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Money & Life: The Documentary's video poster

A story about money at the frontier of transformative change. Read more

Ashland, OR Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on August 23, 2012.

A story about money at the frontier of transformative change.

Ashland, OR Documentary
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About this project

Money & Life is getting ready for launch! A word from the creator:

After three and a half years we finally have a late stage rough cut of Money & Life and have been test viewing it with small audiences, to rave reviews.  It's been a long haul and we've had the greatest honor getting to know some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts that are leading the conversation on money and building a new economy.

We've already received requests for screenings all over the world and can't wait to release it. We need your support in bringing it to completion!  Be a part of this people-powered film that's on a mission to stimulate a transformative awareness and generative conversation about money.  But really, it's a conversation about life, because without life, money would not exist!  

The converging crises we are grappling with today reflect the crumbling of old stories and institutions that are no longer adequate for the times we are living in. We are awakening to a new story about who we are as human beings and what it means to be alive in this time.  This emergent reality is giving birth to a new story about money, one that restores its meaning and imagines it anew in service to the flourishing potential of all life on the planet.

The film carefully takes the viewer on a journey of why the current system and culture of money is failing us.  Connecting these dots is still crucial to empowering and building the capacity to make new choices.  From this capacity we can and already are beginning to innovate and experiment with new ways of being and doing.  The last 20-30 minutes of the film paints a broad but compelling brushstroke on patterns emerging in the New Economy movement.

What people are saying about Money & Life:

With Money & Life Katie Teague achieves what few films about money, banking and debt have. She peels back the history of our financial tangle, tells the story of people drowning in debt, reveals our perplexity and presents possibilities for an economy rooted in love and nature - all without indignation, recrimination, exploitation, or dishonesty about the problems and solutions. This is a film that integrates intelligence and compassion. It has head AND heart integrity. She's committed to the highest  artistic quality and I encourage everyone to join in this kickstarter to be part of bringing Money & Life to a public hungry for clarity and a way forward. With the old stories and systems falling apart, this film arrives at the perfect moment to help us bless and release the lies we've lived and simply move on. When we saw a rough cut, we gave it a long, amazed standing ovation. ~ Vicki Robin,  co-author Your Money or Your Life author, Blessing the Hands That Feed Us (viking 2013)

Money & Life is an important film from a visionary filmmaker.  Like many good films, it challenges its viewers to see the world in new ways.  But that is the least of it. The film requires something of us - a particular kind of witnessing.  It demands a kind of participation that engages not only the mind, but the heart.  In the end, it calls us to into a different conversational dynamic with the prevailing economic systems and the economic alternatives that are emerging. This movie is ultimately a clarion call to individual and collective change so that all of us can thrive. ~ Matthew Wesley, The Wesley Group

Everybody needs to see this movie as we are all, each one of us, inescapably in the middle of a failing money system.  Money & Life not only reveals the whys of its downfall so we can see money more objectively, but also leads us into the hows of a new money consciousness.  ~ Mayuri Onerheim, Money Educator and Diamond Approach Teacher

Viewing the rough cut of Money & Life was a life-altering experience.  I thought it would be like being preached to after already having been converted.  I didn’t need to be persuaded that money plays a warping role in our culture.  What I had “forgotten” was the lack of alignment between my values and my personal relationship with money—in particular how I manage my investments.  Viewing Katie’s film was a wake-up call.  And witnessing what she was able to create after having had a wake-up call of her own was an inspiration.  This film deserves to be widely seen. ~ Grady McGonagill, McConagill Consulting

What the funds will make possible:

  • finish editing & color grading
  • music score by the incomparable Todd Barton, Music Composer for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (soundtrack sampler offered as a backer reward) 
  • final audio mix
  • archival footage
  • animation and title graphics by the wildly creative Michael Rosen
  • press kit materials
  • development of a film screening toolkit (guide & curriculum for facilitating a group dialogue) 
  • re-build of M&L website (with a robust resource segment and video archive of all the interview material)

For a sampling from our expert interviews go to our Vimeo channel.

We are on target to complete the film by the end of the year and anticipate a strategic launch in January 2013.  The backer rewards will be deliverable at that time.  And your support will make it possible!

More reviews of Money & Life:

Money & Life is a breath of fresh air in stagnant economic times. This film delivers ideas from the great minds who will help us create sustainable economies using the currency of our lives that matters. Financial wealth alone does not bring happiness, but boosting people's financial well-being will yield more thriving families, workplaces, and communities. These thought leaders' perspectives are pure oxygen, and director Katie Teague weaves a narrative that's a hopeful story. ~ Dianne Juhl, Founder & Psychologist, The Feminine Face of Money

I have been a donor and a fund raiser for twenty-five years and have worked with people's relationship (including my own) intensively over that period.  Watching this film was like a graduate level course on the subjective and objective dimensions of money.  The range of expert thought and the skill of presentation were equaled by the quality and quantity of information, knowledge and wisdom communicated. ~ Joseph Friedman, Director JMJ Associates


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