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A parody art project, commenting on the ancient origins of modern Japanese game culture.  浮世絵ヒーロー
A parody art project, commenting on the ancient origins of modern Japanese game culture.  浮世絵ヒーロー
A parody art project, commenting on the ancient origins of modern Japanese game culture.  浮世絵ヒーロー
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    1. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Amanda, thanks for the message. 'I Choose You' Just arrived in the mail a few days ago. I spent a few nights signing and numbering them all, and mounting them to their backing board. I've got more to do tonight. Then I'll be shipping them in the next two days! All the 'I Choose You' should be in the mail by Wednesday. Finally!

    2. Amanda Brown on

      Hiya, how's the 'I Choose You' print comin along?

    3. Kide / Carita on

      Infestation arrived today safe and sound. Thank you so much, it is awesome. ^^

    4. Missing avatar

      Hectaimon on

      Infestation arrived today. It's even more beautiful than in the videos. You guys did an amazing job! I'm looking forward to Soul Eater next. ^_^

    5. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Hi, Josh! I'm happy it arrived safely! Dave did a spectacular job on those prints - the color is so rich!
      Don't feel too sad about receiving your last reward from us - I've been working on a new Kickstarter project. I'll start announcing it in a few weeks... :)

    6. Joshua R on

      Just got my Infestation print - thanks so much! Now I'm just bummed that I no longer have anything to look forward to from this fantastic, amazing Kickstarter project. Guess I'll have to just order direct. :] Thanks, Jed & Dave!

    7. Grigoris on

      "No machine exists that can produce a woodblock print".
      No vendor machine...that's the beauty of it!
      Personally I enjoy the time you put into it!! it shows...
      as my ancestor Isocrates said "Be content with the present, but seek after what is best."

    8. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Hi, Rob! Yeah, 6 weeks is a bigger delay than I like to admit. Please understand that because woodblock prints are produced one at a time, by a small community of craftsmen, it's impossible to scale up production by industrial means. No machine exists that can produce a woodblock print. That's what makes them special. We're working hard to stay on schedule, and we're doing great, when you consider that we have sent over a thousand woodblock prints to date. Gotta keep working!

      Now about your unsigned print - I'm really sorry about that! Please forgive me for not remembering your particular case. I always try my hardest to address problems and fix them immediately. Could you please email me privately, so I can look you up in our records? Shoot me an email at thejedhenry (at), and we'll get your print in the mail asap!

    9. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Hi Jed. I see you are way behind schedule. Any idea when you will be able to re-ship my Fox Moon print that arrived unsigned? What I have looks great, but it's not really complete without your signature.

    10. David Teo on

      Hey Jed, no problem at all. Great art is worth the wait, take the time to make them awesome : )
      Thanks for the update!

    11. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      David Theo: We're about 6 weeks behind schedule right now. We planned to release the first 2 prints in November and December, but we never guessed that those 2 designs would be 70% of our total orders. SO! We made a double miscalculation by overestimating our speed, and underestimating the order load.

      Now that those huge prints are out of the way, we'll be able to catch up with the schedule, little by little. I apologize for the delay!

    12. David Teo on

      Hello, any idea when international orders for the "The Hero Rests" wood print will be delivered?
      The schedule stated Feb and it's half way into March, so I thought i'd just drop a note to check : )

    13. michael marcet on

      thanks jed. i cannot wait to get it.

    14. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Hello, Michael! Here's the schedule for woodblock releases:

    15. michael marcet on

      hey jed- any idea when the Soul Eater wood blocks will be ready for delivery?

    16. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Hi, Nathan!

      Thank you so much for the kind woords. I'm always blown away by how intricate and detailed the woodblock prints are. They're much sharper and crisper than the giclees.

    17. Nathan Kulinitsch on

      so i've received both of my woodblock prints, fox moon arrived today and rick shaw cart a few weeks ago.

      these are by far the most amazing pieces of intricate art i have ever seen. They are unbelievable works of art and craftsmanship.

      Congratulations to both of you guys, they are beautiful.

    18. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Hi, Kimo! I'll email you directly about Rickshaw cart. Thanks!

    19. Kimo Boissonnier on

      Hey Jed!
      I received Fox moon yesterday in Finland, Thanks!
      I was expecting that you'd ship Rickshaw Cart in the same package. Any idea when I will be receiving it?

    20. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Hi, Kendric! We actually never got your full address. For some reason it gets cut off in our records. Maybe there was a glitch when you entered it, back in September.

      I'll email you privately, and get the rest of your address now. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Kendric Nagy on

      Hey, I had a question. I have yet to receive my ‘The Last Arrow’ Giclée. I just wanted to know if you have any record of that being shipped?

    22. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Yesss! We protect those woodblocks with water-tight plastic, reenforced cardboard, and more reenforced cardboard! I'm happy it arrived safely! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Elayda on

      Received my Fox Moon woodblock print today. Was a little worried with the current damp weather in the Bay Area, the print may get messed up, but packaging was top notch: plastic covering on heavy cardboard inside the box. Upon opening the cover flap, I was graced with the amazing artwork. The only thing I could say/think was "wow". Now I need to get a nice frame so I can hang it up. Thank you and congratulations!

    24. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      [This is Dave] Fox Moons? More coming ... more more more! We're very close now to completing the current batch, which will finish off the remaining Kickstarter rewards plus the orders that have come into Jed's shop directly. They'll be on their way to Jed as soon as the final impression comes off the block and we get them dried and checked. Please hang on just a little bit longer!

    25. Matt Combes on

      Hey Jed, have most of the Fox Moon woodblocks been shipped out, or are you still awaiting another batch from Dave?

