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FAT KID RULES THE WORLD directed by Matthew Lillard starring Jacob Wysocki is raising funds to support its US Theatrical release. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 16, 2012.

FAT KID RULES THE WORLD directed by Matthew Lillard starring Jacob Wysocki is raising funds to support its US Theatrical release.

About this project


OK. So, I first stumbled across FAT KID RULES THE WORLD when I was hired to record the audio version of KL Going's award winning novel.  The book blew me away. It was funny and true, and it told the story of a lost kid - Troy Billings, alienated and alone - who finds his purpose in life through the magic of punk rock music.  The book rocked my world.  It was crazy!  It spoke to me, in a deep way because I had been my own version of Troy Billings in high school. I was lost and an outcast and didn't really fit in anywhere... that is until I found acting, which pretty much changed my life forever.  After I read the book I knew I had to tell THIS story.  I made this movie for everyone who has ever felt like they just didn't belong... the misfits, the outcasts. the kids that are lost... this movie is for you!  Our goal now, is to make sure you get a chance to see it!!!  


Last summer, we made the film in an amazingly collaborative spirit in Seattle, WA with a unbelievable crew and stellar cast that includes Jacob Wysocki (Terri), Matt O'Leary (Natural Selection, The Lone Ranger) and Billy Campbell (The Killing) with an original score composed and performed by Pearl Jam's lead guitarist, Mike McCready.  The film premiered at SXSW where it played to packed and enthusiastic crowds and went on to win the Audience Award for Narrative Spotlight. 

And it got great reviews, like this one from Ain't It Cool News:

Or this one from Variety:                                             

Or any of these you can find on our website:                                             

Or these!                                                          

BUT, it's still a movie about a Fat Kid.  It's still a movie about punk rock.  The movie is still way outside the Hollywood "box" and our goal is to bring it to the people.


Mainstream Hollywood doesn't know how to make money on a movie like this, they don't believe that there is an audience, and we mean to prove them wrong.  Maybe they're scared.  Maybe they're just too accustomed to making movies for Biff and Buffy and all the kids who want to be like them. This is NOT that movie.  This is a movie for the people who don't fit into a pretty little box.  We plan to bring FAT KID to a theater near you and show the world that you don't have to make movies about the "perfect people" to find box office success. 

Please support our campaign to raise funds to enable us to distribute FAT KID RULES THE WORLD in select markets across the United States.


I'm excited about FAT KID RULES THE WORLD - aside from donating, how can I help?

Like our video at the top of the page and tweet it out to your friends; add us on Facebook and invite your friends to as well; make an announcement at your school, community group or church; or forward our email flyer to all your friends and family with your own personal message.

When do you plan to release the film?

We are planning to promote the movie in conjunction with the Vans Warped Tour this summer with a simultaneous subsequent release in select markets to be followed by release in movies on demand, iTunes, etc.

What is your Kickstarter goal? What will the money go to?

Our goal is to raise $150,000. These funds will be used for the following:

  • Promote the movie in conjunction with the Vans Warped Tour - pay for personnel, events and promotions during the Tour's summer long 42 city tour.
  • To pay for regional and national advertising in newspapers, magazines, on Facebook, on Twitter and elsewhere online
  • To pay for an experienced marketing and publicity consultant to help us properly advertise the film
  • To pay for an experienced team of distribution consultants to make sure that Fat Kid Rules the World is readily available through all possible outlets, from theaters to Netflix.

Can you exceed the goal?

Damn straight! The more funds we raise, the easier it will be for us to both market and distribute the film, and the more cities we can play theatrically!

Can donors increase pledges once they have been made?

Yes! If you have already donated, and are signed in to your account, then instead of a green “Back This Project” button on our page, there should be a blue “Manage Your Donation” button. Click that, and you can enter a new amount or choose a new incentive!

What do donors receive for giving?

