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Survival and stealth in a procedurally-generated world! Sir, You Are Being Hunted is tweedpunk robo-horror from Big Robot Games.
4,906 backers pledged £92,551 to help bring this project to life.

Update #7 - A New Video And That Tee Design

Posted by Big Robot (Creator)

Hello, everyone! This will be a busy week as we head into the final half of our Kickstarter. As you'll already have seen, we're now over 164% funded, with a couple of key stretch goals unlocked, but we want to keep going. There's so much we can do with this game, with your help.

Material Things

Apologies for the delay on this latest update, we were hoping to be able to show you all the physicals rewards for the Talisman tier and below last week, but we're still waiting on the sample tee and the Robot portrait poster, which we should get later this week.

In the meantime, here is the design for the tweedpunk tee: a fine tweed waiscoat for the discerning gamer. We'll show you the physical garment in a later update, along with the poster and the talismans (which are being handmade right now, and look fantastically cute/weird.)

We won't be making these again after the KS, so they'll be quite the rare item when Sir is a legendary classic...

Video Things

As promised, we've put together some more video of action from the prototype. This sequence, narrated by James, shows off some of the more stealthy behaviours in the game, with traps and noise-based distractions as part of a gameplay scene.

Please keep in mind that this is quite early, and so a good deal of what you see here - animations being the most obvious - remains placeholder. It nevertheless conveys the sort of mechanisms of the game as we see them, and should give you some idea of the range of tactics that we're expect players to be able to implement.


Please tweet, Facebook, and otherwise circulate our videos. It really helps to get awareness out there.

Here's to that next stretch goal!

More soon.


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    1. Richard K on

      Kudo's to great work on the game. I am really looking forward to this.

      I would like to add my vote for enterable buildings, either on release or as an update afterwards (by a stretch goal). Just being able to enter, hide, search, rest, and observe.

      Just imagine yourself ducking into a doorway as a hunter is turning around, only to accidentally step into a tavern full of robots drinking their oily adult beverages. Or into an empty house to pilfer the cupboards after silently close the door

    2. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      I think that having enterable buildings would be a really appropriate stretch goal. It would be interesting to see how the community valued it over multiplayer, for instance. Personally, I'd be happier seeing a £90k or £100k stretch goal of enterable buildings and no £80k stretch goal of multiplayer - obviously that only represents my opinion, but I wonder who else would be with me on it. The importance of enterable buildings is two-fold: immersion and risk. As it is, without having to manually enter buildings to search you save a lot of time going through a village and don't corner yourself in order to search, so enterable buildings do have important gameplay ramifications.

    3. Big Robot Creator on

      There's the technical feasibility of it to consider along with cost. And we're confident you'll enjoy the open world as it is.

    4. GravitySmacked on

      Yes enterable buildings would be a big plus!

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric Ericsson on

      Stretch goal for enterable buildings perhaps? :-))

    6. Big Robot Creator on

      > the more money we give the harder the Game gets.

      Yeah... that's pretty much it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rik Kershaw-Moore on

      So let me get this straight... the more money we give the harder the Game gets... :-)


    8. Missing avatar

      Zona on

      How did you guys get the procedurally generated place names to work? While developing did you ever get nonsense out of it? I suppose you could pass if off as Welsh if that's the case.

    9. Ryan

      its nice to see the game doesn't hold your hand and you really gotta be vigilant

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin McHugh on

      No way to get the t-shirt without spending 75 pounds?

    11. Big Robot Creator on

      When I say interiors I mean courtyards, or just open structures, like the inside of a barn, there's no actual building interior...

    12. Big Robot Creator on

      The smaller village buildings won't be enterable, just searchable. There are some large buildings with interiors, and the castle biome of course.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric Ericsson on

      Wow, looks amazingly fun! I really hope you can go inside buildings for hiding or even cover if worst comes to worse (maybe sneak upstairs and jump out the window?). Man, I want this game even more now than before :)

    14. Drew on

      That shirt is legit! Even in Alpha, Sir looks better and seems more enjoyable than most AAA games out right now. Game has brilliant character. Cannot wait to sneak around that country side.

    15. Yan Soares Couto on

      Will it be possible to get inside houses in the final game?

    16. Iain Mabbott on

      Super video :)

      I have to say the terrain looks absolutely wonderful, the atmosphere you've created is just perfect for the game.

    17. Paul Howie on

      Brilliant! Love it when AI outsmarts the person doing a demo :-)

    18. Peter Richard Brooks

      I love the clip! Great to see how stealth works.