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Can we use the opportunity of the economic crisis to re-discover real wealth and create a more sustainable, spiritually fulfilling world?

At the time the economic crisis in the Fall of 2008 I began to wonder what money actually is and what is its role in a healthy economy. How is that we have become a nation of billionaires and debtors? That we have become so obsessed with money and made it more important than life? That money seems to cause so much suffering in our lives?

I felt deeply that the crisis was a siren song revealing how off the mark we have become in our relationship with money and likewise an opportunity for us as a people to re-claim our citizenry from our role as consumers and to make money the rightful servant to the well-being of all life on the planet.

With that question and conviction, I set out almost two years ago to make this feature length documentary. I've had the extraordinary opportunity to sit and interview 35 leading edge thinkers and leaders in the conversation of creating the new economy that is bringing forward "the more beautiful world that our hearts tell us is possible," as Charles Eisenstein puts it. To see a list of the interviewees: (

Money & Life is an essay-styled documentary that is a sharing of all that I have learned on this journey and a resource for taking action. It's a wake up call to remember and re-discover what real wealth is.

I'm starting now to re-write the script and will begin the post-production process. We're aiming to release the film in early 2011.

THE MONEY WILL BE SPENT on post-production, namely online editing and graphics.

It's an amazing time to be alive and our relationship with money and the money system is a lynchpin in creating a more sustainable and equitable world. Help Money & Life come to life and be a part of the conversation that is making a difference in the world.


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