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A feature length documentary about the diverse world of people who make stop motion animated films using LEGO® toys.
A feature length documentary about the diverse world of people who make stop motion animated films using LEGO® toys.
270 backers pledged $12,800 to help bring this project to life.

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90 Minutes Remaining!

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)
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The Bricks in Motion Kickstarter campaign ends in 90 minutes as of this post. Thank you for your support of this project! We're still aiming for some stretch goals, so this is a final opportunity for you or friends to back the film for some rewards!

The Bricks in Motion Team

Current progress!
Current progress!

A first look at the documentary, with less than 2 days left!

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)

We've got about 38 hours left in the campaign as of this update. The current total falls about $1800 short of our stretch goal to film in Europe, but there's still an opportunity to raise more funds. We will do our best to make filming in Europe happen with whatever additional funds we are able to raise, though there is no guarantee it will happen unless we reach our $13,500 stretch goal.

As promised, we've produced a first look video of Joshua Leasure's interview, shot for the documentary in August. Leasure was the owner and administrator of Brickfilms, a LEGO animation community, for many years. While this clip contains footage shot for the film, we'll be creating the final film from a much larger amount of footage and interviews, so this excerpt is not an excerpt from the final film.

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Dylan Woodley, another animator appearing in the documentary, has produced a highly entertaining video about this documentary Kickstarter campaign. Check it out below and feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy it!

As we near the end of the fundraising phase of this project, we're grateful for the support of the and Kickstarter communities, as well as anyone else who has supported this project. Thanks to you, this film is happening. We'll continue to provide updates over the rest of the campaign and beyond as the film begins production.

The current status of the Kickstarter campaign
The current status of the Kickstarter campaign

4 Days and 2 Stretch Goals to go!

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)

The Kickstarter campaign is continuing to make progress. We've passed the first stretch goal, but there's still a long way to go to reach additional goals.

If we get to $13,500, we'll be able to film additional interviews for the documentary in Europe. As a reminder, Chris Salt and Tim Drage are willing to be interviewed for the project. We'd also like to explore the possibility of interviewing animators from other parts of Europe, such as someone from the large German brickfilming community.

And, if we reach beyond $13.5k, we'll be able to expand the scope of the film's animated segments. We want to build some large, impressive environments for this portion of the film in order to give it a dramatic sense of scale. The more funds we have available for this, the further we can take that.

Concept art for the stop motion portion's large environments
Concept art for the stop motion portion's large environments

We're very excited to see this campaign through to its conclusion. While we've raised enough funds to meet our minimum requirements and our lowest stretch goal, with a little more we can really take this project to the next level. LEGO animation is a global phenomenon, and in order to fully explore that we need to take this project beyond North America.

Equipment purchases and travel arrangements have begun, in order to be ready for the start of filming on October 25. We'll be flying with a small crew around North America through mid-November to shoot interviews and footage with a variety of animators.

Thank you for your continued support on this project! If you have any ideas for people or websites we should contact about the project over these final days of the campaign, just let us know at!

10 days to go!

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)
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The Kickstarter campaign for Bricks in Motion has met its initial $10,000 goal, and we have ten days left in the campaign to reach for some of our stretch goals. For a refresh on the stretch goals, visit the Kickstarter campaign, where we've posted the latest information.

Due to popular demand, we've added three new versions of the "Movie Star" tier with additional animators on board: Zach Macias, Doug Vandegrift, and James Morr, in addition to the original animator available to produce short films as a reward, Nathan Wells. They're a talented group of animators, and each are willing to produce up to 5 of these short films, meaning we have 15 new short film rewards available!

As we continue toward the final days of the campaign, I want to thank all of you for your support. I've been very impressed with the response and financial support for this project, and I'm more excited than ever to begin principal photography for the documentary in October.

Philip Heinrich

Campaign progress at the time of this update!
Campaign progress at the time of this update!

Let's talk stretch goals!

Posted by Bricks in Motion (Creator)

With just under two weeks to go and 95% funded (THANKS!) on the fundraising campaign, it's time to gear up for some stretch goals. We've already talked about the stretch goals a bit in previous updates, but here's some more details.

$10,000 - Base funding met

We get to make the documentary and you get your thank you gifts!

$11,000 - Additional Film Equipment

Currently we already have almost all of the equipment we need, and we've already budgeted for renting the rest of the required essential equipment for the interview shoots. With $1000 more, we will be able to rent a second camera, the new Sony A7S. This full-frame camera shoots in 4k and is the best performing camera for low light conditions ever made. We'll also be able to rent an external recording unit that will allow us to shoot the film in 10-bit color, capturing richer and more cinematic colors. Finally, we'll rent a GoPro for additional shots, such as point-of view shots and even maybe some crane shots with a monopod.

To summarize, if we meet this goal, we'll be able to rent:

  • Sony A7S camera
  • Zoom lens for the A7S
  • External recording unit
  • SSD (Solid-State Drive) for the recorder
  • GoPro
  • Monopod for GoPro

Also, if we get a little extra money, we'll be able to rent a car at some of our locations, which will allow us to travel around quicker and easier.

$13500 - European Tour

Brickfilming is an international interest, and is just as popular in Europe as it is in North America. We absolutely want to include European animators in our documentary, but unfortunately international travel is not cheap, so we couldn't include it in our original budget. However, if we meet this stretch goal, we will be able to interview Chris Salt, creator of such films as Out of Time (below) and Bowling for Sandercoe. Chris Salt has also made an animated music video for Darren Hayman and his work has been featured on the BBC Technology website. Chris Salt's work inspired some of the other people featured in our documentary to get into brickfilming, so he would be a great additional perspective to include.

We're also delighted to announce that we would also be able to interview Tim Drage of Spite Your Face Productions. Tim Drage is the co-creator of Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO (below), One: A Space Odyssey, and The Peril of Doc Ock, which was made as a promotional video for The LEGO Group and Sony.

We're also looking into other potential interview candidates in Europe, and we'll let you know if we get any additional news.

$14000 and Beyond - Building Bigger and Higher

The previous stretch goals are almost entirely about improving the quality of the interviews part of the documentary. This final stretch goal is dedicated to the short LEGO film that will be interwoven into the documentary. This film will be a collaboration between director Philip Heinrich, and producers Nathan Wells and Zach Macias.

 Unrenewable, by Philip Heinrich

The animated segments of the film will help provide structure to the documentary through visual, thematically parallel storytelling. We really want to make these animated segments push the boundary of what has been accomplished with LEGO stop-motion. Any additional funds we earn beyond the European Tour will go toward improving and enhancing the animated segments of the documentary.

 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure, by Nathan Wells

Some of the animated scenes we are planning will require extensive and elaborately-built sets, all of which require lots of LEGO, in vary particular shapes and colors. Every bit of money that helps offset the cost of more LEGO is appreciated.

 TED-E, by Zach Macias

So there you go, that's our stretch goals. If you have any questions, please ask us! And please keep spreading the word. With just under two weeks to go we are feeling confident we will be able to fund, and even unlock some stretch goals. Again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed and helped spread the word. We couldn't do this with your wonderful support!