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pledged of €1,000pledged of €1,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, October 10 2015 6:06 PM UTC +00:00



PoDDI stands for "Pommeau De Douche Intelligent" which can be translated to intelligent shower-head. Why intelligent? Because this shower-head will not run water until it has reached the settled temperature.

How does it work? 

Temperature and pressure is most commonly controlled by a thermostatic tap, which will detect changes in water pressure and temperature and respond accordingly. On PoDDI, there is a temperature probe which is used to measure the temperature of the water. Preset the temperature on the showerhead so that when you turn the shower on, it is exactly as you want it to be. A light red (on the showered) will turn green. It will unlock and let the water flow. 

The aim of PoDDI is to be on every showers in the world so that everyone will stop wasting water.

Stop the cold water when you enter to the shower ! PoDDI will make sure that there is the right temperature ! 

In the video, I made this experience at home. Imagine the waste, for a family ! Imagine that 8 liters is the minimum waste of water while one person takes a shower. Try this experience at home: how long to do you have to wait until you get warm water ??? Let the world know and add a comment on the page. 

Help PoDDI to become real

The idea of PoDDI started with the fact that every morning I had cold water in my shower for at least 20s. Every morning, I had to concentrate to not have a drop of cold water. Every morning, I had to squirm or step out of the shower. I am sure we all had this bad experience ! I just want to have my water at the right temperature just like when I turn on my coffee machine and the button turn green when it's ready. No more waste!

Thanks to KICKSTARTER, I can take the plunge if you all thing this project deserve it. 

Risks and challenges

IF I see that a lot of people are supporting the project, I will need a team to develop the product ! I want this product to be affordable to everyone and be on every shower.
Once I have the financement for this project, I will choose a team who support this project. So please contact me !

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