There is a whole bunch of Fat Kid related rewards in the column to your right. Rewards range from a digital download of the movie for $50 to a signed copy of Mike McCready's custom 7" single "Disconnect", to having your own private FAT KID event for $10,000. For more information, just shift your eyeballs to the right!

When will I receive my rewards?

We will be shipping all rewards just after the release, which will be mid-summer– except for reward like the backstage visit and/or the tickets to the rooftop NYC premier which will take place during the campaign.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in all minimum pledge amounts!

How will you know where to send my incentives, or what t-shirt size I wear?

After our deadline, we will send you a Kickstarter message (which automatically forwards to the email address you gave Kickstarter) requesting all the necessary information.

Can I give an incentive as a gift?

Gifting an incentive is awesome! After the campaign, when we message you for details on your incentives, you can then give us the information for the person you wish to gift.

What happens if the goal isn’t reached in time?

If we don’t reach our goal, FAT KID receives no funding for its marketing and distribution. Don't worry.  Ain't going to happen.

How can I contact you?

Reach at to one of our producers at – feel free to email with him with questions, comments, or angry rants!

Just be aware that he gets a lot of angry emails, so please give it a few days for him to respond!

I want more information…

You can take a look at our website: for more information. 

We also have:



Can you post the update videos on the front page?

No.   Please click to the update section.

Just kidding.  Here they are...

Matt Lillard preps for FAT KID.

Mike and Matt Talk about the birth of the FAT KID 7" 

Jacob And Matt Fulfilling Kickstarter Rewards!

7 Days Left - Cast and Crew - SXSW Pizza Flashmob!

Mike McCready talks about his process...and plays, too!  Wow.

Jacob Wysocki and Matt O'Leary - "Troy Billings" and "Marcus MacCrae"

Mike McCready - Composer and Pearl Jam Lead Guitarist

KL Going - author of FAT KID RULES THE WORLD

Billy Campbell - Mr. Billings

Lili Simmons - Isabel

Noah Rosenthal - Cinematographer

Behind the scenes of the Kickstarter Campaign.

Matthew Lillard Thanks our Friends at Reddit  with this Puke Clip!

Isabel (Lili Simmons) works the phones at Campaign Central.

Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page. Come out and support us!!!                        


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    Pledge $1 or more

    186 backers

    We'll scream one thousand thank yous at the top of our lungs. You'll hear 'em.

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    Pledge $5 or more

    523 backers

    We'll graffiti your name on our wall!!...the FAT KID RULES Facebook wall, that is-- to say THANK YOU for supporting the FAT KID!!!

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    Pledge $25 or more

    423 backers

    We'll send you a digital download of Matthew Lillard's short film, FAT PUNK. Shot as a warm-up for the feature, the short gave Matthew an opportunity to explore the material. The scenes star Jacob Wysocki (star of FAT KID RULES THE WORLD) and are from the original screenplay which Matthew later filmed during the feature version. We'll also send you a very special "Don't F#ck with the Fat Kid" bumper sticker. (We'll thank you, too!)

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    Pledge $50 or more

    169 backers

    We'll send you a 7" Vinyl Record custom pressed for SXSW featuring original recordings of "Disconnect" and "Sock Hop" written for the film and performed by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. Exquisitely pressed in clear vinyl featuring special sleeve art from the film. This is an awesome collector's item. You'll also get the bumper sticker, download and thank you!.

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    Pledge $75 or more

    202 backers

    DVD of the film. As soon as it's out, we'll send you a hard copy DVD of the full length feature. We'll also send you the download of the short and the bumper sticker and thank you!

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    Pledge $100 or more

    93 backers

    Original FAT KID RULE THE WORLD MOVIE POSTER. We'll send you an 11" x 17" version of the super cool poster we created for the film. (You'll also get the DVD, 7", Download, Bumper Sticker, and thank you!).

