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Help me complete a book about magic disguised as a book about mathematics disguised as a book about programming for the web.
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EAP Link should be posted on Monday


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Artima Press announced the EAP for the book will be up soon

Dear MDP4tW Supporters,

Just to keep you guys informed, Bill Venners announced to the scala list channel that the Early Access Program for the book will be up soon. Also, don't forget to check out for entries with material from the book. Feedback is really welcome!

Best wishes,



i haven't forgotten about the other blog posts for which i solicited input. It just turned out that in the flow of things these posts needed to be written; so ... i wrote them. The other posts are underway.

New blog post on Monad Design Pattern for the web

In this post we show how monads can be used to structure an interpretation of a high-level data access language. This shifts the discussion -- which has been about input, streaming and control flow to the data side. It also shows off just how monadic XQuery really is! Then we put it back into the context we have been developing by illustrating how data access of this kind composes with a parametrically polymorphic broker pattern at the heart of a K-V DB. For more details check out the URL, below.

Hooking up, monadically, of course!

Here's a short little blog entry on how to hook up consumers and producers monadically.