 "look for your Multi any day now in the mail, last Multi's being shipped now"
      -December 16, 2013 "All domestic multis have been shipped for a week"

      So what is the real story Wilson? None of this seems to add up. Your backers have been patiently waiting and your Kickstarter project was funded almost fives times over your goal by 238 patient people.

      Thanks in advance,

      Your backers.

    40. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      I haven't received anything either?

    41. Ong Jong Hui on

      Still nothing.... Am I the last 25?

    42. Catherine Truong on

      I wish he'd just be honest. Tell us if you went into financial trouble, or if there is a delay, or if you can no longer fulfill the pledges. At this point, I'm skeptical I'll get my wallet or the money back; I just want an honest answer of what has been done with my money.

    43. Simon Gray on

      complaint 283418 logged. This could have been avoided.

    44. Simon Gray on

      I emailed the project creator yesterday asking for an update or tracking information or i would be launching a complaint. no update, complaint launched.
      To the project creator: you could have avoided this with simple communication respectful of the $12,000+ dollars we've given you. But instead, we have to go this way. If there are delays, keep us informed. if you're unable to complete the project, refund our money.

    45. Scottie Hackleman on

      Also, How can you update on November 21st that "All Multi's Foreign and domestic shipping has and will be shipped by Saturday this week." Then on December 2nd state that "All tiers sent besides the $45" What has been shipped, and what hasn't?

    46. Scottie Hackleman on

      I have been told twice my wallet would be shipped by Saturday of that week. The most recent time was 10 days ago, the other was on November 11th. Still no wallet, no tracking information, and no comment. We are coming up on 6 months past original deadline. I am starting to smell something fishy here.

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