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $125 or more

    48 backers

    Original Fat Kid Rules The World T-shirt featuring original artwork from the film. This T-shirt rocks! Totally. (We'll also send you the Poster, DVD, 7", bumper sticker and Thank You!).

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $150 or more

    95 backers Limited (5 left of 100)

    Autographed copy of KL Going's original award winning novel FAT KID RULES THE WORLD. (Signed by KL Going and Matthew Lillard). See the inspiration for the awesome performance created by Jacob Wysocki, Matt O'Leary and Billy Campbell. (We'll also send you the DVD/T-shirt/Poster/7" and bumper sticker!)

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $175 or more

    12 backers Limited (13 left of 25)

    Two tickets to the Rooftop Films New York premiere of FAT KID RULES THE WORLD. This will be a special event screening in NYC On June 8, 2012 featuring punk rock bands on a cool rooftop setting in Downtown Manhattan. Rad. Be there. This reward does not include travel and/or lodging. (Of course, this also includes sticker and DVD, 7", Bumper Sticker and a T-shirt!).

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    Pledge $200 or more

    16 backers

    Matthew Lillard will record an outgoing message on your voicemail/message machine as "Shaggy." He's funny as hell and....he actually plays "Shaggy" in the Scooby Doo movies. How cool is that? Reward also includes T-Shirt / Sticker / DVD / 7".

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    Pledge $250 or more

    43 backers

    Special Kickstarter End Title credit! That's right, folks. Your name will be immortalized in the end of the film where we will give a special Kickstarter Thank You to everyone who partiicipates at this level! (TShirt/7"/Poster and DVD as well!)

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    Pledge $300 or more

    11 backers

    Mike McCready will autograph that same super cool 7" Vinyl Record custom pressed for SXSW. Not only did he write and perform the score for FAD KID, he's the lead guitarist for PEARL JAM!!!! Plus listen to it wearing your FAT KID T-shirt (included). (You'll also get DVD and sticker!)

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    Pledge $350 or more

    10 backers All gone!

    Did we mention Mike McCready of Pearl Jam created our score!? Holy wow. Now, he's very generously donated 10 autographed copies of this awesome collector's edition box set: Ten Club is proud to present Pearl Jam 1993-1995: 
Vs./Vitalogy Collectors Edition Box Set. Whoah. 

3 Compact Discs- Remastered version of VS featuring 3 bonus tracks , Remastered version of Vitalogy featuring 3 bonus tracks The legendary live show from the Orpheum Theater show PLUS. 
5 180-gram audiophile vinyl LPs- Remastered Single LP version of VS Remastered Double LP version of Vitalogy Double LP version of The Orpheum Theater show 
Hour-plus mix tape cassette from the January 1995
Self Pollution Radio Broadcast 80-page Composition Book filled with photos,
Drawings and artwork by EV and Jeff 

A glassine envelope containing a collection of VS- and Vitalogy- era memorabilia (You'll also get the autoographed 7"/T-Shirt/DVD).

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $500 or more

    11 backers Limited (9 left of 20)

    Vans Warped Tour Package - You and a guest will be given tickets to come out to the tour in San Antonio on June 30 or Boston on July 19. Spend a day seeing your favorite bands and then we will sneak you and your guest backstage for a special backstage screening of FAT KID RULES THE WORLD where you will get to meet members of the cast and mingle with members of your favorite bands! (Package does not include travel or lodging and is limited to 10 packages per venue).

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $500 or more

    1 backer Limited (9 left of 10)

    THE BILLINGS PACKAGE. Literally. Ever wonder what lurks beneath the still, smoldering surface of actor Billy Campbell's interpretation of "Mr. Billings?" Well, now you can find out. Contribute at this level and you will receive one very spicy photo of our very own Billy Campbell. In the buff (well, mostly). Artistic, tasteful and hot as your wildest fantasy! This has to be the craziest reward ever offered on Kickstarter, and it can be yours, today! (Customize signature available as well!) (Of course, we'll also send you the sticker/DVD/Poster/7" if you needed more incentive!!!).

