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FAT KID RULES THE WORLD directed by Matthew Lillard starring Jacob Wysocki is raising funds to support its US Theatrical release.
FAT KID RULES THE WORLD directed by Matthew Lillard starring Jacob Wysocki is raising funds to support its US Theatrical release.
2,218 backers pledged $158,000 to help bring this project to life.

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Hey, hey, Everybody!!!

I know you are all anxious to get your rewards and I just wanted to stop in, wish you all a Happy New Year and assure you that the good folks at Whitewater Films are working hard to get everything out to everyone this month!! 

Apologies for any delays or frustration. When we created these rewards, we just did not calculate that we would have to wait for the DVD before getting out so many rewards.  Duhhh.  Well, we'd never done this before!   And we are still learning.  So, bear with us and look forward to your DVD and the rest of your rewards arriving shortly.

It has been such an amazing journey, and I am honored and humbled to have shared it with you.  I LOVE this movie and the great groundswell of support has been overwhelming and awesome.

THANK YOU!  And, please....

Don't Fuck With The Fat Kid!!

Much love,


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After a long, frustrating wait - complicated by Hurricane Sandy of all things! - FAT KID is finally available on itunes!  Yay!!! 

Here's the link:

Also, I know there's been a little bit of frustration and confusion over when the rest of the rewards for this campaign will be shipped. We would never want any failures on our part to cloud how completely deeply and sincerely we appreciate your support. We have sent out a lot of bumper stickers and 7 inch vinyl and other rewards....BUT!!! if your reward included a DVD we will not be getting your stuff to you until January because the DVDs have not been manufactured, yet!  The street date is January 22 so if your package included a DVD (ie, you got the t-shirt, the poster, the tectonics, song, etc!) look for your rewards in the mail around then.

Oh, and..... THANK YOU!!!


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Hey, Everybody!!

Wanted to just give you a little update on how things are proceeding on the FAT KID front!  We have had - to date - more than 1000 requests for Tugg screenings of FAT KID RULES THE WORLD.  Hopefully, it has come to a city near you!  If not, you can always just email me and I will help make your screening happen!

If you're not up for organizing a screening, we wanted to let you know that FAT KID will be playing in limited regular bookings starting October 5 in NYC at the Cinema Village.  Cast members and crew will be there opening night, so if you are in the big apple come on by and say hi!

We will also be opening in additional markets in the weeks that follow:

October 12 - Los Angeles (Laemmle Noho)/(Laemmle Pasadena)

October 19 - San Francisco - Metreon 

October 19 - Seattle - SIFF

October 19 - Palm Springs - Palm D'Or

October 25 - Atlanta - Plaza

November 9 - Tempe - Valley Art

We have additional bookings in the works.  Check out our Facebook page for up to the minute updates!

If you cannot make any of those dates, we will be coming out on VOD starting October 25!!

As for the rewards, 7 inches have arrived.  Bumper stickers are on the way.  That stuff will be going out shortly!   The big hold up for the rest of the stuff is the DVD as we have to wait until the DVDs come in before we can ship them (weird, I know).  But we are on track to have DVDs available January and will endeavor to get all of the rest of the rewards out just as soon as those come in.

Thank you for your patience, your support and your love for the FAT!!   Please feel free to email with any questions!

Much Love,


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Hey, Everybody:

Just wanted to give you a brief update on all things FAT KID.  We are currently promoting the movie on the Vans Warped Tour.  There has been a ton of enthusiasm from the kids out there and the bands playing on the tour.   Our various promotional efforts have resulted in over 800 requests for screenings and the movie is now scheduled to screen in many markets.

Additionally, there have been several successful screenings in places such as Chicago, Bainbridge, Pasadena and many of the cities along the tour.

Check out Good Afternoon America, today, to see Matt Lillard on air talking about the film and our innovative distribution efforts.

Thanks as always,

Team Fat Kid

Tugg The Fat Kid

Hey, Everybody:

I'm out here on the Vans Warped Tour!  Oh, yeah.  It's amazing to see all of these kids so excited about our film. 

I just wanted to touch base with all of you to let you know what we are doing on the distribution side.  Nothing about this process has been standard and the distribution angle is no exception. 

As many of you know, we have taken the very unconventional approach of launching a deal with whereby anyone anywhere in the US can arrange a screening of the film wherever they want.  All you have to do is go to and either buy a ticket to one of the existing screenings or Demand a screening on your terms.

Once you have set up your screening, it is up to you to spread the word so tickets sell. If you don't sell enough tickets, the screening won't happen. If you do, the screening goes live. And what's more...if you are the one who set up the screening, you get a share of the ticket sales.

You guys have brought us so far.  The movie is now available.  We are working hard to get the word out, but wanted to also come to you and let you know you can see the movie, now.  When you do set up your screening, let me know and I will help you promote.


Much love,


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