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A feature length documentary about the diverse world of people who make stop motion animated films using LEGO® toys.
A feature length documentary about the diverse world of people who make stop motion animated films using LEGO® toys.
270 backers pledged $12,800 to help bring this project to life.

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Bricks in Motion: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)

Progress on the Kickstarter campaign is going well! We have four executive producers, which means there's only one spot left! Some of the other limited edition tiers are going fast, too.

We've been working on plans for the documentary, including the animated portions that will be created as a collaboration between Zach Macias, Nathan Wells, and Philip Heinrich. Heinrich has created some new concept art for this portion of the film, which you can see below.

These digital paintings explore some of the visuals we'd like to create for the film's animated portions. Together, we aim to create some of the most visually impressive and polished animation possible for this documentary. The animated segments of the film will help provide structure to the documentary through visual, thematically parallel storytelling.

Producer Doug Vandegrift has made a new promotional video for the project, featuring clips from a variety of entries to the recent Bricks in Motion Celebration contest. The entries to this contest will all be available on the DVD/Blu-ray BiM Collection.

If you enjoyed the video and you'd like to help us get the word out, we invite you to upload it to YouTube or other video sites on your own accounts. You can download the promo video at this link. Simply upload the video and provide a link back to the Kickstarter page.

Thank you again for your support of this project! With 18 days remaining, we look forward to seeing what happens next.

-The Bricks in Motion Team

Progress as of this update
Progress as of this update

Bricks in Motion: Over two thirds!

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)

We've passed two thirds of the original $10,000 goal mark! Thank you everyone who has backed us or helped us spread the news about this project.


As we approach the goal in the first five days of the campaign, we've gotten some questions about stretch goals. While we are focused on reaching our initial goal first, we would love to raise additional money beyond the initial $10,000 and it would allow us to expand the ambition and production value of the film in some big ways.

If we get to $11,000, we will be able to rent all of the additional film equipment we'd like to have for the shoot, including a second camera and additional lenses. The secondary camera will be specialized for filming in low light, which will allow us to capture some dramatic evening imagery in the various filming locations for the documentary, such as Seattle, Toronto, and Halifax.

If we raise $13,500, we will be able to travel to the United Kingdom to interview additional people for the documentary, including brickfilmer Chris Salt, creator of such films as Out of Time and Bowling for Sandercoe. Chris Salt's work inspired some of the other people featured in our documentary to get into brickfilming, so he would be a great additional perspective to include. We would like to include other UK brickfilmers as well, funds and schedule permitting. We'll have more details on this as we approach our initial goal.


If you'd like to help us get the word out about this film to a wider audience of LEGO, documentary, and animation enthusiasts, we'd love to have your help. You can help us promote the film on Facebook or Twitter, or other social media sites, or even YouTube. We've created a downloadable YouTube video that you are free to upload to your own channel. To participate, simply download the video and thumbnail here, and upload it to your channel with a link to the Kickstarter in the description!


One of the people we're interviewing for the documentary, Chris Boyer, is working on a new short film which will be an early exclusive to the BiM Collection DVD and Blu-ray as he submits it to film festivals. Boyer has released a trailer for the film, which you can watch below.

Synopsis: Fish from the eleventh dimension invade the earth and only the Inter-dimensional Police can prevent the fabric of reality from being destroyed!


The Bricks in Motion team would like to thank all of you for your support both financially and otherwise. We look forward to the rest of this campaign with you.

Bricks in Motion: 40% in under 48 hours!

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)
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