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    Pledge $750 or more

    1 backer Limited (5 left of 6)

    CRITIQUE YOUR NOVEL OR SCREENPLAY. KL Going who wrote the award winning novel FAT KID RULES THE WORLD will provide a professional consultation / critique of your manuscript. This is a service KL offers professionally to aspiring novelists and will give you her expertise/experience and advice. Service includes a two page overall critique and notes on the pages of your work in progress. Reports generally comment on all of the basics -- plot, voice, characters, setting, pacing, consistency and writing style. KL also writes comments directly on the pages as she reads. These range from line or word deletions, to thoughts relating to the larger themes that will appear in the report. This is an awesome reward. Not only is KL an amazing talent and gracious, lovely person, she wrote the book on this: Writing and Selling the YA Novel by KL Going! Check it out! (Of course, you'll also get a t-shirt, 7", stickers and dowloads!)
    (3 critques) avail.

    Are you screenwriter? Michael Galvin and Peter Speakman will offer their critique of your screenplay! (3 critiques avail)

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    Pledge $800 or more

    7 backers Limited (3 left of 10)

    Whitewater Development Burger. Sounds crazy, right? But it's the real deal. Contribute $800 and producers Rick Rosenthal and Nick Morton of Whitewater Films will read your screenplay and give you a full set of development notes on your project. Notes will cover the major story issues of structure, character, motivation, tension and awesomeness. And if that's not enough...Rick Rosenthal will have you over to his office in Los Angeles where he will cook you a burger and discuss the notes with you in person as well as help you strategize about the most effective ways to get your movie made. Now, how's that for punk rock?

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    8 backers Limited (2 left of 10)

    TECTONICS SONG PACKAGE. Matt O'Leary and Jacob Wysocki aka The Tectonics will write and record an original Tectonics song just for you! Do you love the Tectonics? Is there nothing better than listening to "Fat Kid's Revenge" at full bore? Well, then this reward is for you! Great lyrics and a unique punk rock sound. This reward is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. (Buy 10 and you get an 11th free: that's an entire album for 10k!).

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    Pledge $3,000 or more

    4 backers All gone!

    Mike McCready autographed electric guitar!!! Mike McCready of Pearl Jam who composed the awesome Fat Kid score has actually played this same guitar and signed it. Bring it home. Put it somewhere special. Kneel at its altar and worship. (Of course, this includes T-shirt / Stickers / Digital Downloads / 7").

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    Pledge $7,500 or more

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    We will immortalize your name on the official FAT KID movie poster and DVD artwork!! We will incorporate a cool, punk rock rendering of your name into the artwork of the FAT KID promotional materials that will be seen wherever the movie plays. (Stickers / Downloads / T-Shirts / 7")

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $10,000

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Private screening! Bring FAT KID RULES THE WORLD to your very own special private or corporate event. Matthew Lillard will attend the screening in a theater / screening room in your hometown or corporate headquarters. Screening price includes booking the room / Matthew Lillard's travel / T-shirts / Stickers/PIns/7"s for your guests).

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $10,000

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Filmmaker Mentor Package. Do you have a short film you are dying to make? Do you want the support of an experienced team of filmmakers to advise and consult? Whitewater Films has specialized in mentoring young filmmakers and are now offering their expertise as a reward. For 10k, you will receive ten days of filmmaking mentorship to help you create your short film. Two days to discuss and consult on script and casting. Two days of soft prep at the Whitewater Offices to organize your shoot. Two days of location prep - scouting and coordinating logistics. Two days of shooting. And Two days of editing. In short, this is a graduate level masterclass - an opportunity to realize one of your filmmaking dreams with an experienced filmmaking mentor to watch your back and help you make the best film possible. (Open to filmmakers everywhere, but this reward can only take place in Los Angeles and does not include any financing or travel and accommodations.)

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