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Help get "The Story About Money That Will Change Your Life" on its way to you and the world!

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Upon successful funding, we've set a secondary funding goal at $9,000 as a THANK YOU to KATIE TEAGUE for this beautiful gift she's giving to us and the world.  THANK YOU to everyone who pledged already and let's keep it UP!  You're all SO AMAZING and we're SO GRATEFUL we have you on our team!


Money & Life is a feature length documentary by Katie Teague that exposes the shadow money has cast upon our lives, and asks a powerful question: Can our relationship with money be transformed to serve our highest capacities and values?

The film is COMPLETED and just made its world premiere in Seattle on Wednesday, March 20! The next showing is in Tucson, AZ on March 26, with the following stops of the US premiere tour available here on this calendar

The Money & Life team has followed a community-first ethos in the production, development, and distribution of our documentary. Extensive travel has been required in building support and constructing a distribution infrastructure at the grassroots level, as opposed to using a major motion picture distributor as many films do. Thus, not only do we show the value of exploring these alternative, community-focused economic and social models in our film, we've made a point of integrating those philosophies into our production and distribution every step of the way. This is the new economy in action! So as you can imagine, it's absolutely essential that we be able to continue traveling, attend each of the premieres, and get the Money & Life message out to the world! 

This is a hugely exciting time for the life of M&L and the amazing community that continues to cohere around it.  We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks in Tucson, San Francisco, Oakland, Boston, NYC, Washington, DC, Roanoke and the Denver/Boulder region. And we're even more excited to be launching the tools you need to share the film anywhere in the world very, very soon. Thank you for everything!

The Money & Life Team

"Money and Life is a lucid exploration about how one of humanities most brilliant inventions has turned into its darkest shadow, how money and debt haunt our highest aspirations, and undermine our greatest needs. Katie Teague's documentary is populated by some of the most thoughtful monetary pioneers who explain money's curse and promise, and point to new economic models that create social justice, economic security, and environmental health."

Paul Hawken ~ author of Blessed Unrest

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main risk and challenge we face right now is there will be SO MUCH support and demand that we'll fall behind on getting back to everyone! With the movie made, the tour dates (mostly) set, and the global release on the horizon, we're mostly focused on giving this gift to the world and watching it transform lives and relationships, not to mention the global economy as we know it.


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