    26. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Haha! I didn't know anybody knew about that book! Now you know my dark secret – I also make children's books every once in a while. :)

      I'm really happy the packaging and print itself pleased you, Mark. Thank you for the kind comment!


    27. Mark Sweetman

      Got my Fox Moon woodblock in the mail when I got back from holidays and it was perfectly packaged. Opened it up and was floored by the quality and beauty of the art within. Absolutely amazing, and will complement my giclee and chibis very well.
      Also picked up 'I Talk Dinosaur!' in Sydney when my son picked it out of the shelf in the bookstore and he adores that :)

    28. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      [This is Dave ...] Yes, frames ... sigh ... For quite a while now, I've had an update video planned, showing people my thoughts/suggestions about how to display these prints, but I haven't been able to find time to schedule it just yet.
      The truth is, I myself never frame my prints, so I am the last person to ask for advice on this topic. After more than 30 years of making and collecting woodblock prints, I have no such thing as a frame here in my home. So I'm a bit stuck on what to do ... I can't offer sound advice on framing, yet it's completely impossible to work on that other video just yet ... :-(

    29. Caspar Gray on

      Any update on the framing advice from Dave for the woodblock prints? (beyond your answer of 18th December) I'm itching to get mine framed and up on the wall.

    30. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      [This is Dave ...] About the stockbook request - I checked with the company who made the one I used for those sample photos, and found that they have discontinued that type ... And it was _so perfect_ for our Chibies!

      I'm not going to give up quite so easily though, and although they weren't very positive on the phone when I talked to them about it, I'm going to write and see if they might be interested in producing a batch for a custom order from us. Failing that, maybe somebody out there should think of trying a Kickstarter project to get some suitable albums made ... (joke!)

    31. Julian Bertozzi on

      That swift kill sonic print is just great....going to run out of wall space.

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Oue on

      @Jed and Dave: Thanks for the reply. The link Dave provided shows the sheet I mentioned. I was starting to look for a stockbook to put them all in, and wasn't sure if the two original KS Chibis had one of those sheets included with them.

      On a similar note, do either of you know the manufacturer of the stockbook seen here:

      I've been doing some searching and this one you have seems the perfect height and width for these Chibis. I'd love to know where I can get this exact type, even if it is from an international seller.

    33. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      @ Zondaro
      I just emailed you privately with your tracking number and shipping info. Let's get this figured out!

    34. Zondaro on

      I've been looking but my three Giclees have not come yet. You said they would be shipping out as late as the end of the year, so I just wanted to confirm that they had been mailed out. If so I guess I'll need to follow up with my local post office. Thanks.

    35. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      [This is Dave] That slip of paper with the titles and series information ... seen in this image:
      ... has been something we've only been doing with the subscription prints. The two original 'Kickstarter Chibies' came in their own individual packaging, with each backing sheet giving information on who printed it, but at the time we didn't consider them to be part of a series. Not sure what we should do about that ...

    36. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      Hello, Michael!
      The Barrel and Hammer chibis do come with a slip of paper, giving the names of the carver and printer. The title of the print is not included - maybe we should start doing that. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Oue on

      Looking forward to the delivery of the Fox Moon woodblock print. In the meantime, I've been enjoying the Chibi subscription series. I had a question - did the "Bow" and "Hammer" prints come with one of those little slips of paper showing the name of each Chibi print, as well as the names/dates of those involved, or is that just for the subscription series? I've been looking into a stockbook for the Chibis and can't seem to recall if Bow/Hammer had one of those or not.

    38. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      @BRASKY, Thank you for the kind review! New designs will be coming monthly through 2013. I'm really excited to cover all the remaining classics.

    39. BRASKY on

      Got all my prints (giclée) a while ago, but finally starting to get them framed and hung. Just wanted to say how awesome they look!

    40. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      @Mark Fletcher - I'll also respond to your email privately, with you tracking number. :)

    41. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      @Patounet - Hello, Patrick! Your woodblock print was sent on November 3. I'm not entirely surprised that it took this long to arrive, but it is concerning. I'll privately email your tracking number, etc. Thanks for asking about that.

    42. Missing avatar

      Patounet on

      Hi Jed,
      I was wondering if my rickshaw cart woodblock print had been sent. So far, I have received both my giclée and chibi, but no news from the wodblock. I guess as a European backer, it was included in the last 10%. But I'm more worried about french postal services than you forgetting us, so I wanted to make sure.

      Happy Holidays !

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Fletcher on

      Do we get an email alert when our prints are sent?

    44. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      @Lydia, Karl, Mike: Thank you for the kind feedback! We really wanted to give you guys something special, in both the giclées and woodblock prints.

      @Lior: I'll ask Dave to comment on framing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mike Frank

      I received my giclees and chibi today and they are spectacular. Thank you Jed and Dave and everyone else involved in the process.

    46. Karl Saclolo on

      Just got my giclee today and it is absolutely stunning. I think my favorite part of the experience was just feeling the paper- very satisfying. Thank you guys for all of your hard work and if you ever have a similar project I will definitely support you guys!

    47. Missing avatar

      Lior Boogtus on

      Hi! Any news about Dave's recommendation on framing the woodblock pieces?

    48. Lydia Eickstaedt on

      Just received my package today. Beautiful! Thank you so much!

    49. Jed Henry 3-time creator on

      @Steve Rynders - your package has been delivered, according to the USPS. Please let me know if you had a problem, and I'll fix it! :)

    50. Steve Rynders on

      I'm guessing I'm in the last 10% :) Hoping my prints show up before the holidays!

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