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Survival and stealth in a procedurally-generated world! Sir, You Are Being Hunted is tweedpunk robo-horror from Big Robot Games.
4,906 backers pledged £92,551 to help bring this project to life.

Update #10 - Multiplayer Unlocked, But Can We Get To Character Customisation?

Posted by Big Robot (Creator)

We've unlocked multiplayer with £80,000, with just over four days left on the clock!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL: Multiplayer will NOT ship with the initial release of the game. We stated this in the original stretch goal text, but we wanted to be extra clear: multiplayer will be an add-on that will come after we've finished the main game. Single-player is the focus for this project, and multiplayer will be free to all backers at a later date. 

And so the next, and presumably actual final stretch goal. We're going to be ambitious with this last one, because, well, why not? 

Final, Final (Probably) Stretch Goal: Character Customisation at £100,000

We're looking to add something pretty huge to both single and multiplayer aspects. If we do this, it will be a bonus for all players. Can it be done? (Yes!) 

Character Customisation 

This is something that will benefit both the single-player game and the multi-player expansion to come. Right now we're planning a standard player avatar for multiplayer, and we hadn't anticipated any character creation for single-player. What we'd like to do, however, is to add character creation and customisation to the whole game, so that the avatar you create can appear in both your solo experience, and in whatever you do online. 

What this means is a character creation screen where you can name your avatar, customise their appearance – moustaches, tweeds, boots, monocles, and other accessories – so that you have a unique character in the game world. 

 Furthermore you'll be able to choose a number of “talents” that will have an affect in both the single and multi-player game. These will allow you to push your specialisation towards a particular direction: perhaps increasing your constitution for a vitality bonus, or pushing up your stealth ability with the appropriate selection. 

These won't be “classes” or anything like that, but more like a couple of abilities from something like a talent tree. Small bonuses that push your advantages this way or that. This doesn't mean we're looking at other RPG elements – the game will still be about your skill and what you find in the world. It just allows you a little more depth in focusing how you want to play the game. 

But there's more! This feature will allow us to add an optional (turn it off if you don't want to use it) third-person view. The game is still first-person, don't worry! We're just adding another option, which we hope will bring another layer of depth to the single-player game, and should help with stealth activities, as well as letting you see the character you have put together. We only have just over four days to unlock this final goal. 

Let's make it happen!


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    1. Missing avatar

      nathar606 on

      I do hope you reach this goal, but if you do and include any sort of gloves, please can you let me use them as a weapon! There's something I find very appealing about the idea I could sneak up to a robot and slap them around the face. I may die, but I'd sooner be dead than dishonored!

    2. Missing avatar

      Mr Knee on

      Not sure you if are after ideas, but how about fixing together batteries (out of a radio?), some wire and sheers to make a home made tazor. A single battery discharge (once) will stun the bad guy for 5 seconds and grop his gun. A second battery will add another 2 seconds etc - the discharge will be quiet and won't give you away.

      A larger tazor with a car battery, rucksack (to hold it) can kill outright. A side aspect of this is that if there is a pond fish in, using it in the pond will zap the fish enabling you to catch them (for food).

    3. Stian on

      Great news gents. And best of luck on the 100k goal., heck I might even increase my pledge for tihs :)

    4. Deryn on

      Oh my, this would be exciting to include. Just the thought of my valiant Madam sneaking along the robotic British countryside gives me chills.
      I wish you the best of luck, and all manner of currency!

    5. Jamie Robin GIbbs on

      Hmm, hairstyles, glasses, facial hair, different noses and eyes are a must. Different body types would be nice, but a bit trickier. I would LOVE to be able to have my goggles and hat, a nice scarf, and a mildly hideous jumper. Mmm, sounds good.

    6. Adam Berry on

      Tweed Headphones! The Wife has just shown me such a thing exists, so why not have them in 'Sir, You are being Hunted?'

    7. euansmith

      The correct manner of address for any member of the ruling classes is, "Die, you elitist gearbox!"

      The addition of garments to the game sounds like a wizard wheeze. Maybe you could include the possibility to "liberate" garments from our robot overlords and possibly even to assume disguises to throw them off the scent.

      The ability to engage with ones chums would be top hole; however, I welcome your focus on completing the solitaire experience before expanding to include ones fellow travellers in the Human Revolution!

    8. Josephine Baird on

      Just chipping in my two pennies :). Hailing for the murky shores of good ol' Blighty, I was always taught that indeed Madam was always more polite and proper. Ma'am ilis a contraction and as such less formal. Aaah the intricacies of protocol and British class systems. Heavens to Betsy, wot wot and all that.

    9. Moe Keir on

      To be fair that might well be the case in a lot of circumstances.

      I only chipped in because I work as a beater on a few Aberdeenshire estates and new guys always get the ma'am - ham speech (which seems to have been borrowed from that Helen Mirren film). The etiquette requires you to greet them with their Title (Mr, Mrs, Lord, whatever) and then afterwards refer to them as Sir or Ma'am. Apparently the same rules apply in the Army, which could be where this whole idea comes from.

      If you want any Beater zingers I could provide you with a few. "You are allowed to shoot those birds, Sir" has to be one of my favourites.

    10. Big Robot Creator on

      "A true Lady of the Aristocracy should be addressed as ma'am."

      We looked at that, and actually that's not true. Ma'am is a contraction of madam, and "madam" actually infers more respect.

    11. Chizu on

      Definitely hope we make it to this goal.
      Customization is great, specially if I can make Madams, as was mentioned in this thread.
      That would be spiffing.

    12. Moe Keir on

      Madam! Am I funding a House of Ill Repute simulator?

      A true Lady of the Aristocracy should be addressed as ma'am.

      That's pronounced "mam" as in "ham" and not "marm" as in "farm". I should hope that such impropriety will not divert one from their in-game immersion in the future.

      Good day!

    13. Josephine Baird on

      Hurrah and thank you for the quick reply and fabulous response. Sounds super exciting and will be increasing pledge for sure :-D

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Ericsson on

      I think the game play enhancing part of customization is great. Changing the appearance of your character seems pretty pointless though since it's first person and for me personally, I'm playing myself :)

      I think you really should focus only on game play enhancing measures such as the character talents but mostly building interiors which a lot of people have been asking for and would make the game even more complex, varied and interesting.

      But in any case, this game will be amazing and I think you've run a very compentent Kickstarter and I can't wait for the game to come out :-)

    15. Big Robot Creator on

      >would characters be both female and male at least

      Absolutely. There will be "Sir" and "Madam" variants of the entire game.

    16. Josephine Baird on

      Sounds wonderful :). Very much hoping this can be done. My question though is, would characters be both female and male at least? Would be great if there was variety :-D. If so will most certainly consider increasing pledge!

    17. Missing avatar

      Alexander Seidel on

      Customisation looks great, and 100,000 will be done easily.
      I predict 130,000 at the end of the kickstarter.

    18. James Butler on

      Absolutely fantastic - character customisation and house interiors are what I have hoped for from the get-go - I shall most certainly increase my pledge come payday!

    19. Will Goulden on

      What's that? Orthogonal stacking abilities that lead to interesting emergent gameplay? What a great idea! I'm sure if there was someone talented in, perhaps, algorithms or procedural generation they could possibly make an AMAZING system which leads to a different game every time. What a great world that would be if such a person existed!

      Well anyway, chaps, bloody well done and good luck with all that you're doing.