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Help me complete a book about magic disguised as a book about mathematics disguised as a book about programming for the web.

Last fall i began writing a book called Monadic Design Patterns for the Web about the use of certain functional abstractions to facilitate building real web applications at scale. By scale i mean both, lots of users/big data/big compute and scale in the sense of complexity management, scale in the sense of understandable and maintainable by small teams. i got a contract with APress; and everyone i told about the project was very excited. By April i'd only written the second and third chapter -- largely because i also work for a living. So, APress decided to drop the contract. i turned to the community. The support to complete the project was overwhelming and so Artima stepped up to publish. Since then i've written well over two thirds of the content; and developed the code that supports the text; but, to complete this work i really need to focus. Artima doesn't offer an advance. At the time i went to the community for support many people offered to buy advanced copies of the book or make donations, but i demurred. So, i'm doing all of this on spec. i realize it's just not possible to do this without a little help. i need about 12,500.00 USD so that i can focus on just this project to bring it to completion. It's good work; high quality work; and the community really deserves to have this knowledge distilled in a way they can put it to use. i'm the guy to do this; but i see now that i can't do it alone. i need a little help from the community i'm seeking to serve.


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